Your Long Lasting Guide to Youth: 5 Steps to Look 10 Years Younger

Your Long Lasting Guide to Youth: 5 Steps to Look 10 Years Younger

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Netgenz - Health | It still looks young and durable even though it is old, it must be the dream of some people. Here are some steps to look long-lasting young, even ten years younger. To always stay young forever, the real ability lies within you. With a few simple reconciliations of the daily routine, the dream of looking younger can become a reality. Dermatologist Angela J. Lamb shares some of the most important tips for looking ten years younger. What are some?

Here are five ways to look younger, even 10 years younger

1. Don't rub your eyes

Wrinkles are usually seen on the neck, forehead, and eyes. As quoted by Eat This, Not That!, Lamb explains that the skin under and around the eyes is the most delicate and fragile side. Therefore, he recommends that you rarely rub or rub your eyes. This problem can cause small blood vessels to burst, and cause bruising or even wrinkles prematurely.

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2. Using Serum

"Invest in a good serum," Lamb says. "Serums are products of your power with active ingredients. They're important! Think vitamins C, A, E-tropically." Although the price is quite expensive, Lamb explains that the results obtained will be comparable.

3. Drink a lot of water

Increasing the water content in your skin can prevent it from looking dry and wrinkled. Be sure to drink eight glasses of water every day as recommended by some dermatologists, and you can check out tropical products for skincare ingredients such as Urea, Glycerin, Ceramide, and Hyaluronic Acid. If your room is really dry, think about using a humidifier and staying away from long hot showers, which can dehydrate you.

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4. Wearing Sunscreen

According to Lamb, sunscreen is the best way to help keep your skin looking young and healthy. "Reuse every 90 minutes when you're out of the room," he advises. In fact, one study showed that if you use sunscreen every day, your skin will age 24% less than someone who wears it only occasionally.

5. Enough sleep

"The hormones of depression and lack of sleep actually damage collagen and accelerate aging," From Lamb. Not to mention, along with increasing age, lack of sleep can cause memory problems, immediate anger, stress, and prone to illness. After knowing the five ways to look long-lasting youth, Lamb adds that simply smiling, having good relationships, and having pure fun can be proven to help make you look younger.

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