Synopsis The Veil Korean Drama

Netgenz kdrama news | Namgoong Minutes prepares to show his great acting in the new MBC dramatization enlabelled The Veil. This time around he will be gone along with Park Ha Sunlight and novice starlet Kim Ji Eun. This dramatization manuscript won the 2018 MBC Dramatization Screenplay Contest by author Park Seok Ho. The Veil is scheduled to air as the first collection in the Friday and Saturday evening ports.

The Veil informs the tale of a leading area representative at the Nationwide Knowledge Solution (NIS). After disappearing a year back, he returns to the company to find an interior traitor that plunged him right into the abyss. Before it goes live, inspects out the complete synopsis listed below!

Synopsis The Veil Korean Drama
Synopsis The Veil Korean Drama

Synopsis The Veil Korean Drama

The plot of The Veil is focused about Han Ji Hyuk, an exclusive area representative in the NIS (Nationwide Knowledge Company) that has a remarkable record and abilities in finishing objectives. Han Ji Hyuk is a leading representative that his associates admire.

Han Ji Hyuk all of a sudden disappeared from the face of the planet equally as he had finally cornered the organized criminal offense distribution. After missing out on it for a year, Han Ji Hyuk returned in an unexpected way. He joins a criminal offense distribution to find the traitor in charge of his failure.

Han Ji Hyuk enters into a precarious connection with Seo Soo Yeon, the group leader at the Nationwide Knowledge Service's Criminal offense Information Facility. Both appear as foes and colleagues, including stress to the show. Seo Soo Yeon is also an exclusive representative that conceals a trick.

Aside from Han Ji Hyuk and Seo Soo Yeon, the dramatization also concentrates on Yoo Je Yi, a skilled young lady that finished very early not just from center and secondary school, but also from the nationwide research college KAIST. He is a promising area representative at the Nationwide Knowledge Solution and Han Ji Hyuk's companion.

Namgoong Minutes as Han Ji Hyuk, the best NIS area representative that is appreciated by his peers for his wise and perfect look. Park Ha Sunlight as Seo Soo Yeon, Ji Hyuk's colleague at the NIS and the going of the Bad guy Information Integration Facility. Kim Ji Eun as Yoo Je Yi, Ji Hyuk's companion that finished very early from KAIST and is a promising area representative.

The Veil Kdrama

Main Cast The Veil Kdrama

Main Cast The Veil

The Veil also celebrities Jang Young Nam as Do Jin Sook, Kim Jong Tae as Kang Pil Ho, Kim Do Hyun as Ha Dong Kyun, Park Jin Charm as Cha Minutes Chul, Kwon So Hyun as Goo Hyo Eun, Lee Kyung Young as Lee In Hwan, Kim Minutes Sang as Jung Yong Tae, Kim Byung Ki as Bang Young Chan, Yoo Oh Sung as Baek Mo Sa, Hyun Bong Sik as Cheon Myung Ki, Jung Ji Yoon as Kim Yeo Jin, Hwang Hee as Oh Kyung Suk, Jo Bok Rae as Kim Dong Wook and Okay Ja Yeon as Lin Wei.

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