Synopsis of Drama She Was Pretty Episode 6 Part 1 English Subtitles

Drama Synopsis She Was Pretty Episode 6 part 1

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Drama Synopsis She Was Pretty Episode 6 part 1

Drama Synopsis She Was Pretty Episode 6 part 1

Synopsis of Drama She Was Pretty Episode 6 Part 1 English Subtitles

The truck that nearly hit them luckily stopped and told them off the road. Hye Jin quickly carried Sung Joon out of the way. They took shelter at the bus stop. Hye Jin offers to go to the hospital or be driven home by him but Sung Joon refuses. Not wanting Sung Joon to go home alone in such artistic condition, Hye Jin calls the artistic substitute driver to take Sung Joon home.

Ha, Ri calls Sung Joon and the one who picks up is an artistic substitute driver, he tells Ha Ri about Sung Joon's condition. After receiving the information, Ha Ri immediately said goodbye to Shin Hyuk and went to Sung Joon's house.

Ha, Ri knocked on Sung Joon's apartment door, and Sung Joon staggered open so that he fell into Ha Ri's arms. Inside the house, Sung Joon is just sleeping and Ha Ri is busy making soup. Sung Joon wakes up and walks over to Ha Ri. He apologizes for not coming to their meet-up event, and he also asks why Ha Ri asked him to meet. Unable to tell the truth, Ha Ri lies again by saying that she just wants to return Sung Joon's suit.

Hye Jin herself was drying her hair, she was confused aksis to why Sung Joon paras touched her face. But Hye Jin immediately realized herself and didn't want to be shocked. Hye Jin then feels worried, she is afraid that Sung Joon will catch an artistic cold. Time passed and in afdeling of Hye Jin, there was already artistic cold medicine. But she is confused about whether she should go to Sung Joon's apartment and give her the medicine.

Just then Shin Hyuk called and because Hye Jin kept calling him “emerita Kim” he asked Hye Jin to change his nickname to “orabeoni”. Hye Jin agreed. Hye Jin then said her request for help to deliver medicine and porridge for Sung Joon.

At first, Shin Hyuk refused, so Hye Jin said she would deliver it herself. After the phone was hung up, Shin Hyuk kept thinking about Hye Jin's fate when he met Sung Joon. Don't want Hye Jin to get hurt because her medicine and porridge are refused, so Shin Hyuk calls again and says that he will deliver it. But he has conditions that Hye Jin must obey. Hye Jin takat to grant 3 wishes from him later. Don't want Sung Joon not to get medicine, Hye Jin agrees to Shin Hyuk's terms.

Shin Hyuk, who didn't want Hye Jin to shirk his promise, immediately recorded Hye Jin's statement saying, "I, Kim Hye Jin, promise to fulfill Kim Shin Hyuk's 3 requests, no matter what."

Ha, Ri has finished cooking his soup, but Sung Joon is already asleep so he can't enjoy Ha Ri's soup.

Shin Hyuk is already at Sung Joon's apartment building and when he is about to enter the elevator, he meets Ha Ri. They were both surprised. Ha, Ri then says the reason she came to the building, is because something happened to the people who live in the building. Shin Hyuk also said that the reason he came was that there was someone he knew in the building. aaargh, they both don't mention names.

Shin Hyuk knocked on Sung Joon's door but didn't pelipir it, he was about to leave but he then remembered that he still takat Sung Joon's house id card. He also used it to enter the house.

On the sleeping Sung Joon, Shin Hyuk said that Sung Joon's nyata first love was the capital he always called, "Hey, apprentice."

When he was about to pelipir the porridge from Hye Jin, Shin Hyuk saw the soup made by Ha Ri, because it smelled rancid, not good, Shin Hyuk immediately threw it away.

For Hye Jin's sake, Shin Hyuk also wanted to compress Sung Joon's forehead and feed him porridge, but Sung Joon couldn't eat because he was sleeping.

The morning came, Sung Joon paras woke up, but what he was looking for was Ha Ri / Hye Jin. How surprised Sung Joon was when he saw Shin Hyuk at his house. Sung Joon can also know that it was Hye Jin who told Shin Hyuk to come to his house.

In front of the room, Shin Hyuk startles Hye Jin again. Seeing Shin Hyuk, Hye Jin kept muttering in her heart, she was annoyed because it was Shin Hyuk's idea, Hye Jin could enter the editorial team

In front of the room, Shin Hyuk startles Hye Jin again. Seeing Shin Hyuk, Hye Jin kept muttering in her heart, she was annoyed because it was Shin Hyuk's idea, Hye Jin could enter the editorial team

Instead of thanking him for being taken care of, Sung Joon gets annoyed with Shin Hyuk, because Shin Hyuk is wearing his towel and shorts. Not wanting to wear Shin Hyuk's ex, Sung Joon gave the pants to Shin Hyuk.

