Synopsis Oh My Venus Episode 1 Part 3 English Subtitle

Synopsis Oh My Venus Episode 1 Part 3 English Subtitle

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Synopsis Oh My Venus Episode 1 Part 3

Synopsis Drama Oh My Venus Episode 1 Part 3 English Subtitles

Los Angeles, 2014…

The world of Hollywood entertainment has been rocked with the latest scandalous information about Anna Sue, a celebrity known for throwing tantrums and marijuana addicts. Anna Sue was reportedly involved in a scandal with John Kim. Who is John Kim? The star of the Stella Show program who is believed to be a hero has succeeded in turning a depressed celebrity named Jennifer Anderson into the queen of all queens.

John Kim is a personal instructor & is believed to have given hope to women around the world. People only knew he was someone from Asia in his 30s. His face was never caught on camera and that is the only info that has been gathered so far. People lamented why John Kim could get into a scandal with someone like Anna Sue.

John Kim (So Ji Sub yeeaay^^) seems bothered by the scandalous news that he doesn't want to pick up calls from Anna Sue.

Private trainer John Kim scene

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Back to Joo Eun who is working overtime. He added sugar to his coffee. After becoming the legal defense attorney, he only realized that the legal attorney was handling cases for clients who had made cases and he was forced to defend those clients.

Has he ever been on a diet? He has tried all the methods mentioned by influential bloggers. A diet of whole grains & vegetables, even tofu. And as a result, he experienced poly side effects due to excessive dieting.

Peaceful bath method once every two days. Joo Eun was so calm that she slept beside a full bathtub. He also knew the most important methods were relative sleep and regular exercise. His sport is mediating clients fighting in court.

When the diet fails then something very disturbing will happen to your life.

Back Scene in Joo Eun

Joo Eun stops working because today is the 15th anniversary of her relationship with Woo Shik. He texted asking where his girlfriend was. Remember Woo Shik first said his dimples are beautiful. Joo Eun looked in the mirror and realized that her dimples were missing because of her chubby cheeks.
That's when Woo Hik calls. Joo Eun adjusted her tone so it wouldn't sound like she was waiting for a call. He even sounds nonchalant when Woo Shik reveals that he has something to talk about. Joo Eun said she understood & she understood where they would meet.

After putting down the phone, he smiled. Remember 15 years later Woo Shik gave him a bouquet of flowers & put a ring on his finger. This is not a proposal ring but it is relatively expensive. Joo Eun asked on the same day. October 23. He revealed October 23 was their first day.

Scene of Woo Shik giving a bouquet of flowers and placing a ring on his finger.

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And until now the ring still adorns Joo Eun's finger. On the way, Joo Eun calls her best friend, Hyun Woo. Hyun Woo himself is getting annoyed because Woo Shik hasn't proposed to Joo Eun even though it's been 15 years. Age may not matter, but what about Joo Eun's weight?

Joo Eun defends herself following the big but glamorous Western style. Hyunwoo laughed. That's just Joo Eun's excuse. Joo Eun says one can guess that Hyun Woo, who is divorced, is jealous of her.

“A successful divorced businessman envies a spinster? What era do we live in?" Hyun Woo said.

“This old servant will be proposed today. So don't spoil my mood," replied Joo Eun.

Hyun Woo warns Joo Eun not to get too excited. Looks like he's worried that Woo Shik won't propose to Joo Eun this time either. I love their friendship ^^

Jo Eun phone scene with Hyun Woo

Joo Eun has come & put her face in the toilet. Her lipstick fell behind the wall. A slender & sexy woman shows her lipstick to Joo Eun. Joo Eun refuses because her lipstick looks new. The lady calmly says that she has many such lipsticks. Joo Eun finally accepts & thanks to him.

Joo Eun secretly watched the woman. The woman (Yoo In Young) wears black clothes that stick beautifully to her body. In his heart, he said black clothes did make the body look more. But it doesn't make you skinny, he complained.

He walks over to the table where Woo Shik is waiting for him. He sits down and says he thought Woo Shik wouldn't be able to reach him because he was so busy. Woo Shik says no matter how busy he is, he has to do what he has to do.

"Today is our 15th anniversary," he said.

Joo Eun tries to hide the excitement Woo Shik is planning tonight. Especially when Woo Shik calls the waiter and soon their table is filled with sumptuous dishes, flowers, candles, plus their ceremonial sweets. They high five.

"Today is the 15th anniversary of Joo Eun and Woo Shik's relationship"

"Thank you for our 15 years together," said Woo Shik using an awkward expression. Joo Eun didn't notice & smiled.

Woo Shik brings Joo Eun home. He opened the drawer & reached into the ring box. Then hand it over, Joo Eun. Joo Eun chuckled and opened it. But in the box, there is only a ring.

“This is a manifestation of all my feelings. Please accept."

Joo Eun was shocked. Why were Woo Shik's feelings handed over to him? Woo Shik apologizes. Joo Eun asks why Woo Shik's feelings are in the box & not Woo Shik's finger.

He clearly understood what Woo Shik was doing now. He asks what it means based on the bouquet Woo Shik gave him. Woo Shik says he's had enough of a jerk today.

“So you think if you give me wine and dinner and then give me flowers, then your asshole will be less? Don't mess around & hand over the ring right now."

Scene of Joo Eun upset with Woo Shik

Woo Shik says he just wants to at least look after Joo Eun by celebrating their 15th anniversary. Then he apologized. Joo Eun asks if Woo Shik has gone mad. Why did Woo Shik apologize instead of asking her to marry him?

Woo Shik tries to say something but Joo Eun cuts him off. He had understood what Woo Shik was about to say. He understands what Woo Shik's ring means in this box and he also understands the difference between the man who gave him the ring and the person who returned the ring now.

But right now he didn't want to talk about it. He was so tired. Woo Shik tries to protest. But Joo Eun reminds us that over the past 15 years they have been disconnected many times.

“I don't know if you forgot that I am Kang Joo Eun. Kang Joo Eun is your first love. So you can't break up with me with a simple notice like this."

Joo Eun got out of the car. He threw a wreath on a chair then threw a gift box during their 15 years together. He walks home ignoring Woo Shik who calls out to him.

Later at home, he wondered what rules could protect him in a situation like this. He looked at himself in the mirror. "This time everything may be the same in front of the rules, but not in the mirror."

Scene of Joo Eun getting out of the car. He threw a bouquet of flowers on a chair and then tossed the gift box of their 15 years together.

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