Synopsis of Drama She Was Pretty Episode 5 Part 1 English Subtitles

Drama Synopsis She Was Pretty Episode 5 part 1

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Drama Synopsis She Was Pretty Episode 5 part 1

 Drama Synopsis She Was Pretty Episode 5 part 1

Synopsis of Drama She Was Pretty Episode 5 Part 1 English Subtitles

Hye Jin returns to Sung Joon's apartment to get her cell phone. He was confused when he was about to open the door. After trying to guess what code Sung Joon will use, Hye Jin then remembered something.

Hye Jin brought a tart and sang a birthday song for Sung Joon. But Sung Joon replies that today is not his birthday. Of course, that statement took Hye Jin by surprise, because Sung Joon used that date for his locker key, bicycle, and other keys. Hye Jin also asked what day it was.

With pride, Sung Joon replied that it was World Left-handed Day and then poked at the cake that Hye Jin brought.

Remembering the date that Sung Joon always used as a key, Hye Jin immediately opened her agenda and saw the special date. It turned out to be true, even as an adult Sung Joon continued to use the date of the World Left-handed Day. Hye Jin manages to unlock Sung Joon's apartment door.

Sung Joon wakes up and he sees Hye Jin looking at her puzzle set. When Hye Jin was about to touch the puzzle, Sung Joon approached her and surprised Hye Jin, so Hye Jin accidentally bumped the puzzle frame. The puzzle frame fell and broke.

Hye Jin who was scared reflexively walked back and almost stepped on the broken glass. Not wanting Hye Jin to get hurt, Sung Joon immediately pulled Hye Jin's body into his arms.

Hye Jin quickly released herself. Sung Joon then asked why Hye Jin could be at his house. Hye Jin nervously replies that Sung Joon fainted earlier, so she drove him home with Shin Hyuk.

Before leaving, Hye Jin was about to clean the broken glass from the puzzle frame, but Sung Joon forbade her. Sung Joon tells Hye Jin to just go home. After saying, "See you on Monday," Hye Jin immediately walked away.

In such a hurry to get out of Sung Joon's house, Hye Jin wears the wrong shoes. He's wearing one of Sung Joon's shoes. Of course, it made Hye Jin even more frustrated. He didn't dare knock on the door, just at that moment the door opened and Sung Joon pushed Hye Jin's shoes out. Hye Jin immediately took off Sung Joon's shoes and took his shoes. After his shoes were returned, Sung Joon immediately closed the door of his house.

Sung Joon's treatment immediately made Hye Jin annoyed. While putting on her shoes, Hye Jin kept cursing.

“But what kind of man faints from a glass of soju? Maybe he has a bad heart.” Hye Jin said and right at that moment, the door opened again. Hearing the door being opened, Hye Jin immediately ran away. Because Hye Jin left, Sung Joon went back into his house. Sung Joon sat pensively on the sofa. He then looked at the puzzle pieces that were now in the jar.

Ha, Ri is looking at a shoe with a beautiful motif. Right at that moment, he gets a call from his male friend, his friend asks to meet up, but Ha Ri refuses because he has to go somewhere to his favorite place. Ha, Ri's attention returned to the beautiful shoes. She wanted the shoes so much that she bought them anyway, even though there wasn't a size that fits her feet. He bought the small one. The shop assistant then tells Ha Ri that she will feel pain if she insists on wearing those little shoes.

"It's my principle . . . I must have everything I like," said Harry. Wow... so the principal is like that, no wonder he doesn't want to confess to Sung Joon if he's not Hye Jin, besides that he also doesn't dare to tell Hye Jin that he often meets Sung Joon. Ha, Ri goes to Hye Jin's house. There he is very familiar with all members of the Hye Jin family. They even started dinner together even though Hye Jin hadn't come yet...

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Right at that time Hye Jin came and they all didn't really care about Hye Jin's arrival.

Right at that time, Hye Jin came and they all didn't really care about Hye Jin's arrival.

Right at that time, Hye Jin came and they all didn't really care about Hye Jin's arrival. Of course, it made Hye Jin annoyed. Hye Jin is upset that the dinner was to celebrate her getting a new job, but they start eating before she arrives.

Hye Rin, who never really got along with Hye Jin, immediately commented that Hye Jin was an ugly person. Of course, getting ridicule made Hye Jin annoyed.

“Okay, just enjoy it while you can. It was at your age that that terrible change happened to me. Maybe soon. You will be like me." Hye Jin said scaring her sister. Hearing that Hye Rin was immediately frightened. He immediately grabbed something and rubbed it against his cheek.

Hye Jin adds that whatever Hye Rin will do will be useless because they both are similar to their father. Hearing that, Hye Jin's mother immediately said that there was nothing wrong with their father, their father was the most handsome man in Hye Jin's mother's eyes.

