3 Tips to Prevent Hot Phones When Playing Games

3 Tips to Prevent Hot Phones When Playing Games

3 Tips to Prevent Hot Phones When Playing Games

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Netgenz - Technology Tips | Smartphones (mobile phones) are increasingly becoming a medium for playing games anywhere and anytime. When used to do heavy work such as gaming, the cellphone may experience excessive heat when. When overheating occurs, the mechanism will automatically slow down the performance to control the heat so as not to destroy the sensitive elements in the cellphone. This also causes the phone to be slow and less responsive.

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If the phone temperature is high, it can cause a variety of serious problems, such as battery leakage, data loss, and other difficult problems. In fact, the cellphone can turn off completely and cannot be turned back on when it has passed a certain temperature. 

Here's a strategy to keep your phone hot when playing games

1. Close unused programs

When playing, almost 100% of the device's performance is directed to the game program. Programs running in the background (background) can suck up resources and make the phone sluggish. Generally, programs that are often still running in the background are browsers, music, and social media.

To do this, check the cache and running programs. See the programs that eat the most RAM. Turn off unnecessary programs other than the games of your choice so that there is plenty of RAM left.

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2. Clean the storage room

Often cellphones are loaded with programs that are not important and you rarely use. This line of programs can take the form of browsers, wallpaper programs, or video and music players, and games.

If some of these applications are still installed on the cellphone, it will drain the available RAM capabilities. You should delete or uninstall the unused program because it has the potential to make the phone's performance sluggish when playing games. Use the Clean storage feature in Settings, then delete unused photos, videos, cache, audio, and documents or switch them to the SD Card.

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3. Determine the phone with a cooling system

Using cell phones every day as well as playing games for a long time often causes heat problems. Therefore, you should choose a device that has the best software and hardware details, and a cooling mechanism that can dissipate excessive heat quickly.

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