6 Stock Investment Book Recommendations, Easy Language for Beginners

6 Stock Investment Book Recommendations, Easy Language for Beginners

Stock Investment Book Illustration

Stock Investment Book Illustration

Netgenz - Stock | Investing as an activity that has recently become a favorite of several millennials. One of them is investing in the stock world. Investing in stocks is not as difficult as it used to be. Through the program and remotely, now everyone can invest comfortably and safely.

However, don't just invest because it's just a trend. You must also understand whether it is an investment, especially investing in stocks. Find out the knowledge with the following book references. Besides having easy language, the following six-book references make you more confident about why you should start investing in stocks. Yok, read it so you understand better!. Also, read How surveysay to make money online.

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1. Let's Save Stocks - Nicky Hogan

This book is written by people who are directly involved and understand the world of stocks in Indonesia. Nicky Hogan was the Director for Improvement of the Indonesia Stock Exchange in 2015-2018. So, it's not wrong if this book becomes a must-read list for those of you who just want to jump into the stock world.

Don't worry, this book explains the virtues of investing in grammar that is easy and easy to understand. It really relates to our daily lives and makes beginners no longer afraid to invest. This book is a #TubeStock campaign so that there will be more retail investors in the Indonesian capital market.

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2. Investing in the Stock Exchange - T. Dominic H

The book that discusses the virtues of investing in stocks is the creation of T. Dominic H. Out in 182 pages in 2008, this book explains the reasons why beginners can also invest in stocks. It must be very good because investing in stocks is still a terrible scourge for the majority of citizens. 

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This book is enlightenment that makes people aware of the virtues of investing for the future. In fact, at the beginning of this book, the priority is to create a healthy psyche before we start investing.

3. Let's Learn to Save Stocks - Ryan Filbert

One of the books that have light language is this book by Ryan Filbert. The book review is really complete, understandable even though it's about stocks. Through this book, Ryan explains that investing in stocks does not require large capital, as some people fear.

No need to be afraid of going bankrupt or the money invested disappearing. Readers are brought to understand exactly what the stock world is, why it is important and how to invest and there is a lot of return. It is not strange that this book is often on the waiting list in the National Library of Indonesia's online library.

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4. Who Wants to be A Smiling Investor - Lukas Setia Atmaja and Thomdean

For those of you who are bored with the system of reading books that contain all the writings, it means that you are right for this book. Even though it is about stocks, this book created by Lukas Setia Atmaja brings another reading situation. Because you are taken as if you were reading a comic about stocks.

Yes, it really contains pictures and writings that are familiar to some comic lovers. The language must be light and very good. This book is one of the must-read books for those of you who are just starting to invest in stocks. Through the cover of the book, you can see a lot of animation in it. That's great!

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5. The Intelligent Investor - Benjamin Graham

Well, for those of you who want to learn about stocks, you can start reading this book by Benjamin Graham. In fact, this book is predicted to be one of the must-reads for some stock investors.

This book contains a lot of data and research that has been done by the author and his team to make it clearer and more complete. Released in 2003, this book came out in a correction edition, even at the beginning of the book there was a foreword by the legendary stock investor Warren Buffet, you know!

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6. #YukBelajarSaham for Beginners - Beginner Stock Investor Community (ISP)

If this book is a group of 15 authors on stocks. Initiated by the Beginner Stock Investor Commune or ISP Commune, this book is an open movement of financial literacy for all Indonesian citizens.

All of the authors in this book are young people who have gone back and forth in the stock world to become expert investors. A captivating book to read in easy-to-understand language. Even ISP founders always educate citizens to invest and have the biggest followers on Instagram, you know!

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After reading some of the books above, you will surely understand that investing in stocks is actually cheap and easy. You need to educate yourself with some reading to become a reliable investor. Happy investing!

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