“If I was like Unnie Hye Jin, my dad would have to sell printed materials to give me a facelift. No?" Hui Lin asked anxiously, and his father simply replied, “You are beautiful. Okay.” “If I was like Unnie Hye Jin, my dad would have to sell printed materials to give me a facelift. No?" Hui Lin asked anxiously, and his father simply replied, “You are beautiful. OK.” vv

Hye Rin is really scared to be like Hye Jin. Seeing the familiarity of Hye Jin's family, made Ha Ri think of something.

Hye Jin went into her room and looked for baggy pants. Just as he was busy searching, he accidentally dropped the box containing his old belongings. Stuff when he was young. There are letters from Sung Joon and various certificates.


“My goal is to become a children's book writer. In fairy tales, flying in the sky without wings, traveling the world in a day, and doing whatever you want as a wizard is possible. Writing a story where everyone can be a hero, being a writer that brings happiness to everyone is my dream.” Young Hye Jin said while speaking in front of the class.
Hye Jin is still in her room. When she looks at the book when she is learning to write, Hye Jin accidentally finds a puzzle piece that Sung Joon gave her.

Seeing the puzzle pieces, Hye Jin remembered when Sung Joon gave it to her. At that time Sung Joon was about to leave for America, but suddenly Sung Joon walked back to Hye Jin and kissed her on the lips.

"Back then, we didn't expect to meet like this." Hye Jin said while looking at the puzzle pieces.

Ha Ri and Hye Jin are on their way home. Ha, Ri keeps complaining that she's eaten too much tonight. Seeing Ha Ri's attitude like that made Hye Jin comment that being beautiful is very complicated.

Just then Hye Jin got a call from Han Sul. He asked Hye Jin to return to the office and emailed some files. Before hanging up, Han Sul told Hye Jin not to tell anyone that he gave the job to Hye Jin.

Yes, Han Sul deliberately gave the job to Hye Jin because she was lazy to do it. For Hye Jin to want to do it, she reasons that she can't because she has an important meeting, even though she is currently at the salon doing the treatment.

Hearing that someone took advantage of his best friend's kindness, Ha Ri immediately told Hye Jin not to do that request. But Hye Jin still wanted to do it, she didn't even hear Ha Ri's words, because right at that moment their favorite song as a child was playing. They then sing together.

We turn to Hye Jin's mother who sent pictures of Hye Jin, Hye Rin, Ha Ri, and her husband to someone. He also gave a message to the person who sent it.

"She's getting prettier, isn't she? When anyone doubts that she is your daughter, I feel I look at you and am always surprised. Jung Hye-a, are you okay? I miss you. I'll keep you posted," texted Hye Jin's mother.

Equal... Jung Hye who is it? If on asianwiki, I think Jung Hye is Hye Jin's mother. So who else is this texting? Still confused... there are still many mysteries in this drama.

Hye Jin is already at the office and she has finished doing Han Sul's assignment. As he was about to leave, he saw that Sung Joon's room light was still on. Hye Jin went in there to turn off the light. But Hye Jin didn't immediately turn off the lights and left, instead she played with the remote for the shutters. After that, he sat in Sung Joon's chair while posing like Sung Joon when he chaired the meeting.

Hye Jin then approached the mannequin where Sung Joon put his coat. He played with his hands so that one hand of the mannequin fell off. Amid her panic, she hears Sung Joon enter. Panic, Hye Jin hides in the closet.

Sung Joon enters his room while calling someone and discussing The Most which will be closed for 3 months. Yes, even though Sung Joon said it in English, Hye Jin could understand the gist of the conversation.

Sung Joon then opened the cupboard to get his matel, but he opened the door of the sheet where there was no Hye Jin. Of course it made Hye Jin calm, but suddenly Sung Joon opened the door with Hye Jin in it, Hye Jin was suddenly shocked and immediately threw the mannequin's hand that he had released earlier.

Sung Joon then opened the cupboard to get his mail, but he opened the door of the sheet where there was no Hye Jin. Of course, it made Hye Jin calm, but suddenly Sung Joon opened the door with Hye Jin in it, Hye Jin was suddenly shocked and immediately threw the mannequin's hand that he had released earlier.

Hye Jin walked away still feeling nervous, so nervous that she forgot to return the mannequin hand if Sung Joon didn't tell her. When he came out, Hye Jin's bag got stuck. Hye Jin thought that Sung Joon was the one holding her back, but when she turned around, she was embarrassed to see her bag stuck. In such a hurry to leave, Hye Jin drops the puzzle piece.

Ha, Ri has just finished exercising, she is so exhausted from exercising too hard so that all the calories she eats are wasted. Just when he was exhausted, Chengjun appeared and asked them to exercise together. Not wanting to waste the chance to be alone with Sung Joon, Ha Ri lies that she hasn't exercised yet and just arrived.

Because of the lie itself, Ha Ri has to work hard to muster up her strength so as not to fall while exercising.
They finally finished exercising and it was time to go home. Since Sung Joon didn't have a Kuala car, Ha Ri took him home. Before they walked away, Sung Joon takat time to take Ha Ri's eyelashes that fell out on her cheeks. Holding the eyelashes Sung Joon asked if Ha Ri takat Kuala request. But Ha Ri doesn't understand what Sung Joon means.

