Tokyo Paralympics: Dheva Wins Silver, Suryo Wins Bronze

Tokyo Paralympics: Dheva Wins Silver, Suryo Wins Bronze

Tokyo Paralympics: Dheva Wins Silver, Suryo Wins Bronze

Netgenz - Regional Sport | Dheva Anrimusthi won a silver medal while Suryo Nugroho won a bronze medal in the Tokyo Paralympics SU5 badminton category. Dheva won silver after losing in the final round with a score of 17-21, 15-21 to Cheah Like Hou. Dheva was depressed early in the first game when she trailed 1-5 to Cheah. Dheva then managed to improve his appearance and slowly gave chase. Had approached at the position of 5-6, Dheva again left behind 5-9. Cheah looked solid and led 11-5 at the interval. After the interval, Dheva still trailed from Cheah to the number 8-13. Dheva then opened up hope through the achievement of four points which brought him closer to 12-14. The score then changed to 13-14 after Cheah smashed in a long rally out of the arena. The final score was equally strong at 15-15 after Cheah's return came off the field. Dheva's smash that led to Cheah's backhand managed to produce points that made Dheva lead 16-15.

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Cheah showed a good response with a score of three consecutive points so that he turned 18-16 ahead. Cheah then got game points at 20-17 and finished with a smash that Dheva couldn't return. In the second game, Dheva again left behind Cheah. Dheva's hard efforts had made the score 6-6. But Cheah again widened the score to 9-6.

Dheva's persistence to pursue paid off when he managed to equalize the score to 10-10. But Cheah then took the next point and led 11-10 at the interval. Dheva's struggle to catch the score continued after the interval. The score is as strong as 13-13 after Cheah's punch came out. Dheva then took a 14-13 lead after his shot went in. Cheah then again held the advantage through his aggressive attack which made the score 15-14.

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Dheva's smash hit the net, making Cheah widen the lead to 16-14. Cheah then added another point and widened the score to 17-14. Smes Dheva who was declared out made Cheah have a four-point advantage, 18-14. Dheva's failed return then made the score 19-14 for Cheah. Cheah then got a match point at 20-14. After failing at the first opportunity, Cheah finally won the match with a score of 21-15. Meanwhile, in the SU5 class bronze medal, Suryo Nugroho defeated Fang Jen Yu, 21-16, 21-9.

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