Trusted Applications for Crypto Trading

6 Trusted Applications for Crypto Trading in Indonesia

Illustration Crypto

Illustration Crypto

Netgenz - Stock | Citizens in the world including Indonesia are currently enjoying cryptocurrency or cryptocurrencies. Some people want to do short-term trading and some people really want to make long-term investments.

They believe that the future of digital assets or currencies will be cheerful in the future. However, for some beginners, it may be confusing with the trick. Therefore, here we will give a reference to the best crypto program in Indonesia for some beginners who want to buy coins.

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1. Door

You can get this program on Playstore and Appstore. The rating itself is 4.7 out of 5 and has been monitored by CoFTRA, the Indonesian Ministry of Trade, and KOMINFO. Therefore, all cryptocurrency trading activities will be monitored.

With this program, users can easily conduct buying and selling business transactions using the rupiah or IDR currency. The door to accept deposits in the form of Rupiah or IDR and withdrawals from banks around the world.

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2. Binance



The next one is the site as we know long time cryptocurrency players have known this site and named it the largest site as a trading site this site as a parameter for trading and setting market prices because the amount of capital or capital on the site is very large itself was founded in 2014 by CZ and based in China. The author recommends doing daily trading here and there because the price movement is very fast. Honestly, the author uses the BNN site to carry out the coin arbitrage process. Also read: 5 Android Applications that Make Coins September-October 2020

If you want to invest in crypto on a basis that provides crypto assets specifically for cryptocurrencies, then you can try Binance. This crypto exchange company has a base in Caymand Island and is the largest Bitcoin and Altcoin exchange or transition in the world when based on the volume of business transactions. Also, read How surveysay to make money online.

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One of the best crypto trading programs has some coins that include a lot so that some traders can be free when choosing. However, you can only buy Cryptocurrencies, you can't buy stocks, forex, or other instruments here.

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3. Triv

Triv is a cryptocurrency trading program that you can access in Indonesia, the developer of this program is PT Three Principals Special. You can easily download this Triv program from Playstore for Android users and Appstore for some IOS users.

This program has been recorded and monitored by CoFTRA so that all buying or selling business transactions that you do here will be monitored. In addition, Tri claims that you can make deposits and take rupiahs in real-time and instant 24 hours to various banks in Indonesia.

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4. My Account

Another Indonesian crypto exchange company is my Account. This crypto investment program is an option for some beginners. But the antique, the price of the cryptocurrency in my account has been changed to rupiah.

Then investors can buy Bitcoin and Altcoin at the price of Rupiah. In addition, the deposit and withdrawal process can also be carried out easily because it has support from local banks. But unfortunately, the number of crypto assets in my account is still small.

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5. Tokocrypto

This Indonesian crypto exchange company has worked together with Binance in preparing the best crypto transition for several investors in Indonesia. You can buy and sell various crypto assets with relatively low business transaction fees.

Besides that, you will be spoiled with attractive program performance or user friendly. Tokocrypto often distributes various awards to its users. So, you can make this program a thought to use.


6. Indodax



Indodax is the best crypto program that first arrived in Indonesia. In addition to being the best Bitcoin Wallet wallet, this program is the most trusted altcoin trading platform. The number of crypto assets that are here can be called more when compared to Tokocrypto. But unfortunately, the fees or fees for business transactions at Indodax are getting more expensive.

Currently, there are several factions including governments in several countries that openly challenge Bitcoin and Altcoins especially as a means of payment. This is a form of concern from various factions if the presence of the Fiat eyes that we have used so far will be threatened.

Because cryptocurrencies are seen as digital gold so they are more resistant to inflation. In addition, the majority of crypto asset prices have gone up high as far as 2021. There are even those that have flown up to several thousand percent.

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7. Coinbase



The next is, this site has been around since 2012 and was initiated by Bryan Armstrong. This site is located in California, United States. In addition to cryptocurrencies, Coinbase also offers Fiat currency exchange and is accepted in all hundreds of countries, at least there are digital wallets recorded in 190 countries, It has been recorded that until now Coinbase has around 13 million active users, of course, that's a lot and you can be trusted to register it, it's quite the same as using documents as a form of verification or commonly known as KYC.

Keep in mind that each market from cryptocurrency has its own advantages and disadvantages, of course, the choice is in your hands when you want or want to trade cryptocurrency, the author suggests that if you are still a beginner in investing or trading, it is recommended that you use Indodax other than the headquarters located in Indonesia. make it easier in the process of administering or withdrawing, here are some tips from the author about a trusted cryptocurrency trading place. All the writing that I provide is a personal experience and I still use it every day from 2013 to 2020 or now, hopefully, it will help readers to understand and get new science.

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