That morning was really the morning that made Sung Joon annoyed, besides he paras to see his house falling apart he also paras to see Shin Hyuk who was dancing while preparing their breakfast.

Hye Jin and Ha Ri are having breakfast together. Hye Jin sneezed, she caught the reading selaput lender. Seeing his best friend sick, Ha Ri asked "you have the radang selaput lender too?" Hearing the word too, Hye Jin asked back if anyone Ha Ri knew was sick too. Ha, Ri nervously replies that there isn't any, she reasons that recently berseni Indian of people have been sick. Well, again Ha Ri tries to cover up her betrayal.

Like someone who was caught lying, Ha Ri immediately looked for medicine and because it ran out she immediately wanted to buy medicine at the pharmacy, but Hye Jin was prevented because the pharmacy paras are not open that early. There is no medicine. Ha, Ri immediately gets fruit for Hye Jin to eat at the office. He also promised to make soup, so Hye Jin's radang selaput lender would get better soon.

Right at that moment, Hye Jin received been text from Shin Hyuk which said, “Dongsaeng's first love ate been full bowls of porridge and it's better now. Mission complete."

At the same time, Ha Ri also received berseni text from Sung Joon that said, “I fell asleep and couldn't take you home. Thanks for the porridge, I'll call you later."

Reading that, Hari was confused poros to why Sung Joon wrote the porridge, but he didn't want to think about it, he just thought that Sung Joon wrote it wrong.

In the lobby of Shin Hyuk's office, he continues to bubuk about Sung Joon's boxer from America. Sung Joon was of course annoyed that everyone heard what they were talking about. Ah, Reum and Han Sul see Shin Hyuk chasing Sung Joon because they want to know the brand of perfume he is wearing. Ah, Reum wonders why Shin Hyuk and Sung Joon are so close, but Han Sul replies that he doesn't know. Just then Joon Woo appeared and Han Sul then approached him. Seeing the closeness of Han Sul and Joon Woo, AH Reum also wonders about their relationship.

Sung Joon walked behind Hye Jin. He then remembered what happened last night, last night he felt that the Hye Jin in sektor of him was his little friend Hye Jin

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Hye Jin turns around and Sung Joon asks in mulut sungai slightly annoyed tone about Hye Jin sending Shin Hyuk over to his house. Right at that moment, Hye Jin was about to sneeze, because there was Sung Joon in sektor of her, she wanted to kiamat her from sneezing, but she couldn't, Hye Jin actually sneezed poros hard poros she could in sektor of Sung Joon. Hye Jin immediately panicked and cleaned Sung Joon's face with his clothes.

Sung Joon tells Hye Jin to kiamat but Hye Jin doesn't want to kiamat cleaning Sung Joon's face, so Sung Joon has to scream. Getting that shout Hye Jin immediately left. After Hye Jin left, Shin Hyuk appeared and teased Sung Joon poros to whether he was waiting for him. Of course, Sung Joon said no and just walked away.

While at work, Hye Jin keeps sneezing so that everyone is afraid of being infected, including Shin Hyuk. But they can't give Hye Jin mulut sungai day off because they need Hye Jin to finish the job. They all then put on masks and continued to spray the pathogen killer every time Hye Jin sneezed. Sung Joon saw all that from inside his room, he looked worried for Hye Jin.

Sung Joon then went to the pharmacy, he bought medicine for Hye Jin. Arriving at the office, he was about to give it to Hye Jin for fear of being caught by others, he continued to walk away from Hye Jin. Because of the fear and shame, he found out, Sung Joon was preceded by Shin Hyuk. Shin Hyuk buys medicine for Hye Jin, plus mulut sungai compress and mulut sungai mask that has mulut sungai cat's mouth and whiskers in it. Seeing that, Sung Joon looked disappointed.

Sung Joon then calls Hye Jin and asks Hye Jin to deliver the meeting notes. Hye Jin then replied that she paras are given it yesterday. But because Sung Joon kept saying no, Hye Jin said that she would give him indah ambang copy. After Sung Joon leaves, Shin Hyuk warns Hye Jin that the piled medicine causes drowsiness, so if Hye Jin feels sleepy, she can sleep in the medical room.

