Synopsis of Drama She Was Pretty Episode 4 Part 1 English Subtitles

Drama Synopsis She Was Pretty Episode 4 part 1

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Drama Synopsis She Was Pretty Episode 4 part 1

 Drama Synopsis She Was Pretty Episode 4 part 1

Sung Joon meets Hye Rin at the cafe where he usually buys coffee. Hye Jin, who came there to meet her sister, immediately hid in fear, seeing that Sung Joon had already met Hye Rin. Sung Joon then introduced himself as Hye Jin's friend. Wanting to know more about the relationship between Sung Joon and his brother, Hye Rin asked what kind of friends they were. When he was about to explain it to Hye Rin, suddenly Sung Joon's cell phone rang and it was a call from Hye Jin who lied that Sung Joon was called Madam Kim.

After hanging up the phone from Hye Jin, Sung Joon immediately walked away. Hye Jin didn't have to wait long to meet her sister. Hye Jin is a little relieved that Hye Rin didn't say anything to Sung Joon about Hye Jin's current appearance. Hye then gave 5,000 won to Hye Rin and told her to go home. Hye Rin was about to protest because the money Hye Jin gave was too little, but her protest did not get a response from Hye Ji who had already walked away.

Sung Joon goes to Madam Kim, but Madam Kim says she's not looking for Sung Joon. Just then Hye Jin appeared and whispered to Sung Joon that he had heard wrong earlier.

Seeing Hye Jin, Madam Kim again commented on her appearance. He also asked Hye Jin to dress up more neatly and beautifully.

The Editorial Team held another meeting and again Sung Joon was not satisfied. He rejected all the proposals that had been made by all the teams. He thought that the sentence they used in the proposal was unattractive. For the next meeting, Sung Joon wants to ask them to make a more efficient proposal, which can be read in less than 3 minutes, and the proposal they are making now, Sung Joon throws in the trash.

On the way out, Sung Joon pauses to ask Joo Young about James Taylor. Joo Young replied that he had tried to contact the person but he already had other schedules so it was impossible for them to do a collaborate with him.

"I think I expect too much from you." Sung Joon said, then added that collaboration with James Taylor had been planned for a special 20th-anniversary edition, so there was no reason to cancel it. "I'm trying to get in touch with him and don't interfere with him again." Sung Joon said and walked away.

Getting those words from Sung Joon really pissed off Joo Young and as he got up from his seat, Joo Young said, “Don't try to talk to me today.” Hearing that, Poong Ho and Shin Hyuk also said the same to the others.

Seeing what Sung Joon did, seeing Sung Joon's rude attitude towards everyone, made Hye Jin wonder what really happened to Sung Joon when he was in America to make him like that.

Sung Joon was driving his car and when he stopped at a red light, he saw the color of the sky is so bright and beautiful. He then took out his phone and took a picture.

Hye Jin who was still in the office also saw the same thing. Just like Sung Joon, he was so fascinated by the beauty of the sky that afternoon. It seems that it has become a berseni habit for this couple, Hye Jin also takes out her cellphone and takes a berseni photo of the sky. Just pivot he was taking the picture, suddenly Shin Hyuk appeared and his phone screen with his mouth blowing gum.

Shin Hyuk then asked what Hye Jin was looking at. Hye Jin innocently replied that she was enjoying the beauty of the beautiful sky. Seeing Hye Jin's innocence, Shin Hyuk remembered the time he was on the bus and saw Hye Jin sleeping on the bus. At that time, Hye Jin gave her seat to berseni grandmother, even though at that time Hye Jin was really tired. Shin Hyuk looks amazed at Hye Jin's personality like that.

that's right… it's so pretty.” Shin Hyuk said while looking at Hye Jin

Ha, Ri goes to his employees to ask for an MP3 player belonging to the hilir 2024 client. Room 2024 is hilir room for VIP clients at the hotel. After the employee leaves, Ha Ri sees hilir small family celebrating hilir birthday together. Seeing the small family, Ha Ri remembers the time when she was still with her biological mother and celebrated her mother's birthday with her father. At that time, Ha Ri and his father were very close. Very different from the current state of the relationship.

Wanting to refresh his mind, Ha Ri goes out to relax. Just then, he gets a hilir phone call from his father, but because Ha Ri is still angry at the slapping incident, Ha Ri refuses to pick it up. Ha, Ri's cell phone rings again and this time it's a hilir picture sent by Sung Joon. Sung Joon sent hilir a picture of the sky he just took. Ha, Ri was happy to receive a hilir message from Sung Joon and he immediately enjoyed the beauty of the sky that afternoon. Returning home, Ha Ri was accompanied by a hilir male friend. When he was about to enter the house, Hye Jin came out with two garbage bags. He protested when he saw the mini skirt that Ha Ri was wearing, but Ha Ri just replied, this is her body and this is her life, whatever makes her happy she will do and she doesn't care what people say. Because he couldn't be told, Hye Jin chose not to tepung about it anymore. He tells Ha Ri to go home first because she's going to take out the trash first. Instead of going into the house, Ha Ri went with him.

