5 Uses of Computers in Daily Life

5 Uses of Computers in Daily Life

5 Uses of Computers in Daily Life

5 Uses of Computers in Daily Life

Netgenz - Technology Computer and Internet | In today's advanced era, computers are included as one of the electronic devices that are no longer used foreign.

Computers can even be found in various places, such as in offices, libraries, schools, to shopping center areas.

This is no longer surprising considering the many uses of computers in supporting aspects of human activities, ranging from doing office work, school assignments, to playing games.

To maximize the use of computers, it helps if you know the five uses of computers in everyday life.

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Use of computer

As a means of communication

Before mobile phones were widely used, computers were used as a means of supporting long-distance communication by sending electronic messages (e-mail).

Thanks to technological advances, computers can now easily access short message services and social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

Currently, many users have switched to making video calls and video conferences in real-time via Zoom and Google Meet.

Support teaching and learning activities

Computers are one of the supporting tools that are often used to support learning activities in schools. So not infrequently, if a school will be equipped with a computer laboratory.

In that room, students will be introduced to the main functions of computers and how to operate them.

However, since the pandemic took place, face-to-face learning activities have been practically replaced by the distance learning method (PJJ).

At this time, the main role of computers is increasingly important in supporting student learning activities at home.

The computer is used as a medium for receiving material delivered by the teacher online, accessing articles on the internet, and doing assignments through the Google Classroom site.

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Job support

In the world of work, the use of computers is often used, especially for those who work in back-office positions, such as receptionists, programmers, accountants, and many more.

Computers are used to process important data that is useful for the company where the users work. The applications that are often run include Microsoft Office, e-mail applications, to the SAP system.

Some of the activities that computers often do in the workplace include printing important documents, sending e-mails, processing data, and communicating online among co-workers.

Opening business opportunities

Besides being able to support work activities in the office, computers are also included as essential devices that business owners should have.

Users can use computers as a medium to promote their business online. This is quite important, considering that currently people are used to the online shopping system through e-commerce sites.

In addition, the computer can also be a window to get new knowledge independently (self-taught). Various kinds of knowledge can be easily done through the help of computers and the internet.

Users can read articles on Google to watch videos on YouTube to add new insights related to business science and entrepreneurship.

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Entertainment platform

Despite the myriad of benefits offered, computers can be converted as a means of entertainment.

Without having to leave the house, users can access entertainment services such as watching movies, listening to music, playing online games, and much more.

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