3 Processor Functions That Are Called the Brain of a Computer

3 Processor Functions That Are Called the Brain of a Computer

3 Processor Functions That Are Called the Brain of a Computer

3 Processor Functions That Are Called the Brain of a Computer

Netgenz - Technology Computer and Internet | In today's technological era, the existence of a computer is certainly a very important thing. With a computer, all work can be completed easily and quickly.

In everyday life, for example, computer equipment can be used as a means of work or business, a means of communication, a means of entertainment, a means of education, a means of information, a means of business, and a means of controlling something.

For those of you who usually use computers or laptops, of course, you are familiar with the term processor. A computer must have a processor to support the overall operation of the device.

The processor is a very vital component of a computer. That is the reason why many people say that the processor is the brain of the computer.

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Processor Compounding Components

The processor is a computer component which is the brain that runs the process and controls the work of the computer in collaboration with other computer devices. The unit of speed in the processor is Mhz (Mega Heartz) or GHz (Giga Heartz). The greater the speed of a processor, the faster the computer's performance when processing.

But the processor is not alone, it consists of several constituent components. Well, before knowing the function of the processor, first identify the components that make up the processor. The following components make up the processor:

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1. Control Unit (CU)

The first processor component plays a role in controlling all activities or data traffic on the computer such as input and output. Managing data traffic such as input and output.

2. Arithmetic Logical Unit (ALU)

The second processor component is the Arithmetic Logical Unit (ALU). It is responsible for performing mathematical operations according to the instructions given by the user. Perform all arithmetic (mathematical) calculations that occur according to program instructions.

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3. Register Unit (RU)

The third processor component is the Register Unit (RU). A temporary data storage area that is small in size and has high access speed.

Processor Function

The function of the processor in a computer has a very important function because this small component determines the speed of the performance of a computer.

- The brain of the computer

The most important function of the processor is the brain of the computer because any data to be processed will always pass through the processor. To then be processed and produce the desired data from the user or users.

The processor integrates all internal components such as chipset components, hard drives, RAM, VGA, and so on. So that all of these components can work according to their respective duties and are connected to each other. All these components are connected to the presence of a processor component, if there is no processor then it cannot be integrated.

- Maintain computer performance

The next function of the processor is to maintain computer performance. The better the quality and specifications of a processor, the higher the quality and performance of the computer.

The more cores in a processor, and also the higher the speed of the processor, then a computer will be considered to be faster. So, often the processor is considered to be one indicator of how a computer can work

- Supports the specific needs of the computer

For those of you who like to play games, you must be familiar with the term 'greater processor, greater gaming experience'. Yes, the thrill of playing games is very influential with the capacity and processor speed of a computer.

This indicates that the processor functions to support specific needs. Such as gaming purposes with 3D effects and sound, design and architectural purposes, or service purposes.

Each processor with this purpose has the capabilities and specifications that were created for that particular purpose. So, with the processor, every specific and specific purpose of a computer can be carried out properly.

Processor Type

After knowing the function of the processor, the following types of processors are often used by many people.


Intel is a multinational company based in the United States and is well known for the design and manufacture of microprocessors. Intel can also make signal cards, motherboard chipsets, and components. in addition, Intel has advanced research projects in all aspects of semiconductor manufacturing, including MEMS.

This type of Intel processor has no doubt about its quality. Intel processors have the advantage of Turbo Boost, which is in Intel Core 13. Care 15, and Core 17. With this capability, it can speed up computer work processes.


AMD company is based in Sunnyvale, California America is the toughest competitor of Intel. This type of processor is the most preferred processor by game fans because AMD-type processors are equipped with Ati Radeon VGA. The disadvantage of this processor is that it uses more power and causes the processor to heat up faster.

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