The Unifying Message Behind BTS My Universe's Coldplay MV

Coldplay and BTS released a collaborative MV, My Universe, on Thursday (30/9) afternoon which brought many positive messages about erasing differences

Coldplay and BTS released a collaborative MV, My Universe, on Thursday (30/9) afternoon which brought many positive messages about erasing differences

Netgenz - Netizen buzz | Coldplay and BTS released the music video for their collaboration single, My Universe, on Thursday (30/9) afternoon. Not only thick with modern topics, MV My Universe carries many positive messages about eliminating inequality. Dave Meyers as the director explained the MV Coldplay BTS My Universe tells about a galaxy called Spheres. This galaxy is lonely without music because music is forbidden.

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However, this did not stop the spirit of the three rebel bands, namely Coldplay, BTS, and a fictional band called Supernova 7 who still brought music as a unifying tool. Despite being on three other planets, the three bands can eventually band together to bring music to all the galaxies. This is shown by the hologram technology from DJ L'Afrique.

"The idea was to make a creation about unity in a period of isolation," said Dave Meyers as quoted by Audrey recently. "Each group lives on their own planet, in the galaxy Spheres, they are looking for illegal ways to talk and play music together through the contribution of a rebel," said Dave Meyers.

Next, Meyers explains that Coldplay lives on Planet Floris. Meyers uses an outdated swimming pool complex in a small town called RubĂ­ in Barcelona. Meyers hired Phillippe Boonen to design the graffiti used to decorate the site. Not to forget, they added an alien symbol to give a modern impression.

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Meanwhile, BTS is said to have come from a planet called Calypso. In the clip, BTS appears on a pier crushed by the onslaught of aliens who don't like their music. The idea in the Coldplay BTS My Universe MV was inspired by the state of a fortress during World War II in the North Sea.

To realize the idea, BTS shot with a green screen background in a studio in Seoul, South Korea. Next, Shaddy and his team from One Pixel Brush added a CGI effect in the form of a portal in the sky and some alien trash that filled the ocean.

Then there is a fictional band called Supernova 7 which consists of 6 aliens coming from Planet Supersolid. In addition to using CGI technology, the innovative team created a real set that took 2 days. Coldplay explained the idea was used to carry the message in the song My Universe. In this song, Coldplay wants to show that inequality and distance are not an obstacle to spreading the message of unity.

"[Coldplay] really isn't sure on any boundaries or divisions," said Chris Martin. The single My Universe is a collaboration single between Coldplay and BTS that will be part of Coldplay's ninth album with the theme "Music of the Spheres". The album will be launched on October 15, 2021.

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