Synopsis of Drama She Was Pretty Episode 8 Part 1 English Subtitles

Drama Synopsis She Was Pretty Episode 8 part 1

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Drama Synopsis She Was Pretty Episode 8 part 1

Drama Synopsis She Was Pretty Episode 8 part 1

Synopsis of Drama She Was Pretty Episode 8 Part 1 English Subtitles

tricked him. Hye Jin wanted to leave but Shin Hyuk called her again and asked, “Your friend… anything… I'm at home… I had a dream. Shin Hyuk said and left.

Because Shin Hyuk's unfinished speech makes Hye Jin feel that Shin Hyuk is frustrated with Ri Ri. He also regrets showing Ha Ri's photo.

It turns out that Sung Joon took Ha Ri to the place where he left a memory in the form of a photo of himself with Hye Jin. At that time, he and Hye Jin promised to return there after college.

After checking the wall, Sung Joon finally found the photo he took. He then asks Ha Ri if she still remembers the photo. In a sad comment, Ha Ri asks Sung Joon to stop talking about the past. Without immediately answering, Sung Joon instead painted a picture of himself with Ha Ri on the wall. He then said that from now on he would not talk about the past. Happy with his promise, Ha Ri tugged her lips and drew a heart shape in this photo. They Ri will be back and she is still in her car. Suddenly, there was a knock on his car door. This is the guy he did before Ha Ri met Sung Joon. They Ri tells the man that they are on their way now. The man might wonder why Ha Ri decided it was because there was another man. In anger, he shouted who the bastard was. Hearing that Sung Joon is called crazy, Ha Ri doesn't accept it and threatens the man, if he calls him again, he will beat him.

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They were about to enter the house when they saw Hye Jin, who must have heard what she said to the man. Not knowing who the man was, Hye Jin hugged Ha Ri and greeted her. They are both on the field now. Hye Jin is happy that Ri Ri has found her true love because Ha Ri really hates men. Hye Jin also came to look for the man. They Ri Ri guiltily can't say anything, she looks down and hides her face. Wanting to celebrate Ha Ri having a boyfriend, Hye Jin goes to buy a beer.

"They Ri-a... I... will support your love. I support you well!" Hye Jin said and ran. "I'm sorry Hye Jin-ah... two months... I'll be with her for only two months. Only two months.... then... later I'll tell you everything. Harry said in his heart. Aaaaaaargh They eat selfishly. He wants to have fun with Sung Joon for two months and see how Hye Jin feels.

Sung Joon returns, shocked to see Shin Hyuk at his house. Shin Hyuk said he came to Sung Joon's house to pick up his cast. Angry that Shin Hyuk kept talking to him, Sung Joon asked Shin Hyuk to return his house card.

Shin Hyuk didn't pay much attention to Sung Joon's words. He even contacted SungJoon/Ha Ri's girlfriend. Shin Hyuk asks if Sung Joon knows about Ha Ri, because of the leader, in this world, many people disagree with their appearance.

Reporter Kim. What do you really mean? Sung Joon asked without understanding. “I have something to say, but I can't accept it. I can't decide whether I have the right to say it or not." Shin Hyuk said and arranged for him to go home.

Getting ready, Sung Joon and Ha Ri are on the phone. They promised to check the work. Just then, Hye Jin walks in and says it's breakfast. Upon seeing Ha Ri's shocking statement, Hye Jin thinks Ha Ri and her boyfriend are on the phone.

Hye Jin and Sung Joon haven't had much success. When Sung Joon asks to be reinstated, Ha Ri immediately hangs up.

Not knowing who the man is, Hye Jin sings Ha Ri by singing love songs. When Hye Jin left, Ha Ri could only breathe. They ate his stomach suddenly, apparently to prevent stomach pain.

Hye Jin uses onions to walk with her onions. Feeling uncomfortable while walking, Hye Jin noticed that the soles of her shoes were swollen.

In the office, the entire editorial team is working hard to decide what kind of clothes to wear. Model A or Model B. Hye Jin joined them. Ms. Kim immediately appeared and asked all of them if they would answer in the second round.

“This is a Chinese-Chinese restaurant. But would you mind ordering, jjajangmyeon and jjampong? Ms. Kim asked and the answers ranged from Ah Reum to Hye Jin. The six of them quickly responded to their choices. Mrs. Kim then told them to turn around and see what kind of clothes to choose.

