5 Quick Ways to Fix Wireless Mouse Not Detected

5 Quick Ways to Fix Wireless Mouse Not Detected

5 Quick Ways to Fix Wireless Mouse Not Detected

5 Quick Ways to Fix Wireless Mouse Not Detected

Netgenz - Technology Computer and Internet | The wireless mouse gives users the flexibility to click and scroll through pages without being bothered by entangled or messy cables. Without a mouse, the work will not be effective. So, do not let the mouse is damaged so that it is not detected.

e.g. wireless mouse not detected on the computer. There are many factors associated with this problem. Like it could be that the signal reception has been damaged, the battery has run out, and the mouse driver has not been installed properly.

The difference between a wired mouse and a wireless mouse is that there are many devices that function as receivers in the form of a connected dongle. to the computer's USB port and a transmitter in the form of a mouse.

After doing a lot of testing and references to the causes of mouse errors, we found some tips and ways to solve the problem of laptop wireless mice not being detected. So watch it.

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Here's How to Fix a Wireless Mouse Not Detected!

How to deal with Logitech, Toshiba, sex, hot mini, universal, and kobza wireless mice that can't be connected? The following will explain how to fix a wireless mouse. Follow the steps below:

1- Change Mouse Battery

The first way to solve a dead wireless mouse is easy to guess is to replace the battery first because this initial assumption is very reasonable to do. This is because the wireless mouse can be turned on with the help of power from the battery.

Therefore, if you feel that the mouse battery has not been replaced for a long time. Replace the battery so that the wireless mouse can turn on again. I've experienced it myself, didn't realize the battery in the mouse had run out.

Well, these are the best ways you can use the battery for a good wireless mouse, namely alkaline, ultrafine, and ABC energizers. These three types of batteries have extraordinary resistance.

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2- Wireless Mouse Receiver Signal Has Been Broken

After replacing the battery and still the mouse remains disconnected. How to fix a wireless mouse suddenly not turning on could be because the signal receiver is damaged. this has often happened because the receiver owned by the mouse is not good.

Sometimes the mouse hardware is damaged so that the mouse is not able to send a signal to the Bluetooth dongle (receiver) even though it uses a new battery.

The way to find out if the wireless mouse receiver signal is damaged is that the red light sensor/laser under the mouse is no longer on. If the laser is already damaged, inevitably you have to replace a new mouse. The solution is to take care of your wireless mouse properly so that hardware damage does not occur.

3- Wireless Mouse Not Good Quality

In addition to the mouse receiver signal, the result of the mouse not working is because the overall quality of the wireless mouse is not good. This can cause the mouse to die suddenly.

So, when you want to buy a mouse, you should choose wisely from a brand that is already known to have good quality. in my opinion, don't be attracted by cheap prices but don't have good quality, it's better to buy one that is a little expensive but more durable and good.

4- Remove and Reinstall the Wireless Mouse Dongle

Wireless mouse not working can be solved by removing and reinstalling the dongle (signal receiver) into the USB port on the computer. This method usually works on computers that suddenly lose connection.

Try doing these steps: Remove the dongle from the laptop/computer port. After a while restarts the laptop first, then reinstall the dongle that was removed. Oh yes, this applies to both a regular wired mouse and a wireless mouse.

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5- Reinstall Driver of Wireless Mouse

If the wireless mouse is off and has run the methods above but it still doesn't turn on. Steps to overcome this one wireless mouse is worth a try. Sometimes usually the driver for the mouse is not downloaded properly.

Check the driver for the wireless mouse again, you can check whether the wireless mouse driver is installed properly or not by paying attention to the following ways:

  • Connect the dongle of the wireless mouse to the computer's USB port
  • then open the start menu then press right on ''laptop''
  • Select 'Properties' and a new column will appear and select 'Divide Manager'
  • After that, the Device Manager window appears. Check the “Universal Serial Bus Controller” section whether there is a yellow exclamation mark or not. If not, then the wireless mouse has been detected. But if there is a yellow exclamation mark, it means that the wireless mouse driver has a problem
  • You can fix this by reinstalling the USB driver and wireless mouse driver on the computer. Usually after this step is done, the wireless mouse that was previously problematic has been resolved and can be used again.

That is, about how to fix a wireless mouse that is not detected easily. You can try the above methods before buying a mouse

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