Twitter Will Allow Using Bitcoin, A Guide For Creators

Illustration. Twitter will allow some fans to use Bitcoin to guide some of the initiators on the social media base

Illustration. Twitter will allow some fans to use Bitcoin to guide some of the initiators on the social media base

Netgenz - Technology | Twitter will be rolling out a new feature to detect rants and so that users can provide Bitcoin-shaped guidelines to their favorite initiators. Users can provide a guide in the form of Bitcoin to their favorite initiator as the host of Twitter's dedicated audio chat room, Ruang. The San Francisco-based company will test new measures to help users have a more secure experience on Twitter, such as alerting people when people enter a "hot" conversation or letting them leave a tweet thread.

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The product information is part of Twitter's efforts to compete with rival platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. This step is expected to attract well-known content creators who have many followers. In addition, this new product information is implemented to replace Twitter's image as a base which is seen as a place of polarized dialogue.

Twitter users globally on iOS devices can now send and receive digital payments, initially limited to a small group for experimentation. "We believe we're continuing to drive the type of talk people to want to see," said Esther Crawford, product lead for initiator monetization on Twitter via virtual Wednesday night. Taken by The Verge, although the guidance feature has been in an experimental stage until now the company has not developed this feature in an increasingly widespread manner.

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In addition to Bitcoin, Twitter allows users to connect nine traditional payment providers, including Venmo and the Kontan App, to their profiles to receive guidance. Twitter does not process these payments.

Twitter's partnership with Bitcoin is facilitated by Strike, a Bitcoin wallet program that runs on the Lightning Network procedure. Lightning is planned to enable faster and cheaper business transactions using Bitcoin. The company is said to have received funding from Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, a staunch Bitcoin attorney who tweeted in June that it was "just a matter of time" before Twitter supported Bitcoin payments.

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The Twitter program will notify initiators when they receive a Bitcoin guide via Strike, to quickly respond to the guide with a thank you or sending an emoji reaction. Twitter will generate invoices for content creators to seek guidance it receives. "Bitcoin as representative of one of the best solutions" to enable people to do business in the unbanked regions of the world, Esther Crawford.

Twitter said its faction plans to provide authentication support for NFT, or immutable tokens, for so-called digital assets such as videos or images that reside on the blockchain. Twitter explains that the authentication feature allows people to search for and display their NFT holdings on Twitter. To increase Spaces, Twitter will spend initiator funds to provide financial, technical, and marketing support to users who host audio programs on Spaces.

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That support allows more Spaces hosts to better manage conversations and potentially get brand sponsorship approvals, said Andre Jean-Pierre, who served as an early beta tester for Spaces. Taken by Reuters, Twitter is now studying how to filter certain sentences that users don't want to see in their replies to tweets, which can be used to stop abusive speech.

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