12 Kinds of Computer Software That Are Often Used, Understand Each Function

12 Kinds of Computer Software That Are Often Used, Understand Each Function

12 Kinds of Computer Software That Are Often Used, Understand Each Function

12 Kinds of Computer Software That Are Often Used, Understand Each Function

Netgenz - Technology Computer and Internet | Kinds of computer software and their functions are important for us to know. Computers generally consist of two devices, namely software and hardware. These two devices have very different forms and roles.

The software itself is a special term for data that is formatted, and stored digitally, including computer programs, their documentation, and various information that can be read and written by computers. in another sense, a portion of the laptop system that is intangible. While computer hardware is all physical components/equipment used in information processing such as CPU, RAM, monitor, mouse, keyboard, printer, scanner, and others.

Various kinds of tasks are made easier for computers to carry out with this software. Because, the main function of this software is to bridge between computer users and hardware to perform tasks. Thus, it is important to recognize and understand the types of computer software, in order to better understand and maximize their role.

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Computer Browser and Graphic Design Software

1. Browsers

Kinds of computer software also consist of a browser. This browser will really help users explore or access information via the internet. Users are also increasingly facilitated by search engine services. Users find it easier to search data by writing keywords in the provided search field. This browser software is Mozilla, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Opera.

2. Graphic Design

This type of computer software is suitable for users who like or have a job in the design field. The function of this device is for visual communication in conveying information interactively. Almost the same as image processing software. This device can also bring great opportunities for business. More software includes Adobe Indesign, Adobe Frame Maker, Picture Manager, and many others. 

Computer Software Operating System and Word Processing

3. Operating System

The operating system or operating system (OS) was part of the computer before any other software. This operating system is useful for controlling, controlling or providing a connection with computer hardware. These operating systems are usually Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and many more. Every operating system has advantages and disadvantages.

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4. Word Processing

Word processing is known as word processing. This type of software is related to document creation, editing, and document preparation. Word processing software will make it easier to create job applications, proposals, and speeches. In fact, data in the form of graphs, figures, and tables can also be presented with this tool. This type of software includes Microsoft Word, Open Office Writer, LibreOffice, Lotus World, WordPerfect, and many more.

5. Computer Network

Types of computer network software are designed to help hardware perform its functions better. This device was developed to manage, monitor, and perform computer network maintenance. This device is usually used in offices, schools, and colleges. This software includes Microsoft Network Monitor, Angry IP Scanner, OpenNMS, Wireshark, and many more. 

6. Chat

Kinds of computer software also provide chat. This software is used to support communication activities between one user and another. Its main function is almost the same as the software on the phone. Users can exchange messages with each other more easily. This software includes Yahoo Messenger, Facebook, LINE, WhatsApp, and many more.

Presentation and Image Processing Computer Software

7. Presentation

Presentation software will make it very easy for users to make data presentation points. This device will be useful for schools, colleges, and offices. The process of delivering ideas or ideas also becomes more interesting and interactive. This will make the audience more interested in listening and easy to understand. Users can also add objects such as images, videos, and sounds to their presentations. These tools include Microsoft PowerPoint, Open Office Impress, KPresenter, iWork KeyNote, Macromedia Authorware, and many more.

8. Image Processor

This image processing software is closely related to graphic design. Users can create, process, and edit images. This device will also greatly facilitate marketing and advertising. This device can bring many business opportunities if you can take full advantage of it. These tools are Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Freehand, and many more.

Number and Data Processing Computer Software

9. Number Processor

Number processing software is closely related to data in the form of numbers. This tool will facilitate the creation of tables, processing graphic data, calculations, and storing numerical data. Number processing software on this keyboard such as Microsoft Excel, Open Office Calc, Star Office, and many more.

10. Data Processing

This type of software is closely related to the management of large amounts of data (databases). This tool will make it easier for users to create data, edit, select data, and create reports. So, users don't need to bother making it manually because there is already software that manages it automatically. This data processing software includes Microsoft Access, Foxbase, SPSS, MySQL, dBase, and many more.

Programming Software and Drivers

11. Programming

The next kind of software is the programming software. Programming software is a type of software that is not used by end-users. This is not for you unless you are a programmer writing code. Programming software is a program used to write, develop, test, and debug other software, including application and system software. This software is usually used by someone who works in a software development company.

Programming software is used as a translator program. Some examples of programming software are Java, Python, BASIC, and many more. This software is facilitator software, which is used to translate programming language into machine language code. translation can be in the form of an interpreter and an assembler.

You can understand a compiler as a program that translates entire source code into machine code and executes it. The interpreter runs the source code as the program is executed line by line. And the assembler translates assembly code as basic computer instructions into machine code.

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12. Drivers

Driver software is often classified as one-of-a-kind system software. . This type of software operates and also controls the devices connected to the laptop. Drivers are very important because they allow the device to perform the specified task. This software will translate the commands from the operating system to your hardware or device. Therefore, every device connected to your laptop requires at least 2 working device drivers.

Because there are thousands of different devices, drivers make the work of your system software easier by enabling them to communicate via standard languages. Some examples of common driver software are:

  • a. Printer Drivers
  • b. Mouse Drivers
  • c. Network card (Network Card)

Usually, the operating system comes with drivers for the mouse, keyboard, and printer by default. Generally, these devices do not require any third-party installation. However, for some advanced devices, you may need to install the driver.

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