5 Effective Ways to Protect Your Eyes from Computer Radiation

5 Effective Ways to Protect Your Eyes from Computer Radiation

How to Protect Your Eyes from Computer Radiation

How to Protect Your Eyes from Computer Radiation

Netgenz - Technology Computer and Internet | Steps to protect the eyes from computer radiation should really be a concern. This problem can give rise to various eye problems. Often we see a person experiencing red eyes after a long time looking at the computer monitor.

Of course, this will not only affect health but also work productivity will decrease. In fact, in general, today's tasks are much more helpful if you use a computer. Maintaining eye health while working on a computer needs to be remembered.

How to protect the eyes from computer radiation is carried out by applying easy and efficient steps. Wearing accessories such as anti-radiation glasses can of course make your eyes more awake, but you should also pay attention to steps to avoid eye problems due to computer radiation. Here are the steps to protect your eyes from computer radiation

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1. Set Room Lighting

Set room lighting as one of the steps to protect the eyes from computer radiation that is quite efficient. Too much clear light or dim light may be a trigger for eye strain. Set a good state of interior lighting so that your eyes can work without straining.

In addition, generally, the lighting mechanism in the office places the light point in the center of the room or at several points that are installed symmetrically and evenly. This technique is used to produce a clear and complete light source.

In fact, this direct light above the head can cause the eyes to tire quickly due to glare and can reduce work productivity. Stay away from only having room lights with direct lighting directed downwards. Supposedly, the status of your computer monitor is from the side of the window, not in front or behind it.

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2. Set Computer Illumination

How to protect the eyes from computer radiation next by adjusting computer lighting. It is not only the lighting of the room that is important for you to see, but the lighting on the computer must also really be a concern.

Equate the brightness of the computer monitor to more or less the same as the brightness in the workspace. Using an anti-glare monitor or anti-glare can be a step to protect your eyes from computer radiation. Adjusting the contrast of the font size and color affect your comfort in working. Black text on a white background is of course the best solution.

In addition, reducing the color temperature or spectrum of light emitted by the monitor can provide comfort in long computer use.

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3. Maintain Visibility on the Monitor

Keeping your viewing distance on the monitor can be one of the steps to protect your eyes from computer radiation. After you have confirmed all the information, you need to keep your distance from the monitor.

The maximum viewing distance for viewing a computer monitor is around 50-66 cm or about one arm's length according to some researchers. This can make you do not have to feel strained eyes and do not need to stretch the neck again.

In addition, to adjust your viewing distance on the monitor, it is necessary to arrange a bench with the right height so that your body shape is awakened when working with a computer. In addition, if you use a table lamp, make sure the light is not in the eyes or the computer monitor.

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4. Often Blinks

Eye experts explain that blinking can help the eye to withstand irritation. Blink as often as possible to moisten your eyes. This of course can also be used as an efficient way to protect the eyes from computer radiation.

Too long in front of the computer will make you unconsciously rarely blink. Although actually blinking, this will moisturize the eyes so that they can resist dryness or eye irritation.

Although it looks trivial, often blinking is really useful when working in front of a computer. A study shows that someone who works in front of a computer and only blinks 9 times a minute (usually someone blinks 18 times/minute) is even more at risk of experiencing dry, tired, itchy, and sore eyes.

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5. Take a break and take your eyes off the computer for a while

How to protect your eyes from computer radiation next by taking a break. Try for a moment to turn your eyes away from the computer monitor with your eyes closed and do a light massage around the eyes. Make your eyes relaxed and not stiff.

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To reduce the risk of eye fatigue from constantly focusing on the computer monitor, you need to rest your eyes by applying the 20-20-20 rule. The rule recommends that you switch from the monitor every 20 minutes and rest your eyes for 20 seconds by watching an object or objects that are about 20 feet (6 meters) away. 

Those are ways to make eye protection from computer radiation that you can apply. Always take care of your health when working on a computer or netbook so that your productivity doesn't drop either.

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