The best investments online 2021 can provide high returns

Netgenz | The following list of the best investments online 2021 can provide high returns. Starting from investing in stocks, mutual funds, to gold, and must have been registered with the OJK. Finally, the desire of the Indonesian people to invest in stocks and mutual funds is a new trend that can motivate everyone to be smarter in terms of financial planning.

From the Capital Market Monitoring 1A OJK (Financial Services Authority) data, there was the most significant increase in the number of capital market investors in Indonesia, namely 42% in November 2020. There is this positive trend, it is definitely good news as well as evaluation for those of you who want to participate in the capital market as a novice investor. Therefore, choosing the best online and trusted investment is an important aspect that is important to understand.

Investation Make You Rich

Netgenz will present online investments that have been registered with the OJK and of course are really easy to use, even for those who are just starting out. Here's a list of the best online stock investments.

1. Bibit, the Easiest Investment

One of the investment applications currently favored by millennials is Bibit. Yes, many influencers play a role in echoing Seeds as a place for investors to invest.

Seeds make it easier for every investor to invest. You can start your investment with only IDR 10,000. In addition, there are various investment instruments that can be options, such as sharia mutual funds, equity mutual funds, bonds, to the money market.

Interestingly, there is a Robo Advisor feature that can help investors to choose the same investment path according to the income and funds to be distributed. In addition, the payment system can be implemented via LinkAja, bank transfers, to GoPay balances.

So for those of you who want to start investing, you don't need to worry anymore, because the Seeds have been certified by the OJK so that all the routines you do while doing business can be safely monitored. For those of you who are hesitant to make long-term investments,

Here are the advantages of Seeds that must be understood.

  • You can invest from IDR 10,000
  • Disbursement of investment funds is fast, which is 7 working days
  • Free commission
  • Varied distribution system

You can download Seeds on Playstore and IOS and start investing with Bibit. For every new account and mutual fund purchase, don't forget to enter the referral code  (without any signs of picking) to get a cashback of IDR 25 thousand.

2. Bareksa, Pawn Investment Base in Indonesia

Furthermore, there is Bareksa as one of the investments that has been confirmed by the OJK. Here, users can choose various types of investment, starting from SBN (State Value Securities), mutual funds, Umrah, to gold. In general, information related to the product has been described in , such as price movements, profits that are likely to be made, to risk factors. Before deciding on the right type of investment, Bareksa has a feature of replicating the movement of funds for each product. Thus, every novice investor can predict the possible profits and losses. In addition, there is also a portfolio sheet for each user.

For additional information, Bareksa has obtained certification from the OJK and is a retail SBN distribution partner. So, for users who are looking for gold investment, there is no harm in trying this.

Advantages of Investing in Bareksa:

  • Many mutual fund product options
  • Various payment system options
  • Investment information that is updated every day

Behind Bareksa's advantages, there are many small drawbacks that can be understood, such as a minimum investment of Rp. 50 thousand, and the application is a little difficult for novice investors to understand.

3. Tanamduit, OJK Gold Investment

One of the investments as Tanamduit's flagship is gold. However, some investors can choose other types of investment, such as mutual funds, government securities, and insurance. What is very interesting is that when saving gold here, every investor will get a gold card. The gold card can be sent to other people, for example family. The disbursement mechanism is also easy to resell through this method. How much capital is needed to start investing in Tanamduit? Enough with only IDR 10,000 each person can make an investment.

One of the advantages of investing in Tanamduit is:

  • Investments can be started at a minimum price, which is only IDR 10,000
  • Free business transaction fees for buying and selling mutual funds
  • Free business transaction fees for purchasing SBN

Of the several advantages that exist, apparently Tanamduit has disadvantages, such as not having a robo advisor feature, there are still few mutual fund products, and the minimum purchase of gold is 0.1 grams.

4. HSB Investment, Flexible Trading

Slightly different from the 3 above, HSB Investment is the most suitable for users who have rich investment experience. So, it doesn't mean that novice investors shouldn't make long-term investments here. However, first enrich your knowledge about the world of trading. There are several products offered by HSB Investment, one of which is Forex (foreign currency), precious metals, stock indexes, and various other options. As a user, you don't have to worry anymore because all of this internal activity has been monitored by CoFTRA (Indonesian Commodity Futures Trading Monitoring Body), ICDX, and ICH.

Talking about a number of features that are included in the best stock investments such as HSB, there is a favorite sago feature that attracts attention, namely CITRA (Clearing Information of Trade). CITRA is a feature that makes it easier for users to see every business transaction carried out directly. That way transparency is always built.

Advantages of HSB Investment

  • $0 commission promotion and low spread
  • Provide more than 30 currency pairs, stock indices, gold, etc
  • There is a trading gameplay feature to learn while playing
  • Easy to use


  • Incomplete trading research indicators
  • A minimum deposit including high

5. KoinWorks, Best P2P Investment

Koinworks is a well-known P2P (peer-to-peer) lending. The built-in features are complete, and are actually quite easy for some users, especially beginners. For an initial investment, it depends on the type of product that is decided. For example, for example, you choose gold as an investment product, therefore you need to spend only one thousand rupiahs.

Meanwhile, if you choose stocks as your investment product, you need to spend a minimum investment fee of IDR 100,000. Interestingly, KoinWorks promises a yield of up to 18% / year. Like others, KoinWorks is also certified by the OJK. instead of relying on illegal online debt, try to learn to start investing from now on.

Here are some of the advantages of KoinWorks:

  • There are various types of debt
  • The minimum investment is low
  • Robolending feature that is right for those who are just starting out


  • A little difficult for those just starting out
  • There is no filter looking for late/unsuccessful debts
  • The autoinvest feature is not maximized yet

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