5 Tips for Cleaning Laptops and Computers From Dust so That They Work Optimally and don't Get Damaged Qickly

5 Tips for Cleaning Laptops and Computers from Dust so that they work optimally and don't get damaged quickly

5 Tips for Cleaning Laptops and Computers from Dust so that they work optimally and don't get damaged quickly

Netgenz - Technology  Computer and InternetDo not take it lightly, dust and dirt that is not cleaned also affect the performance of your laptop or computer. Dust is one of the main enemies of your computer. No matter how hard we try to keep it clean, no matter what we do, dust from the air still settles on the computer. Do not underestimate the dust that sticks to your computer. Because over time, the dust will not only annoy the user. Dust will also interfere with the performance of your computer.

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1. Swipe screen

To remove dust from computer monitors at home, people often use rough or paper towels.
But then a lot of lint sticks to the screen, falls off, and gets into the keyboard.
Also, paper towels and rough cloths leave smudges and what's worse, small scratches on the screen.
only a microfiber cloth is suitable for cleaning the monitor.
This type of fabric does not leave lint and is soft not to scratch the surface of the screen.

2. Use this cleaning fluid

Do not use products that contain alcohol, ammonia, or acetone.
This aggressive liquid can remove paint from the buttons and can easily damage the monitor, especially if it is covered with an anti-reflective coating.
Prepare a universal cleaning liquid at home, mix water and white vinegar in equal proportions.
Use this solution to slightly moisturize.

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3. Remove scratches

Use a small amount of toothpaste to polish the scratches, but not gel paste as this won't work.
It is also not recommended to use toothpaste with large abrasive or whitening particles.
Apply toothpaste over the scratch using a microfiber cloth or soft tissue.
Allow to dry, then wipe with a slightly damp cloth.

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4. Blow Dust

Dirt and dust can be easily removed from the keyboard with the help of a regular hairdryer.
Blow the unit only with cold air.

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5. Clean mouse buttons and buttons

This is a great way to clean keyboard and mouse buttons from dirt without separating them.
Mix equal proportions of white vinegar and water, moisten a microfiber cloth with this solution and wring out.
Take a wide, thin tool, such as a butter knife or ruler, and cover the edges with a cloth.

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