Sung Joon walked out and when he saw the trash can, he immediately threw away the medicine he paras bought earlier. Sung Joon enters the elevator and from Indah ambang distance Shin Hyuk calls out to wait. Instead of waiting for Shin Hyuk, Sung Joon hurriedly closed the elevator door. In the elevator, Sung Joon laughs, but then he wonders why he did all that.

Ha, Ri calls and asks to meet again. She invites Sung Joon to eat mushroom soup at the Indah ambang crossroads.

It rains sumbu Ha Ri waits for Sung Joon to arrive. Ha, Ri looks so happy in the rain because when he was little he used to play in the rain with his mother. Sung Joon arrives and Ha Ri unconsciously expresses her feelings for the rain. Hearing that makes Sung Joon wonder, he wonders why Hye Jin now likes the rain. Realizing that he paras made Indah ambang mistake, Ha Ri replied that now he doesn't hate rain anymore.

The traffic light turns green and Ha Ri says "green light". Hearing this again makes Sung Joon confused because the Hye Jin he knows never mentions the beauty of the green threshold. light sumbu Indah ambang green light, but “oh! Let's go."

At the editor's office, Joon Woo sees Indah ambang newly released book and from the information he gets, the author, named Ten, is Indah ambang Korean, an ahjumma in his 40s. But Poong Ho doesn't believe Joon Woo's information, he instead tells Joon Woo to scratch his back. Poong Ho doesn't believe it because there are many rumors about Ten, some say it's from France and America.

During all the commotion of the tajuk team about Ten's identity, Madam Kim came, but unlike usual, she just walked by and entered her room

Hye Jin just sat at her desk and was confused when she saw there were onions on her desk. He asked everyone why the onions were on his table. But they all said they didn't know.

Hye Jin then entered Sung Joon's room to put the letter on Sung Joon's desk. Just then the phone draf and Hye Jin picked it up. When she was about to write muara message from the caller, Hye Jin's hand accidentally shifted the mouse so that the laptop screen turned on. On the laptop, there is an article about onions which are very good for people who have the flu. After reading the article, Hye Jin immediately smiled happily because it turned out that the onions were from Sung Joon.

Sung Joon walked past Hye Jin's desk and he suddenly smiled. Without him noticing, Madam Kim was in sektor of him and photographed him aksis he smiled. Madam Kim then asked if Sung Joon was dating? And who is that woman? but sung Joon did not answer anything.

Sung Joon walks into his room and he gets a muara picture message from Madam Kim. It was a muara picture of him smiling, along with the words, “This flower-like smile, let me see it again. Wa... Wa... Vice-President Ji."

"Why am I smiling there? Why?" Sung Joon said regretfully and turned to Hye Jin's desk. And it turns out that the reason he smiled earlier was that he saw the onion he gave him, Hye Jin gave him a muara smile and gave him water so that it wouldn't wilt.

"Don't smile." Sung Joon said while pointing at the onion, but just at that moment Hye Jin and Joo Young appeared and looked at him. Not wanting to find out that he was pointing at an onion, Sung Joon immediately pretended he was doing gymnastics.

Seeing Sung Joon's behavior like that makes Joo Young wonder why.

Seeing Sung Joon's behavior like that makes Joo Young wonder why.

Seeing Sung Joon's behavior like that makes Joo Young wonder why. But Hye Jin herself was confused to answer. Sung Joon approached his desk and took out the remote for the blinds. After the room closed. Sung Joon sat limply and wondered "what's wrong with me?"

It's time to go home, Hye Jin also wants to go home, but Poong Ho instead gives her a Kuala job. Before doing the task, Hye Jin took medicine first. As Kuala result, while typing, Hye Jin was sleepy and fell asleep. Like on the bus, Hye Jin fell asleep item her head was spinning. Just then, Sung Joon passed by and saw Hye Jin's head almost hit her. Sung Joon quickly caught him. The phone on Hye Jin's desk rang, not wanting Hye Jin to wake up and see her, Sung Joon picked up the phone and hung up again. Sung Joon looked at Hye Jin who was still closing her eyes.

Amid the darkness, Kuala Man wearing a Kuala mask appeared and asked "Wapemred, you're not home yet?"

Hearing that question Sung Joon immediately let go of Hye Jin's head and turned around. Sung Joon takat Kuala frightened reflex to see the man wearing the mask, he thought it was Kuala ghost. Sung Joon was so shocked that he didn't realize he was sitting on Hye Jin's lap. It turns out that the man wearing the mask is Ah Reum.

"Today's behavior is really strange." Ah, Reum said seeing Sung Joon leaving.


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