Differentiating Adidas Ori and Fake

Netgenz.com -  Who here is called a sneakerhead branded "Adidas?" Or, does anyone have or just want to buy Adidas brand sneakers? One of the biggest sports shoe brands on earth does have many types of shoes with good quality, but the prices are quite draining for the wallet, bro!

Distinguishing Original and Fake Adidas

That's why there are so many shoe sellers/sellers aka fake who sell fake Adidas at a very cheap price, which is very different from the original.

Netgenz owns Adidas sneakers and was worried about whether I had the original or mine. So I tried to ask a number of colleagues and do my own research to find a way to compare the original Adidas and fake.

Well, in this article, I want to share a little about the disadvantages of buying fake goods at the same time.

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Ciri-ciri Adidas Ori dan KW

Differentiating Adidas Ori and Fake

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Loss of Buying Fake Shoes in General

It's cool, but if it's fake, it's a shame, it can be damaged quickly. Who here likes to buy cheap shoes?

If it's a matter of price, yes, I like it if it's cheap. However, I don't want it if the cheap stuff I bought turns out to be fake, bro.

There are two special disadvantages that will occur if you decide to buy fake shoes:

1. Make Brand Loss

Think if the best-selling Adidas or Nike are the fake ones all the time.

This can cause the marketing of the original shoes to lose and fall markedly because customers choose to buy fake shoes. In the eyes of the brand, their marketing results in a loss or loss. As a result, the brand could stop marketing entirely in Indonesia, or in the worst-case scenario, roll up. This analogy applies to any item that you prefer to buy versus the pirated one, as a result, it will be very difficult to distinguish between original and fake Adidas shoes.

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2. Make yourself lose

Why buy cheaper and exactly the same as the original, what's the disadvantage? Here, bro,  fake goods are made with different materials from the original goods. The material used must be cheaper, and it is usually the level of durability that is the victim. Labor and production processes are usually below the original brand's production standards so that the fakes made are of lower quality than the originals. When your shoes break easily because they are of poor quality, you have to buy new shoes again. Nach, get your money back, right?

Steps to Compare Original Adidas and Fake

Here are ways to compare Adidas shoes that you can do:

1. Check the Physical Condition of the Shoes

For those of you who shop at offline stores, there are many physical checks that can be carried out. First, the material used for the Adidas fake shoes when held tends to be stiff or hard because of the low price. Second, when the shoes are used, they feel uncomfortable and a little stiff even though the size of the shoes fits on the feet, it feels a bit uncomfortable. Original Adidas shoes have high quality and feel very good or comfortable shoes when used. These are the special characteristics of sports shoes that are made optimally for the comfort of their users. then 3rd, if you find a defect in the shoe, it is likely that the shoe is a fake or a reject item. If the seller cannot be trusted with the condition of the shoes, then you need to think twice about buying there again. Fourth, the screen printing on the tag on the tongue of the shoe looks neat and doesn't impress as long as it's screen printed.

2. Check the PO Serial Number on the 2 Iris Shoes

The PO number for the left and right Adidas shoes must be slightly different from 2-3 digits on the back. The great Adidas fake shoe manufacturer will make the physical condition of the fake shoes similar to the original.

For those of you who have doubts, there is a test step that is considered quite good in the Adidas sneakerhead group, namely by checking the PO serial number that you can get on the tag or shoe tongue.

As seen in the picture above, the PO number on the original Adidas shoes will slightly differ on the left and right iris shoes, namely in the last two or three digits.

This system is said to be good because the shoe manufacturer Adidas fake does not want to spend additional time, effort, and money to print another serial number on the 2 slices of shoes. It's not easy, you know, making the prints on the 2 slices of shoes different

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3. Check Code for International Shoes Articles

Adidas DB1122 as Adidas Men's Questar TND, the physical and online search results are the same. All Adidas shoes have an international code that you can check on online search engines like Google. This international code will be listed in three places: Shoe tag, shoebox, and shoe tongue. The 3 places should provide similar (stable) codes.

The way to check the international code for Adidas shoes is to write "Adidas" next to that code on a search engine (such as Google) and then search for 'Image'. If the name of the shoe and the visual of the shoe are different from the one you are checking, then it is likely that the shoe is a fake (unless the seller has notified that the tag on the tongue of the shoe is a 'shoot' tag)

Oh yes, other colors for the same variation will have different international codes.

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4. Compare Shoe Tag Info with Shoe Box

The info listed on the shoe tag must be the same / stable as that stated on the shoe box. Information that is important to check includes shoe size, international code, shoe product description, barcode number (EAN number), and shoe group. Especially for descriptions and shoe groups, sometimes it can happen that the writing is incomplete because of the limited character output.

If the basic description is the same, it can be seen that the info is stable, bro.

If you buy shoes with a BNWB condition, then you can ignore this step because the information on the box is almost certainly different from the shoe tag.

5. Check Shoe Size Alteration

Adidas shoe size alteration table (Source from Adidas Website) The latter is easy to overlook for the novice customer. Did you know that the numbering of shoe sizes is different in some countries? Indonesia is guided by the shoe numbering mechanism similar to the Euro, while Adidas uses the UK numbering mechanism (because it comes from there). Therefore, the UK to Euro/Indonesian numbering changes are important for you to see.

Euro/Indonesian shoe sizes are slightly rounded. If you find a size change that is not like the Adidas shoes you want to check, then it's possible that the shoes are fake. There are various steps you can try to do to avoid buying fake Adidas sneakers.

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