5 Things When the Sun Ends: Swells and Swallows the Earth

5 Things When the Sun Ends: Swells and Swallows the Earth

Here are 5 things that will happen when the Sun's age runs out, it will start to swell and swallow the Earth before shrinking into a white dwarf and nebula

Here are 5 things that will happen when the Sun's age runs out, it will start to swell and swallow the Earth before shrinking into a white dwarf and nebula

Netgenz - Sains | Some experts now put the age of the Sun at about 4.6 billion years. The sun is predicted to die in about 10 billion years. However, the 5 billion years before the Sun's death doesn't look the way it looks today. He will turn into a red giant star. The Sun's nucleus will decrease, but the outer structure will increasingly expand into the orbit of Mars and swallow Earth.

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The sun is growing

Some experts say the Sun will die when the star lacks hydrogen. When the hydrogen runs out, the Team predicts that the Sun could become a nebula or a burst of gas and dust that fills space. Nebulae are the remnants of dead stars. Without the hydrogen content, the Sun's core is said to start contracting, while gravitational forces begin to displace the Sun's core. Until the star can only become a red giant coil and die. Slowly the Sun will die becoming a white dwarf. The sun needs to grow 2x from now. If that development occurs, the Sun means it has successfully survived the transformation of the Sun's death, and the largest star will be saved 5 billion years in the future.

This is based on research published in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. Through this research, several teams of astronomers calculated how intensively the Sun would evolve over the next 5 billion years when there was a shortage of hydrogen energy. The team says the Sun is now in constant transition. Several previous studies have found that dying stars become nebulae because the stars will enlarge to have a size 2x larger than the original.

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Descending into white dwarfs and nebulae

A 2018 study using computer modeling said 90% of stars after growing into red giants then reduced to white dwarfs and ended up as planetary nebulae.

"When a star dies, it ejects a mass of gas and dust - like a shroud - into space. The shroud can reach 1/2 the mass of the star. This arises because the core star lacks fuel, loses light, and dies," explained astrophysicist Albert Zijlstra from the University of Manchester in England, one of the authors of the journal was taken as Science Alert.

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Impact to Earth

But, according to some researchers when this happens, humans are not on Earth. Because mankind only has about 1 billion years left to live on Earth. Because the Earth is becoming an increasingly uncomfortable location to live in due to an increase in the brightness of the Sun by about 10% every 1 billion years. This periodic increase in brightness will end much of life on Earth. The oceans would evaporate and the Earth's surface could become too hot to make water.

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The sun eats the planet

Aline Vidotto, an astrophysicist at Trinity College Dublin explained that several teams of astronomers did not think that the Sun in the future could destroy the protective magnetic field of the planets around it. "We know that past solar winds reduced the Martian atmosphere, which, unlike Earth, does not have a large magnetosphere," said study co-author Aline Vidotto, an astrophysicist at Trinity College Dublin, in a statement.

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There's a new life

Some astronomers think that the annihilation of the Sun will even give rise to new life on planets around the Sun such as Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Earth as well. Besides being a reminder of life on Earth about the apocalypse, this research has implications for the search for extraterrestrial life. This suggests life on the planet can't survive the death of the Sun, according to the Space report.

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