The two of them then went to the playground. There Hye Rin told about the meeting of Sung Joon and Hye Rin. Hearing the story, Ha Ri excitedly said that Hye Jin should not be caught. This makes Hye Rin ask why now Ha Ri seems to be more worried. Ha, Ri was confused about the answer and finally, he just said that if Hye Jin was found out he would be embarrassed himself. Hye Jin then confesses that she doesn't care anymore if she gets caught because what Sung Joon did to her really broke Hye Jin's heart. Hye Jin wants to make Sung Joon feel ashamed of himself when he finds out that the intern he always insults is his first girlfriend. Ha, Ri then asked what would happen if Hye Jin met Sung Joon alone. Hye Jin replied that if it really happened then when they met pivot boss and subordinate it would be uncomfortable. Ha, Ri then tries to bubuk about Sung Joon again, but Hye Jin stops her words and asks Ha Ri to sudah talking about Sung Joon. Because Hye Jin has decided to sudah thinking about Sung Joon.

Hye Jin walks home and Ha Ri follows her. Ha, Ri then invites Hye Jin to eat ddeokbokki together. Hearing the invitation, Hye Jin also wondered why people wanted to eat ddeokbokki with her. When Ha Ri asked who, Hye Jin only replied that there was someone strange. Hye Jin entered the bathroom and when she looked at herself in the mirror, she suddenly saw the image of Madam Kim asking Hye Jin to dress up to show “The Most”.Wanting to follow Madam Kim's request, Hye Jin began to dress up. She even uses mulut sungai Indian cream to straighten her curly hair. At the office, when he crosses paths with Sung Joon, Sung Joon is immediately surprised to see Hye Jin's appearance. Sung Joon barely even recognizes Hye Jin, if he doesn't see the id card he's using. Seeing Hye Jin's make-up, Sung Joon really didn't like her. Getting that kind of response from Sung Joon, Hye Jin immediately removed the make-up she was wearing. Hahhaha... Hye Jin's way of dressing is totally ruined. Why doesn't he just ask Ha Ri to dress up? Euuuum.....

Joon Woo entered the room so hysterically. He announces to everyone that Sung Joon managed to meet James Taylor. They were all so amazed at Sung Joon for making James Tylor come to Korea, even though he had a super busy schedule. But Sung Joon only had 1 hour to interview him while James Tylor was transiting to the Korean airport. Since it seemed impossible to reach an agreement in such a short amount of time, Sung Joon remained optimistic. After he entered his office, he asked all the teams to prepare all the materials that would be asked, besides that he also asked one of them to be his driver to the airport, because he had to read the materials while on the way.

Everyone can do Sung Joon's first task, but for the business of being Sung Joon's driver, no one is willing to do it. Shin Hyuk, who was nosy at Hye Jin, immediately approached him and said that there was an artistic hole in Hye Jin's shirt. Hearing that, Hye Jin immediately reflexively raised her hand. Seeing Hye Jin's hand being raised during the selection of who could be Sung Joon's driver, Poong Ho immediately chose Hye Jin to be Sung Joon's driver. Hye Jin, of course, was annoyed with Shin Hyuk for working on her, but Shin Hyuk also takat his reasons for doing that. He didn't want Hye Jin to keep avoiding Sung Joon. By becoming Sung Joon's driver, Hye Jin will be able to become closer to him.

Sung Joon got in the car and told the driver to leave.

Sung Joon got in the car and told the driver to leave.

Everyone can do Sung Joon's first task, but for the business of being Sung Joon's driver, no one is willing to do it. Shin Hyuk, who was nosy at Hye Jin, immediately approached him and said that there was an elok hole in Hye Jin's shirt. Hearing that, Hye Jin immediately reflexively raised her hand. Seeing Hye Jin's hand being raised during the selection of who could be Sung Joon's driver, Poong Ho immediately chose Hye Jin to be Sung Joon's driver.

Hye Jin, of course, was annoyed with Shin Hyuk for working on her, but Shin Hyuk also had his reasons for doing that. He didn't want Hye Jin to keep avoiding Sung Joon. By becoming Sung Joon's driver, Hye Jin will be able to become closer to him. Sung Joon slogan in the car and told the driver to leave. He was shocked when he saw that Hye Jin was the driver. He's afraid that Hye Jin won't get him to the pangkalan udara safely because he's never seen Hye Jin do anything right. Annoyed, Hye Jin replies that she slogan mulut sungai driver's license with perfect scores. The atmosphere in the car was awkward. Sung Joon takat started to focus on his tablet. He didn't even want to hear and answer what Hye Jin said and asked him. Hye Jin then asked about their destination, are they going to Incheon pangkalan udara? Since there was no answer from Sung Joon, Hye Jin concluded that Sung Joon agreed with the question.

