The Story of the First Humans Arriving at the Bottom of a Yemeni Well

Recognizing researchers and cave tracking teams from Oman Successfully stepping on the Well of Hell in Yemen for the first time

Recognizing researchers and cave tracking teams from Oman Successfully stepping on the Well of Hell in Yemen for the first time

Netgenz - Technology | About 8 out of 10 Oman Cave Exploitation (OCET) researchers are the first humans on Earth to descend to the bottom of the Well of Hell or in Yemen. One of the researchers on the team is Mohammad Al Kindi, a professor of geology from the German University of Technology in Oman who is one of the OCET team. Al Kindi is one of the researchers at the Earth Knowledge Discussion Center (ESCC), and an alumnus of the Earth Knowledge Discussion Center (ESCC) University of Leeds, UK.

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Al Kindi often conducts research in the oil and energy industry sector. He is said to be skilled in the sector of maximizing oil products, mining, and proficient in the geology sector. Through the research agency at ESCC, he conducts mining block assessments, estimates of earth reserves, 3D modeling, topographic surveys, drilling, basic descriptions, sampling, and geological scaling.

A series of researches in the terrestrial area have been carried out since 2011. One of them is the research entitled Stories of Soil and Life in Oman which was carried out in 2018, the latest discovery of the fossilized footprints of the large Rupelian mammal in 2017. In 2020 he studied the interplay between the folds large numbers and small ratio fracture schemes of the mountains of Oman. Most recently he studied the Well of Hell in Yemen.

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Some of the research in the field of earth science that Al Kindi has done has become a research reference and has been seen by colleagues or peer reviews.

Fill the well of hell

The Hell Well, which Al Kindi and his team recently studied, revealed several discoveries. One of them is the presence of fresh water at the bottom of the well. Mohammad Al Kindi and the tracking team explained that they had been drinking fresh water at the bottom of the Hell's Well. Even though hell wells are popular with dogma as "evil" caves and the water is dangerous to drink.

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"We even drank a full bottle and nothing happened to us!" he said. The cave expedition team from Oman went on an expedition to uncover what lies at the bottom of the geological formations that are often associated with scary dogmas. During the expedition, the team encountered many snakes at the bottom of the cave. Al Kindi said he had seen many snakes after spending about six hours in the cave. "They breed when there are no predators to consume them. That's normal," he said.

Get to know researchers and a team of cave explorers from Oman who managed to track the Hell's Well in Yemen for the first time

Get to know researchers and a team of cave explorers from Oman who managed to track the Hell's Well in Yemen for the first time

The Well of Hell being tracked is on the Yemeni border with Oman in the eastern province of Al-Mahra. Yemeni officials said they did not know what was under the well. "It's really deep - we never got to the bottom of this well, simply because there was little oxygen and no circulation," said Salah Babhair, director-general of geological surveys and Mahra's mineral resources authority.

The wellbore is known to have a width of 30 meters and a depth of more than 100 meters. underground. The age of the Barhout well is not known, but Yemeni officials have said this well has been around for millions of years, according to LiveScience. Until whatever is under this well is predicted to be millions of years old.

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In addition to exploring, the team collected samples of water, rock, and soil and some dead animals. They were amazed by the colorful cave pearls glistening through the underground waterfall. "The pearl of the cave is the concentric calcium carbonate deposition that is created around the tree under the falling water," said Mohammad. Al Kindi explained that the rings were naturally crushed by the movement of falling water over several thousand years, creating beautiful pearls. For something that Al Kindi could witness, the cave was not touched by human hands or feet.

"No initial vision has been immortalized, so it's not clear if anyone actually went there, although it's hard to be 100% sure," he said. Furthermore, some researchers explain the birds can still fly in and out of the hole. Even though the sun's light is actually said to not be able to enter all sides of the hole. If you look from the edge of the well, only a little can be seen.

Horror narrative of the people of Hell's Well problem

The Hell's Well or Berhout's Well is a place of mystery that has long been the subject of many mythologies and folk narratives. Through folk tales, it is called if the place is a prison for some demons. The call led to a stench coming out of the well. Over the past hundred years, folk narratives have spread. It is said that there was a genie and a supernatural figure who occupied the bottom of the well.

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"Some people explain that there are some apostates and some people who don't believe are tortured after death," said a geologist and owner of the Earth Knowledge Discussion Center, as quoted from The National, Tuesday (21/9). Some residents in the area believe that some objects near the hole can be sucked into it. Many local people are still nervous about visiting the big hole, or even reviewing it, for fear of bad luck. Finally, initially, there were not many researchers who did expeditions at the location of Hell's Well.

With his expedition and team to the Well of Hell, Al Kindi hopes to be able to dispel some of the dogma around caves and other similar sites. He believes that the Well of Hell is a legendary cave placed in several caves in Yemen. Now, after he and the team have gone to Khasfat Foujit, the cave should not be named other than the area where it exists.

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