10 Most Common Problems Occur on Computers

10 Most Common Problems Occur on Computers

10 Most Common Problems Occur on Computers

Netgenz - Technology  Computer and Internet| Of the many problems that often occur on computers, in this article the author concludes that problems that often occur on computers can never be separated from the 10 problems below. The 10 problems that will be discussed are guaranteed for those of you who have been using computers for a long time, or for those of you who are technicians, you must be familiar with the following problems.

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1. Computer reboots itself, even turns off

This problem often occurs on our computers caused by problems with the hardware. Especially the processor that is overheating or hot. This processor overheating is usually caused by the cooling fan performance that is less than optimal, or the thermal paste on the processor has dried.

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2. Make a beeping sound

This beep is usually heard the first time we read the computer. This beep is usually heard if there is an error with one of the hardware installed in the computer. Because there are many BIOS products on the market, the beep code that sounds varies with various problems. But keep in mind, not all the beeps mean there is a problem because there are some BIOSes that emit a beep once at the start of booting, and that indicates a normal computer

3. CPU is on, but the monitor is not showing anything

This problem generally occurs due to RAM that is not detected properly. Because the function of a RAM is as temporary storage (storing running processes), if RAM is problematic then no device can store running processes, so nothing can be displayed on the monitor.

In addition to RAM, it could also be because the VGA cable connected to the monitor is not connected properly. If you are using a VGA card, there is no need to connect the VGA cable via the onboard VGA port on the motherboard.

4. The computer is totally dead

In this total off condition, usually related to electric current, whether the computer gets an electric current supply or not. So if the computer does not get a power supply, it is certain that the computer will never turn on. You can check to start from the power cable that leads to the power source, the power supply, or even the front panel cables. If there is no problem with the power supply, the motherboard is certainly the problem.

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5. Computer hangs frequently

Usually, the condition of a computer that hangs is caused by the high data processed without compensating for the ability of the processor and RAM memory to buffer or temporarily accommodate the processed data. Because RAM has a limited capacity, the more applications you run, the less RAM capacity will run out. Now in this condition, the computer will experience HANG because it is not strong enough to run the command that is being executed.

6. Blue Screen

Usually, a computer that experiences this Blue Screen will be followed by a restart by itself. Usually, this situation is caused by an error in the hardware, installed driver software, it can even be caused by a virus.

7. Browser home page, default search engine, and default browser change by themselves

The cause of this problem is when we install applications consciously or unconsciously. What happens most often is, when we are accessing a website that has a lot of pop-up ads, and we accidentally click on it, so that without us knowing it we have installed a program that can change the appearance of the homepage and the default search engine.

Apart from the internet, this can also be caused when we are installing an application, then the application suggests installing a toolbar on our web browser.

8. Can't connect to the network

In this condition, our computers simply cannot connect to other computers on a network. Computers that cannot connect to the network are caused by:
There is no network card or NIC on the computer.
Incorrect or incorrect configuration of IP address settings.
There is damage to the NIC or connecting media such as cable or wireless.

9. The computer can turn on, but cannot enter the operating system

This problem can be caused by two things, namely hardware and software. Because this is related to the operating system, the hardware that is very at risk for this problem is the hard disk. Because on this hard disk the operating system is stored, so if the hard disk is not installed properly, we will never be able to use the existing operating system.

Apart from hardware, this problem can also occur from a problematic system, such as the loss of important files in the operating system, viruses, or even a formatted partition where the operating system is installed.

10. Can't be online on the internet

Several main things cause this problem, namely:
No internet connection.
Our computer is not connected to the computer network
Our computer is blocked from accessing the internet
The configuration of the browser settings is lacking or incorrect

The best step before we take action when there is a problem with the computer is to identify the problem that is happening. Study the problem, find out the cause of the problem, what the impact will be, then find a solution to the problem. Hopefully, this article can help you in your study. Thank you, hopefully useful.

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