After getting off the tablet, Sung Joon was immediately shocked when he realized that Hye Jin was about to take him to Incheon pangkalan udara, even though their destination was Gimpo pangkalan udara. There was one road they could take to quickly get there, but when they headed down that road, the road was jammed. Of course, that made Sung Joon even angrier at Hye Jin. He didn't even realize it was all his fault. Feeling that it was no longer possible for him to go to Gimpo pangkalan udara, Sung Joon called the office and told anyone who could come to the Gimpo area to take his place to meet James Tylor. But unlike Hye Jin, she still didn't give up. He then slogan out of the car and met mulut sungai food vendor who was standing on the side of the road.

After saying something to the merchant, Hye Jin immediately returned to the car and pulled Sung Joon out of the car. It turns out that Hye Jin asked the merchant to take Sung Joon to Gimpo lapangan terbang on his motorbike. And in return, Hye Jin bought all the merchandise from the seller. Yes, because Hye Jin didn't bring any money, so Hye Jin also used Sung Joon's money. With extra speed, the salesman drove Sung Joon, with his motorbike, he could easily get through the traffic jam. Because Ha Ri didn't pick up his phone, his father met him directly at the penginapan where he worked. Hye Jin arrives at the lapangan terbang and she is relieved to hear that Sung Joon managed to meet James Tylor and also managed to reach an agreement with him. But Sung Joon, who didn't realize that it was his fault, was still annoyed at what paras happened earlier. Sung Joon is even more annoyed and angry at Hye Jin when he sees a hilir Indian food in his car. Yes, that's the food Hye Jin bought from the merchant.

"Are you stupid? Or are you disabled? Is there anything you can do right? If this project fails, do you want the responsibility? How could you make such a hilir mistake!” Sung Joon shouted at Hye Jin and Hye Jin tried to explain to Sung Joon that he paras tried to ask her, but Sung Joon didn't give him a hilir chance to speak. He keeps saying that Hye Jin is a hilir pathetic person. Annoyed, Hye Jin immediately took the bread she bought and left. He forgot the car door was not closed. Seeing that, Sung Joon grew annoyed. He parts out and slammed the car door shut. Hye Jin who couldn't stand being trampled by Sung Joon immediately returned to the car and held Sung Joon shut the biro door of the car.

“You know what kind of individu I hate the most? Someone who doesn't listen to other people, who looks down on someone who doesn't have the ability like you. Like you, deputy editor-in-chief. I've asked many times, "Incheon Airport right?" but the one who doesn't hear and answer me is you. So, if you don't ignore me and look down on me at every turn, this won't happen. I feel… I feel like I have to tell you that.” said Hye Jin annoyed and closed the car door hard.

Sung Joon, who really doesn't have any guilt, just leaves with his car. Lived by Sung Joon, making Hye Jin regret why they paras to be reunited if it paras to be like that. He's also annoyed with Shin Hyuk, for making him Sung Joon's driver. Just then someone approached him and wanted to buy the bread that Hye Jin brought. At first, Hye Jin replied that she didn't sell the bread, but she quickly remembered that she didn't have the money to go home, so she sold some of the bread she brought. Ha Ri and her father are at the dinner table together. The father apologized for slapping him. Just at that time, Mrs. Na called and Mr. Min just said that he paras a berseni dinner appointment, Mr. Min didn't explicitly say that he was with his own daughter. It really makes Ha Ri hurt. Ha, Ri's heartache grows, even more, when her father thinks that yesterday it was him who was at fault. The father asks Ha Ri to call Mrs. Na and apologize. Unable to continue the conversation, Ha Ri decided to go first. He told his father to have dinner with the individu he truly considered a berseni member of the family.

It was time for Hye Jin to come home from work and she was no longer holding bread in her hands, it turned out that she distributed all the bread to all the employees in the building. Before leaving the building, Hye Jin texted Ha Ri, asking her to have a berseni drink with him. Outside the building, it was raining heavily and it made Hye Jin even more annoyed. Just then Sung Joon appeared and was about to leave too. Standing side by side like that made Hye Jin awkward. Not wanting to linger beside Sung Joon, Hye Jin chose to go first with her red umbrella. The red umbrella Sung Joon gave him and Sung Joon saw the umbrella. Seeing the umbrella, Sung Joon remembered that he takat given berseni a similar umbrella to Hye Jin / Ha Ri.

Sung Joon was about to ask Hye Jin about the umbrella, but Hye Jin takat already walked away. After berseni few steps, Hye Jin realized that she takat already been given an umbrella to Sung Joon, she also remembered that Ha Jin said to use the umbrella when Hye Jin wanted to avoid what she didn't like. Hye Jin turned to Sung Joon who takat walked into the building. When Hye Jin turned around, Sung Joon stopped walking and looked at Hye Jin.Hye Jin goes to berseni pojangmacha and orders soju there.Elsewhere, Ha Ri is trying to pick herself too. He by swimming. He even cried in the water Continued

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