6 Software Can Find Computer and Laptop Damage

6 Software Can Find Computer and Laptop Damage

6 Software Can Find Computer and Laptop Damage

6 Software Can Find Computer and Laptop Damage

Netgenz - Technology Computer and Internet | Currently, the need for computers is needed in various fields. In the past, computers were only used for certain circles, at the same time now, computers can be used for everyone with different backgrounds.

In addition to computers, the need for laptops has also become an item that is quite widely used by many people. Laptops that were originally only used for business people are now also often used by young people and even teenagers. This is inseparable from the function of computer networks that are not only for work purposes but are also used as entertainment media such as watching videos, listening to music, playing games, and other media.

However, as with other electronic devices, computers and laptops can also be damaged if not treated properly. However, of course, we are confused about which part of the computer is damaged. Therefore, it is necessary to have software that can detect damage to computers and laptops. Now,

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Here are 6 pieces of software to find out computer damage and laptop.

1. AIDA64

For the introduction, there is software called AIDA64. This software is one solution to monitor the computers and laptops you have. This software is suitable for small to large companies. Because the features provided by this software are fairly complete. The features in this software include:

  • Detect computer hardware and network software
  • Provide reports via email to admin
  • Provide complete information about computer hardware
  • Can monitor computer remotely
  • Provide information about the software and Computer Operating System used to detail
  • Has a feature to analyze the hardware used on the computer.

From these features, it is not wrong if this software can be one of the most useful software for computers and laptops.

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2. Heavy Load

The next software is Heavy Load. This software has the advantage of analyzing the state and capabilities of computers and laptops. By using this software, you can monitor the development of computer hardware whether there is damage or not. This software has excellent features such as.

  • Can analyze the performance of computers and laptops
  • Can see the number of hard drives in computers and laptops complete with details of what applications are consuming a lot of hard drive memory.
  • Can analyze hardware performance related to graphics such as GPU, VGA, graphics card, and others.
  • Can detect files hidden in folders

3. Passmark Performance Test

The next software is the Passmark Performance Test. This software can also be one of the software that you need in analyzing hard drive performance, battery, RAM, and other computer components. Excellent features by using this software, among others.

  • Support hyper-threading test
  • The results of the analysis can be explained in detail
  • Can export analysis results in any format
  • Can display information about computer systems and laptops used.

4. Sisoft Sandra

Sisoft Sandra or his full name SiSoftware Sandra is the next software used to be able to determine the performance of computers and laptops. This software can see the development of computer hardware down to the details. In fact, by using this software, you can find out which hardware has the problem. When there is computer software that has a problem, this software will give a warning. You can get this software in either the free version or the paid version.

5. Stress my PC

The next software is Stress My PC. This software is arguably much more minimalist when compared to the previously mentioned software. Even so, this software is still reliable in analyzing computers and laptops and can find out if there are component parts that are experiencing problems. Parts of computers and laptops analyzed by this software include graphics, CPU, battery, and VGA, and others. 

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6. The Ultimate Troubleshooter (TUT)

The next software is TUT or if described is The Ultimate Troubleshooter. This software is also fairly complete in monitoring the development of computer and laptop hardware. In this software, the condition will be indicated by using color marks. If it is green, it means that the computer and laptop components are good, if it is yellow, it means that there are warnings on some computer components that need to be seen. Well, if it is red, it indicates that there are computer hardware and laptops that are having serious problems.

However, to be able to use this software you have to buy it because this software does not provide a free version. You can try the trial version only 10 times.

It can be concluded that you need to do computer and laptop maintenance so that the device can be durable in use and not damaged quickly. Of course, it will be a big problem if you are in an emergency but the computer and laptop are damaged. Hopefully, this article can provide benefits for all of you.

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