Waiting for Ronaldo to Save the Red Devils from Hell

Cristiano Ronaldo is likely to be re-positioned as the main striker when Man Utd face Villarreal

Cristiano Ronaldo is likely to be re-positioned as the main striker when Man Utd face Villarreal

Netgenz - Netizen buzz Sport | Manchester United is in danger. Three defeats from 4 matches, making the Red Devils team have to wake up immediately in the match against Villarreal. This is the right time for Cristiano Ronaldo to appear as a savior. Man Utd is now at the bottom of the Champions League Group F standings. The match against Villarreal at Old Trafford Stadium, Thursday (30/9), was a special day for Ronaldo and his friends.

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Previously, the image of success with Ronaldo at that time also poked after Manchester United received the signature of a former Juventus retainer at the beginning of the 2021/2022 season. Ronaldo also promised a happy future with the 2 goals scored against Newcastle United in the game of duty. The player who was brought up by Sir Alex Ferguson's figure then scored again when Man Utd received their first defeat of the season against Young Boys. A bitter reality that needs to be learned has meaning. Back in the Premier League, Ronaldo scored and Man Utd won again. Schemes seem to be created. Man Utd looks to be starting to depend on Ronaldo's goals.

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Then Manchester United collapsed in two consecutive games. Dropped out of the League Cup and accepted defeat in the Premier League. The signal that had sounded in the match against Young Boys now sounded louder approaching matchday 2 of the Champions League. Like some stories of super champions, Ronaldo is a sought-after figure in an emergency. The superstar is expected to be a comparison figure through a kick or header that results in a goal. Carrying the performance of a team absolutely must be carried out by all team components. Ronaldo, who appears to be the spearhead, gets more responsibility for breaking into the enemy's goal. As a world-class player, Ronaldo understands what is being done to him. The man as the top scorer of the Champions League during his life has tried to complete the final settlement.

Ronaldo is a player who has the highest record of kicks on goal compared to other Man Utd team residents. With only 3 appearances in the Premier League, Ronaldo has an average of 5.7 kicks per game. That number exceeds Bruno Fernandes who has played 6 times with an average of 3.8 kicks per game or Mason Greenwood with an average of 3.5 kicks per game in six games. Especially in the Champions League, Ronaldo was one of the Man Utd players who were able to kick off the Young Boys goal in the first matchday where the Red Devils were forced to play defensively as a whole. Ronaldo recorded two shots on goal in the away game to Switzerland two weeks ago.

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Statistics this season visualize Ronaldo no longer playing as a wing striker who knocks down opponents with speed and dribbling. Ronaldo has turned into a penalty box monster. Ronaldo often releases shooting in the box 16. Two attempts to score Ronaldo's goal against Young Boys are released from inside the penalty box. While in the Premier League, Ronaldo is registered to release 3.7 shots per game from inside the penalty box. There's even a record of 0.7 shots per game from the six-yard box. Apart from that, Ronaldo attempted a goal outside the penalty box with a record of 1.7 shooting per game.

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Challenging Villarreal, Ronaldo is likely to be played again as the head of the team. What's more, Ronaldo has quite a collection of goals against Submarino Amarillo. Ronaldo's action with Real Madrid is a special reason for Ronaldo to break into Villarreal's goal about 13 times. All goals were scored in the Spanish La Liga title. Even so, Ronaldo is in the vision of scoring the first goal against Villarreal in a Man Utd shirt. In his first four chances, in the 2005/2006 and 2008/2009 Champions League group stages, Ronaldo, who wore the Man Utd shirt, always failed to score against the club currently coached by Unai Emery. Villarreal became the first club to beat before Man Utd face a tough match in the next few days, either in the Premier League or Champions League. Facing Villarreal, Ronaldo will likely meet Raul Albiol, who is called a former teammate at Madrid. Albiol could have a duet with one of Man Utd's central defenders, Pau Torres. Albiol and Torres became one of Ronaldo's challenges in breaking down Geronimo Rulli's goal, in addition to Villarreal's fortress of solidity.

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Villarreal is currently languishing in mid-table but has never lost from a breakdown of one win and five draws. One of the teams that were held in balance was Real Madrid at the weekend the other day.

Manchester United is in the midst of bad momentum after losing to West Ham United and Aston Villa

Manchester United is amid bad momentum after losing to West Ham United and Aston Villa

His victory at the Spanish representative became the capital of Man Utd's confidence before meeting Everton, Leicester City, Atalanta, Liverpool, and Tottenham Hotspur throughout October. Not to mention the 2nd face-to-face with Atalanta in November which was followed by the Manchester derby. Three points in the second match of the group stage will open Man Utd's path to the top or runner-up group later. His defeat with Young Boys put Man Utd in a difficult status. Although there are still five games to go, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's men have missed the chance to take the main points.

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In calculations on paper, Young Boys are the weakest participants in Group F. The Swiss champions even entered the Champions League from the qualifying round. While Villarreal and Atalanta are cooler in European football. Villarreal has a fairly long history in European club competitions. Since the 2000s Villarreal has regularly appeared in several titles, including the Champions League. Villarreal with the status of the defending Europa League champion, all of which made Man Utd collapse in the final last season. While Atalanta in the last two seasons has familiarized themselves with the Champions League. After becoming a quarter-finalist in the 2019/2020 season, La Dea showed their competitive power in the group stage last season by appearing as the runner-up group to accompany Liverpool.

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