Viral, Medical Staff Dancing to BTS Song to Encourage ARMY Waiting for Heart Transplant

Netgenz - Netizen buzz | Viral BTS videos? Oh, that's normal. But there is something special in a video related to Jimin et al that went viral recently. Reporting from Koreaboo, Thursday (12/8/2021), this upload was shared by the official Twitter account of the Los Angeles Children's Hospital, last week. It contains an ARMY, as BTS fans are called, who is being entertained by medical personnel.

At the time this article was written, the post had been retweeted more than 17,000 times and given 48 thousand likes. Apparently, the ARMY named Genesis who is still a teenager is waiting for a heart transplant. Doctors and nurses who knew the patient was a fan of the K-Pop idol group, immediately took the initiative to encourage him.

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Heart Transplant

"What do you get when you wait your turn for a #heart transplant but it turns into a dance? A smile, a room of smiles," read the tweet.

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Big fan of  BTS



He added, "After learning that Genesis is a big fan of the K-Pop band BTS, the team that took care of him started dancing to his favorite song, 'Dynamite' by @bts_bighit."

Full of Laughter

Screenshot From Twitter/ ChildrensLA

Screenshot From Twitter/ ChildrensLA

In this short video, Genesis smiles and occasionally covers his mouth as he watches the doctors and nurses dance. Meanwhile, the dancing medical staff was not only in the room but also in the hospital hallway. Sometimes they can hear their laughter.

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Prayers from ARMY

This post immediately caught ARMY's attention. They flocked to encourage Genesis. One of them was actress Jesica Ahlberg who wrote, "This is so sweet!! What a great team. Get well soon, beautiful Genesis." ARMY with the account name @Jung_cookiees wrote, "This makes me teary, aww. This is so sweet and I sincerely wish genesis a speedy recovery, and kudos to the medical team, you guys are the greatest."

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