Mrs. Kim told them to choose quickly, starting with Hye Jin. Hye Jin answered B, Shin Hyuk answered B, Poong Ho answered A, Joo Young answered B, Han Sul answered A, Joon Woo answered B, and Ah Reum answered A. Since most of the answers were B, Mrs. Kim decided to dress. fashion clothes. from B

"When the heart says O but we want to say X, when the heart says X but we want to say O, we will doubt. Why? Because we don't know our hearts. At this point, the result is 'your mouth' without thinking is what you want. '" Mrs. Kim explained and left. Hye Jin went a lot. Suddenly Shin Hyuk tore her apart because he wanted to help Hye Jin. But Hye Jin refused, and as they fought, Hye Jin's bottom part loosened and Shin Hyuk burst out laughing.

Shin Hyuk sat down and wanted to take her to where Hye Jin was. Because Hye Jin refused and made Shin Hyuk sit for a long time, Shin Hyuk's pants suddenly ripped. In order to tear it apart, Hye Jin had no choice but to climb up the Shin Hyuk ladder.

They Ri was in the movie and bought her Sung Joon snacks and some drinks

As time goes on, Shin Hyuk asks if Hye Jin still wants to tell Sung Joon who she is.

As time goes on, Shin Hyuk asks if Hye Jin still wants to tell Sung Joon who she is.

As time goes on, Shin Hyuk asks if Hye Jin still wants to tell Sung Joon who she is. Hye Jin agrees and complains at one point, because if Shin Hyuk leaves then he will tell Sung Joon everything.

Shin Hyuk then asked if Hye Jin had chosen, whether she would choose friendship or a relationship between a man and a woman.

"If you want 100% of your relationship with friends, no feelings ... really can? Shin Hyuk asked but the answer confused Hye Jin. At that time, Sung Joon was driving his car, from the car he saw Hye Jin in Shin Hyuk's arms. Unexpectedly, Sung Joon's eyes continued to stare at them and suddenly fainted! Sung Joon's appreciative car strike. Yang Sung Joon was upset that he didn't accept it.

Ha Ri, on the other hand, continues to wait for Sung Joon to arrive. Until the wine melts and the movie starts, Sung Joon doesn't come, so Ha Ri decides to go home. Only then did Sung Joon appear. At first, Ha Ri didn't want to be angry, but because Sung Joon didn't show up on time due to an accident, Ha Ri was worried about his anxiety. Feeling guilty for being late and having an accident with Hye Jin, Sung Joon immediately kisses Ha Ri and apologizes.

Sung Joon has entered his room, he wants to choose a good photo among the photos he took on the beach. That's when Sung Joon realized that in his camera memory there were many photos of Hye Jin. At that time, Hye Jin came in to deliver the letter, only Hye Jin brought food for Sung Joon's breakfast. Unlike before, this time Sung Joon refused Hye Jin's food. He even gave him Poong Ho. Sung Joon didn't see Hye Jin. Hye Jin's treatment is so confusing that she doesn't leave her post, that Sung Joon asks if there's any business. Since there was nothing else, Hye Jin left immediately. At her desk, Hye Jin often asks why Sung Joon's behavior makes her cold again. She also thought that Sung Joon must be in trouble.

From the inside, Sung Joon kept looking at Hye Jin, he looked at Hye Jin sadly. Since Hye Jin is also watching him, Sung Joon closes the curtains of his room.

Sung Joon finds Ha Ri coming home from work. He invites Ha Ri to watch a movie they haven't seen yesterday. At the cinema, the film's only entertainer is Ha Ri, while Sung Joon sits without a show. However, when asked whether Sung Joon was interested in the film or not, Sung Joon replied that he was.

After they watch, Ha Ri calls Sung Joon to talk about the movie, but Sung Joon doesn't seem focused while watching, so he doesn't come in while Ha Ri is talking to him.

Hye Jin was already at the bookstore, buying the most expensive newspaper. What was Hye Jin looking for that made her run so fast as soon as she opened the magazine? Turns out he was looking for the title on the cover page of the magazine. Hye Jin was very happy to see her name written there.

Hye Jin immediately posted a photo of herself on the newspaper page. He sent the photo to his family. Of course, his father and mother were proud to see this, except for Hye Rin who didn't believe in Hye Jin.

Hye Jin glows green as she reads the newspaper, not far from where she stands, and there's Sung Joon about to cross. Hye Jin smirked and said, "Ah, time to go!"

After hearing these words, Sung Joon immediately picked up the phone and looked for a speaker. When he saw Hye Jin, he immediately pushed her away and grabbed her arm.

“Oh, vice president! Hello! Hye Jin said when she saw Sung Joon suddenly caught her. then happy, because Sung Joon is holding on tight. Hye Jin asks why Sung Joon is behaving like this. Take a look at Hye Jin slowly.

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The light almost turned red, Hye Jin quickly pushed Sung Joon off the side of the road. Sung Joon is still silent and Hye Jin asks what Sung Joon will eat after filming. But Sung Joon didn't answer, he usually looked at Hye Jin's face.