"If you want Kuala before blowing your lashes, it will come true. We were superstitious when we were little. A little cheap but nothing wrong. You don't have Kuala's request?"Song Jun asked again, but Xia Li said she didn't know. Sung Joon then closed his eyes and said his request in his heart, after which he blew Ha Ri's eyelashes that he was holding.

"If my request is approved, I will treat you well. I will offer at least aksis much compensation aksis the eyelash provider.” Sung Joon said.

Without them knowing, Joon Woo passes by and sees the two of them from a distance. Joon Woo thinks that Ha Ri is Sung Joon's girlfriend.

On the way home, Ha Ri's car radio broadcasts a song that Sung Joon likes.

“Heath Ledger sang it in the film. Have you watched it?” asked Sung Joon but Ha Ri didn't know the title of the movie that Sung Joon was referring to?

Sung Joon then sings the song in his mediocre voice, making Ha Ri laugh. Called ugly, Sung Joon instead of being silent, continued his singing. Ha, Ri also tries to tell Sung Joon to shut up by covering his mouth, but Sung Joon is getting more and more excited to sing.

Ha, Ri finally arrives in front of Sung Joon's apartment building and she complains that Sung Joon's singing managed to make her laugh until she cries. Hearing that, Sung Joon said that he would sing whenever Ha Ri wanted to cry. Just as Ha Ri is about to leave, and ahjussi walks by and she recognizes Sung Joon. He knows that Sung Joon is the resident in room 502. The ahjussi is the clerk of the apartment building, he tells Sung Joon that there is a package for him.

Ha, Ri comes home and is greeted with questions about why Ha Ri has been exercising for so long. And of course, Ha Ri didn't tell her what really happened to Hye Jin. Hye Jin then tells Ha Ri that at the office she met Sung Joon. Hearing that Ha Ri didn't really respond to it, he preferred to take a shower.

In the bathroom, Ha Ri feels anxious. I don't know if it's because he's afraid of getting caught or his guilt towards Hye Jin for dating the person he likes.

At the hotel, Ha Ri is still curious about who Shin Hyuk really is. All he knew from his seniors was that Shin Hyuk had been their guest for a year. When Ha Ri turns to leave, suddenly Shin Hyuk appears in front of him and says that Ha Ri is the one who already thinks he's a tramp. Of course, Ha Ri immediately apologized while smiling cheerfully.

Shin Hyuk confessed that he actually felt hurt to be called Kuala bum. But since Ha Ri has found his MP3 Player, Shin Hyuk will think he's even. As Kuala sign of impe, Shin Hyuk invites Ha Ri to do "tooling". Before leaving, Shin Hyuk ordered the two of them to greet each other if they met again, and then they both did Kuala high five.

Watching Shin Hyuk leave, Ha Ri mutters that she doesn't think Shin Hyuk is the son of a Kuala rich man.

As usual, Sung Joon takat just bought his coffee and aksis he was about to cross he heard an exclamation, “Oh! Let's go!" Sung Joon's eyes immediately searched for the source of the sound and he saw Hye Jin crossing.

Sung Joon took the elevator in which Hye Jin was already there. As Kuala's good subordinate, Hye Jin immediately greeted them. They both looked awkward, they were both silent and just looked at each other in turn. Sung Joon then saw Hye Jin's plastered finger.

That night, when Sung Joon was about to clean up the broken glass, he saw blood on one of the glass. And the moment when Sung Joon opened the door of his house the second time it was to give Hye Jin medicine, but because Hye Jin takat had already run away, Sung Joon didn't even give the drug.

Back again to Sung Joon and Hye Jin who were in the elevator.

Back again to Sung Joon and Hye Jin who were in the elevator. Sung Joon opened up and was about to talk about Hye Jin's injuries but the elevator door opened, so Sung Joon chose to just leave.

While walking towards the office, Hye Jin wonders what Sung Joon wants to talk about, he guesses maybe it's a puzzle. Talking about puzzles, Hye Jin remembered the puzzle pieces she had in her bag. Hye Jin was immediately frightened and worried when she couldn't find the puzzle piece in her jacket pocket.

Hye Jin immediately met the ahjumma who was in charge of cleaning. He asked the ahjumma if she saw the puzzle piece of hers, but the ahjumma said no.

Without thinking, Hye Jin started crawling on the floor and trying to find her puzzle pieces. After searching while crawling, Hye Jin finally found the puzzle piece under the pot.

While continuing to look at the puzzle pieces, Hye Jin tried to remove them with the help of a ruler. The puzzle piece managed to get out from under the pot, but just as he was about to pick it up, Poong Ho appeared and kicked the puzzle piece into Sung Joon's room.

Hye Jin's fear, anxiety, and worry grew when she saw that the puzzle piece was stepped on by Sung Joon and stuck to his shoe.

What will happen after this? Don't go anywhere, wait for the continuation in the synopsis part 2, okay.

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