Yemeni Hell Well Surgeon Mentioned Prison of Satan and Jin

Omani cave expedition expert deliberately plunged into the well of hell to dissect the dogma of the location called the prison of demons and jinn

Omani cave expedition expert deliberately plunged into the well of hell to dissect the dogma of the location called the prison of demons and jinn

Netgenz - Technology Sains | A cave expedition team from Oman managed to enter and explore the bottom of the "Well of Hell" for the first time in Yemen which is said to be a prison of demons and jinn. Mohammad Al Kindi and the Omani cave tracking team also went down to the bottom of the well and uncovered what was really at the bottom of the geological structure that has so far been associated with this terrifying dogma. Mohammad Al Kindi and the cave tracking team said they found a lot of beautiful things.

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Al Kindi and his team found fresh pure spring water at the bottom of the cave. Although in fact this well is popular with dogma as an "evil" cave and the water is dangerous to drink. "We even drank a full bottle and nothing happened to us!" he said. Al Kindi spent about six hours in the cave and found nothing scarier than a lot of snakes. "They breed when there are no predators to consume them. That's normal," he said.

Quoted from 7news, the team collected samples of rock, water, soil, and some dead animals, and were amazed by the colorful cave pearls that sparkled through the underground waterfall. "The pearl of the cave is the concentric deposition of calcium carbonate that is created around the tree under the falling water," explained Al Kindi. According to Al Kindi, the rings were smoothed by the movement of falling water over several thousand years to form a beautiful pearl.

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For something that Al Kindi could witness, the cave was not touched by human hands or feet. "No initial vision has been immortalized, so it's not clear if anyone actually went there, although it's hard to be 100% sure," he said.

Hell well horror dogma

The Well of Hell or the Well of Barhout is near the Yemeni border with Oman in the eastern province of Al-Mahra. It is a place of mystery that has long been the subject of many mythologies and folk narratives. "Some people say there are some apostates and some people who don't believe are tortured after death," said a geologist and owner of the Earth Knowledge Discussion Center, as quoted from The National, Tuesday (21/9).

The wellbore has a width of 30 meters and a depth of more than 100 meters. underground. What lies beneath is estimated to be millions of years old. Folk narratives on the spot mention the place as a prison for several demons. This call is related to the stench that comes out of the well.

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For hundreds of years, narratives have spread that this well is occupied by a supernatural figure from the jinn. Local people believe that some objects near the hole can be sucked into it. Many local residents are still nervous about visiting the big hole, or even reviewing it, for fear of bad luck. It's not uncommon for some trackers to be lazy to go down the well.

Al Kindi hopes that with his visit to the bottom of the Well of Hell, his discovery will dispel some of the dogma around caves and other similar sites. "I believe that the Well of Hell, known as Barghouti, is a legendary cave that was placed in several caves in Yemen. Now that we are going to Khasfat Foujit, the cave should not be named other than the area where it exists," he said.

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