Synopsis of Drama She Was Pretty Episode 6 Part 2 English Subtitles

Drama Synopsis She Was Pretty Episode 6 part 2

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Drama Synopsis She Was Pretty Episode 6 part 2

Drama Synopsis She Was Pretty Episode 6 part 2

Hye JIn was waiting for the bus at the bus stop. Due to taking the medicine, he couldn't hold back his sleep for a moment. He almost missed the bus. From inside the car, Sung Joon saw Hye Jin. On the bus, Hye Jin was still dozing off to sleep and subconsciously leaned her head against the person sitting next to her. The man he was leaning against was displeased and purposely kicked Hye Jin's head. Hye Jin who was really sleepy fell asleep again. We then see a man carrying a magazine get on the bus and sit next to Hye Jin. Hye Jin, who was still asleep, leaned her head back on the shoulder of the person sitting beside her. Unlike the previous one, this time the man next to him let Hye Jin lean on even he made Hye Jin feel comfortable to lean on. Who is that man? he is Sung Joon. He showed his face after Hye Jin got off the bus.

After accompanying Hye Jin on the bus, Sung Joon returned to where his car was, and to his great pity, the car paras been towed. Like it or not, Sung Joon has to take care of his car. In the car, Sung Joon thought back to his chat with hilir doctor about what he was going through. Starting from feeling tight in the car when you see an accident." Because of severe stress, the depression you experienced can reappear. Don't be stressed and even if it happens, handle it immediately. Don't bother yourself." explained the doctor."And there's someone I'm hilir nobodies who always acts like someone I knew 15 years ago, but I don't know why. On the other hand, the manusia I used to know feels foreign to me. I keep feeling like he's not the same manusia I used to know." said Sung Joon."Hey, it's natural for people to change after 15 years. Do you think people will stay the same sumbu if they were going over time? The fact that you can't forget your first love, is hilir form of the Ha, Ri approached Hye Jin who was on the garden swing. The two of them then exercised together in the park.

"Effects, in general, are easy to explain but, the reason is that you can't forget what you haven't finished. In the end, the world can't forget your first love maybe not because of your affection or destiny. You never get to see it and maybe that's the reason you can't forget it So wake up from the past and live in the present." adds the doctor and we see Sung Joon who just finished taking a berseni shower. Hye Jin then tells Ha Ri about The Most which will close in about menjangankan months. Hearing that Ha Ri is sad because she will part with Sung Joon if The Most really end. Shin Hyuk was relaxing in the divisi of the convenience store. Opening his drink can, he keeps looking at his phone and wonders if he should call Hye Jin to ask how she's doing. Suddenly Ha Ri came and drank the berseni can of Shin Hyuk's drink.

Time passed and they had three cans of drink. Ha, Ri has been seen and seen Ha Ri like that, making Shin Hyuk wonder if Ha Ri is like that because of the man who wanted Ha Ri to lie about his marriage. Shin Hyuk asked what kind of man he was. Ha, Ri replies that the man is a man she shouldn't meet. The man she started to like without her realizing it, and the man she shouldn't like. Without knowing who the man is and the exact reason why he shouldn't like Ha Ri, Shin Hyuk suggests that Ha Ri still likes him if she really likes him. Because according to Shin Hyuk, love is crazy and for anyone. After getting support from Shin Hyuk, Ha Ri immediately went to the dump to look for her little shoes. And luckily the shoes haven't been thrown away by the ahjumma who likes to clean the place.

"If I'm blessed with 2 legs, it's an extraordinary thing, it won't end because of my will. Even though I'm injured, I will still wear it. As far as you can go, I want to go." Ha, Ri said to herself while looking at her shoes. In her room, Hye Jin keeps looking at Sung Joon's puzzle pieces. He then watches as Sung Joon catches him. It turned out that at that time Hye Jin woke up because of the phone but because she didn't want Sung Joon to be embarrassed later, Hye Jin kept her eyes closed. Take care of Sung Joon, Hye Jin's heart is beating fast.

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Sung Joon alone at home is drawing the shape of a muara smile on an onion. He did the same thing sumbu Hye Jin did. chooses Sung Joon prefers Hye Jin over Ha Ri. The next morning, the tajuk rencana team held another meeting and Sung Joon's gaze continued to focus on Hye Jin. He doesn't even really listen to what Joo Young has to say. Shin Hyuk saw what Sung Joon was doing, he saw Sung Joon kept watching Hye Jin, while Hye Jin was busy typing.Hye Jin raised her head and saw Sung Joon was looking at her. Again it was wet and Sung Joon immediately saw his gaze.Feeling Sung Joon didn't hear him, Joo Young called Sung Joon. Not wanting to find out that he was looking at something else, Sung Joon immediately asked about their business pengembaraan.