Hye Jin publishes newspaper headlines with her name on them. Just as Sung Joon's cell phone rings, Hye Jin tells him it's because Sung Joon can't find his own phone. Since Sung Joon was about to take the phone, Hye Jin decided to take the lead first.

Sung Joon's name is Ha Ri. Sung Joon didn't pick it up right away, he only saw the name "Hye Jin" on the cellphone screen, then looked at Hye Jin who was walking to stop him.

At his desk, Sung Joon receives a call from his boss reminding him that time is running out, but Sung Joon can make use of the second one.

Hye Jin comes to give Poong Ho something, Sung Joon asks him to put it on the table and leaves. Hye Jin looked at Sung Joon who seemed to be in trouble. She looked at Sung Joon's tab and Hye Jin could see why Sung Joon looked like this.

All the staff on the editing team, except for Joo Young and Hye Jin, are in a hurry to choose the dresses to use for the photoshoot. They all took this picture.

Shin Hyuk approaches Hye Jin and invites her to come to dinner, but Hye Jin refuses because she and Sung Joon and everyone else are going to eat. Shin Hyuk wondered if Hye Jin could be optimistic about this goal. Of course, Hye Jin doesn't want to, she still intends to reveal everything.

Eun Young says she will upload a photo of the dress to FB. Suddenly Sung Joon's voice told them all to delete their photos.

"Do you think it's a toy?" Don't you have a brain? Did you know that the 20th birthday is in a month? If our designs are for you. Who is responsible for that? Sung Joon told them and then told them to move the challenge to the locker room.

Yi Gyung immediately tried to avoid him, but Sung Joon suddenly grabbed him and saw Yi Gyung's uniform. "What are you doing now? Sung Joon continues to motivate and raises Yi Gyung's hand. "What kind of girl touches a dress that has accessories in her hands?" Sung Joon screams so loud that he chases Yi Gyung out of the theater.

Yi Young is then criticized, Sung Joon, and beaten by firefighters. Han Sul who was beside Sung Joon immediately asked his two friends, "Why not? And his friends replied that Sung Joon was scared. Soon Joo Young appears and asks them something. why? "See? Wapimred is not in the mood. Eat with me!" asked Hy Hyuk who announced that today was his birthday. but he stayed where he was. Hye Jin left because Joo Young called her. Shin Hyuk couldn't stop complaining because he didn't make Hye Jin fulfill his wish. Of course, Shin Hyuk did it not because he didn't want Hye Jin to live with Sung Joon, but because he didn't want to hurt Hye Jin when he found out that his best friend had been his neighbor. Labuan.

Joo Young instructs Hye Jin to take the dresses from the photoshoot to the dressing room and take care of them until their models arrive.

They eat when their stomach hurts. Coincidentally, a colleague sees Ha Ri, so he promises to buy her some medicine. They didn't know, Shin Hyuk found himself angry.

They ate the medicine, and when Shin Hyuk came in, he closed the door. Shin Hyuk immediately said, “Please stop. "

"What do you think?" They Ri asked without understanding. "Please stop calling Kim Hye Jin." Let's say Shin Hyuk and Ha Ri got the gist of their conversation.

Both are now outside the hotel. They Ri find out that Shin Hyuk is the journalist Hye Jin talks about all the time. Shin Hyuk confessed that he suddenly got into a relationship between the three of them, but he couldn't keep quiet.

"Ha Ri-shi...the two of them...will meet tonight...and then Jackson...Hye Jin will tell everything to the watered. Wouldn't it be wrong to be arrested like that? Exaggerating, the best way to less hurt is to say it first. That way, you can end up in a stable state. I trust you. Shinhyuk said.

Hye Jin just ordered Han Sul's car. Joon Woo and Han Sul laugh when they see Hye Jin's hair growing and Hye Jin says they will grow it like this every time it rains. Sung Joon heard Hye Jin's statement and immediately looked at Hye Jin. Sung Joon immediately thought that there were a lot of similarities between Hye Jin, the housekeeper, and Hye Jin, his childhood friend. hair hiding in the rain, helping her when she was tired and the words Hye Jin saw when she turned on the green light.

Sun-Min and Eun Young helped the model take photos. The shape of the clothes looks broken. Joo Young and Hye Jin's revolutionary changes immediately see the damage. The model says it needs to be moved. When he heard this, Sung Joon immediately reacted.

"Who... who takes care of this dress?!"Sung Joon screamed the whole time Hye Jin made a mistake. You again. Why are you always? What are you? You bastard Sung Joon who was under a lot of pressure that day, chased after Hye Jin without thinking right away. Sung Joon's words were so strong that he begged Hye Jin not to come out pleading.


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