3 Email Marketing Tips for MSMEs

3 Email Marketing Tips for MSMEs

Illustration Email Marketing

Illustration Email Marketing

Netgenz - Business Tips | With the easier access to digital technology, some things that were previously limited to certain groups can now be reached by many groups. One of them is e-mail marketing which was previously limited to large corporations. However, nowadays, e-mail marketing can be used by businesses of various sizes, including MSMEs.

Not only can, but even marketing e-mails are also currently actually being referenced for use by MSMEs. Not only because e-mail marketing is really easy to use, but also because its effectiveness is not a mere boast. However, even so, the use of e-mail marketing for MSMEs is not arbitrary. E-mail marketing tactics for MSMEs are different from those for large corporations. If you are still unsure about how to use e-mail marketing tactics for MSMEs, here are 3 guidelines that you can use.

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Segment marketing e-mail goals

In fact, providing marketing emails based on their target fragment can also be carried out by corporates. However, what makes the difference is that sending the same according to segmentation is an obligation for MSMEs. Of course, this has certain reasons. First, MSMEs tend not to have large e-mail contact databases. That way, blasting also seems to have disappeared from the options. Also, read How surveysay to make money online.

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Second, MSMEs tend to have partners who are closer to their loyal customers. Therefore, categorizing loyal consumers based on their segmentation will help MSMEs in sending some content related to a certain line of loyal consumers. Third, the transportation of marketing e-mails based on segmentation has the potential to provide higher quality performance. Great for marketing or consumer engagement.

Personalize transport

The purpose of the personalized e-mail is to make it as relevant and interactive as possible with different profiles that receive unique e-mails. This personalization can be from the sender of an e-mail, a cell containing the name of the recipient, or content that is of interest to the recipient.

But, in fact, personalized e-mail transport doesn't stop there. Many other things that can be personalized are the delivery time of the e-mail according to the time zone that received and/or the time that received the most open and related e-mails. Another thing is the type of content that is loved to receive. I don't know if it's a hard sell or a soft sell.

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Choose the right service provider marketing e-mail

When talking about the use of a service, it is common for the first thing to think about is a costly investment that can provide long-term benefits. In this framework, what is being reviewed is an e-mail marketing service provider that can provide that advantage. When it comes to e-mail marketing of service providers, there are actually many nowadays. In fact, if you google it, you will find several tens to several hundred different service providers. However, not all of them are suitable for MSMEs that have certain restrictions on the cost factor.

Some large business marketing e-mail service providers such as Mailchimp or Sendinblue may not be suitable for MSMEs. Yes, it can also be the same, but the cost can also be considered quite stifling because the two e-mail providers are prioritized for corporate purposes. For MSMEs, what is recommended is e-mail marketing for local service providers that are suitable for various business ratios, not just corporates. In Indonesia itself, there are quite some such service providers. One of them is DocoBlast.

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