Telkom: JaSuKa Submarine Cable Renewal Runs One Month

Illustration. Telkom said the repair of the JaSuKa submarine cable will last for a month

Illustration. Telkom said the repair of the JaSuKa submarine cable will last for a month

Netgenz - Technology | Telkom's Vice President of Corporate Communication, Pujo Pramono, explained that the process of renewing the JaSuKa (Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan) submarine cable is predicted to take about one month. This submarine cable break caused problems in the underwater communication mechanism of Java, Sumatra and Kalimantan, at the Batam - Pontianak boundary, initially starting on Sunday (19/9) afternoon. "It is predicted that the process of renewing the disturbed submarine cables will take about one month," said Pujo in his recorded information, Wednesday (22/9). According to him, one month is needed for the important sea cable connection process, which is preceded by various preparations. Such as the preparation of the cableship that will be operationalized towards the problem point to make connections, the preparation of equipment and completeness required for submitting a permit for the manufacture of submarine cable renewal which is called the source of the problem.

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Meanwhile, Telkom has changed the user's internet traffic route through the broken submarine cable. This is done to restore the affected user's internet service. Telkom is increasing network capabilities in a number of areas that have dense data highways. "Efforts we are making to improve service quality include rerouting traffic as an alternative communication lane to Batam. In addition, adding link capabilities for several destinations that show high occupancy (users)," he continued.

Regarding the gradual process of improving service quality, Pujo spoke, so it is possible that Telkom will implement a focus mechanism for users who make video calls (video conferences) because they are working at home or studying from home. "We are still prioritizing video conferencing programs for WFH and LFH, remembering that the need for teaching is currently the main focus," he said. Initially, the telecommunication company TelkomGroup admitted that there were internet problems in a number of areas in Indonesia, but it was reported that they were gradually recovering on Monday (20/9).

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According to Pujo, internet service has returned to normal since late at night until this morning. "TelkomGroup, both fixed and mobile broadband in a number of areas in Indonesia, has gradually recovered when there was a problem with the JaSuKa submarine cable communication mechanism (Java, Sumatra and Kalimantan)," said Pujo through recorded information. Pujo explained that the problem with the TelkomGroup service occurred because of a problem in the underwater communication mechanism of Java, Sumatra and Kalimantan, the Batam - Pontianak boundary starting on Sunday (19/9) afternoon the other day.

As a result of the disruption of internet services that occurred at TelkomGroup, Indonesian netizens were angry and flooded Twitter lines since Sunday afternoon. Until today (22/9). Some netizens reported that they could not participate in the Remote Evaluation activity, because TelkomGroup's Indihome internet service was not better. There are also netizens who cannot work from home or work from home, because the Indihome internet service is not connected.

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