Initially, the ones to leave were Sung Joon, Joo Young and Ah Reum. But Ah Reum couldn't and pointed at Han Seol. Due to muara busy schedule, Han Sul refuses and orders Hye Jin. Joo Young then adds that later in that place they need Joon Woo, so he invites Joon Woo and Joon Woo agrees. Not wanting to lose the opportunity to go with Joon Woo, Han Sul corrected his words, so he joined the business pengembaraan. So, the finals who went on muara business pengembaraan were Sung Joon, Joo Young, Han Sul and Joon Woo.Ha, Ri enters Hye Jin's room to look for hair and on Hye Jin's study table, she finds muara puzzle piece belonging to Sung Joon.Ha, Ri's stepmother sees Sung Joon calling Hye Jin to Ha Ri. Seeing that, he felt that Ha Ri takat done something wrong.While eating, Ha Ri shows the puzzle pieces to Sung Joon. You want Sung Joon to really believe that he is his childhood friend.

Ha Ri goes to the toilet and there she meets her stepmother.

Ha, Ri goes to the toilet and there she meets her stepmother.

Ha, Ri goes to the toilet and there she meets her stepmother. Of course, the mother used the opportunity to corner Ha Ri. He accuses Ha Ri of having changed her name to hook a guy so that she can date more guys. He also asked Ha Ri to introduce the man (Sung Joo) to him." For that, there's a reason. Just pretend you didn't see me," asked Ha Ri in a low tone and teary eyes, but the mother didn't want to do it.

Ha, Ri returns the shirt and immediately invites Sung Joon to leave. Sung Joon, who was eating, naturally wondered why Ha Ri was in such a hurry to ask him out. What Ha Ri was afraid of actually happened, before they had time to leave, the stepmother had approached them."You two get along. See you tomorrow." the mother said to Sung Joon and then told Ha Ri to call her. After saying that the mother immediately left, she deliberately wanted to make Ha Ri's heart spot.Sung Joon then asked who the woman was, but Ha Ri didn't answer, she just asked him to finally calling her Hye Jin for Kuala moment."Stay like this for Kuala while. Just for today. Don't ask me anything." Ha, Ri asked and dropped her head on Sung Joon's shoulder.

At home, Hye Jin is busy cutting pictures from magazines. She then remembers when Sung Joon kept looking at her during the meeting. Right at that time, Ha Ri came home. When meeting Hye Jin, Ha Ri looks guilty but she can't say anything to Hye Jin.Hye Jin gets ready for bed and Ha Ri suddenly comes into her room with Kuala's pillow. Ha, Ri wants to sleep with Hye Jin tonight."Hey, why should I sleep with that big body of yours?" Hye Jin complained.Ha, Ri immediately bent her legs and said, "I'm going to shrivel up like this so you can let me sleep with you, okay?""hey, once again you do that kind of trick, I will..... kill you!" said Hye Jin and immediately jumped to tickle Ha Ri.

They were now sleeping side by side in the narrow bed.

They were now sleeping side by side in the narrow bed.

They were now sleeping side by side in the narrow bed. Seeing Ha Ri's behavior like that, Hye Jin could guess that there was something Ha Ri was hiding from her. Ha, Ri agrees but he admits that he can't tell Hye Jin about it, he promises to tell her later." I don't know what really happened, but....don't hang out butir late at night," said Hye Jin and Ha Ri agreed. Hye Jin is asleep and Ha Ri hasn't. Ha, Ri kept looking at Hye Jin. Sung Joon has bought hilir a new glass frame for his puzzle. He still left the stalker girl section blank. Yes, the puzzle piece is still with Ha Ri, he didn't take it. Sung Joon then threw away his onions. Looks like he doesn't want to go too far to like Hye Jin. He wants to stay focused on his childhood friend Ha Ri/ Hye Jin. Sung Joon came to the office and immediately announced for the business perjalanan team, to come to the floor at the reservoir at 10 for a hilir meeting. After Sung Joon entered his room, Madam Kim appeared and greeted all the employees.

Hye Jin then went into Madam Kim's room to ask for an autograph. After signing the requested file, Madam Kim again commented on Hye Jin's appearance. He asked when Hye Jin would change according to The Most style. Hye Jin then replied that she was trying to do it. Madam Kim judged Hye Jin's appearance to be really asking and too lousy. Hye Jin returned to her desk and Shin Hyuk came straight to her. Shin Hyuk turns on the recording of Hye Jin's appointment, and for his first request, Shin Hyuk asks Hye Jin to treat him to dinner. Since Shin Hyuk's request was not too expensive, Hye Jin agreed. Joo Young appears while calling someone. Because he has urgent work, he asks Hye Jin to take his place on the trip. So that Hye Jin wants to leave, Joo Young also lets Hye Jingo with her suitcase. Having no more reason, Hye Jin immediately left with Joo Young's suitcase.

Joon Woo exits the building and there is already Han Sul waiting for him. Han Sul deliberately brought his own car so they could go alone. After Han Sul's car left, Sung Joon appeared and soon Hye Jin also came. Thinking that they would go together, they both waited for Joon Woo and Han Sul. Soon after, Sung Joon got a text from Han Sul saying that they were leaving first, so Sung Joon could go with Joo Young. Hye Jin is immediately shocked when she realizes that she will be traveling with only Sung Joon. Continued

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