Synopsis of Drama She Was Pretty Episode 8 Part 2 English Subtitles

Drama Synopsis She Was Pretty Episode 8 part 2

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Drama Synopsis She Was Pretty Episode 8 part 2

Drama Synopsis She Was Pretty Episode 8 part 2

Synopsis of Drama She Was Pretty Episode 8 Part 2 English Subtitles

When Ha Ri arrives, Hye Jin looks good. After the two sat down, Hye Jin revealed that she felt like Sung Joon had returned to his old Sung Joon when they went on a business trip together, so he thought they could go back to how they were, so there he was. want to. tell Sung Joon everything. . But before all this, he was fired. Hye Jin feels like an idiot the whole time, enjoying herself and thinking that Sung Joon is attracted to her. After hearing this, Ha Ri could only apologize by hugging Hye Jin. He could still tell Hye Jin the truth. Due to Hye Jin's inability to reveal everything, Ha Ri is able to cut the egg. Only when Ha Ri's cell phone is found it's a call from Sung Joon, but Ha Ri doesn't want you to pick it up, she immediately turns it off. umm…Sung Joon himself had entered his house and found Hye Jin's table in front of his house. He then shows up to look at Hye Jin's ID card. When he saw the ID card, Sung Joon recorded Hye Jin's words who were very happy to use the ID card.

Hye Jin-ah. What should I do? What should we do? They Ri said in her heart to hug Hye Jin again. The entire editorial team is working as usual, but they can still work without Hye Jin because Hye Jin contributes to all their work and now they all have to do it themselves. Sung Joon heard their complaints, but couldn't say anything, just pretended not to. Hye Jin is alone at home looking for work, but finding work is currently difficult. Gwang Hee visits manager Boo and learns of Hye Jin's dismissal. Manager Boo said he already knew this but couldn't ask Hye Jin to come to them because he was manipulated by the editorial team. Gwang Hee immediately stumbles because they can't bring Hye Jin and her team back. Yes, they want Hye Jin because Alone Bi can't rely on office work, all she does in the office is beauty care and now she is busy working alone.

The editorial team holds a meeting with Sung Joon using strong leadership to lead the meeting. He asked them about any new ideas they could come up with. Shin hyuk allows for a mystical look, but it's different from the first, as seen from the characters that support him. Everyone welcomed Shin Hyuk's idea, they all agreed. When asked about Sung Joon's idea, he just asked if the idea wasn't just a myth, they had to change their minds, to make the world different, but they had to make the main character the main character. After telling everyone to share, Sung Joon left the hall. Shin Hyuk with Sung Joon in his office and handing the book to Hye JinThe book contained the ideas that Shin Hyuk had previously expressed. It turned out to be Hye Jin's idea, not Shin Hyuk's. However, because Sung Joon still has self-respect, he refuses to look at the book until it sells. Shin Hyuk asks Sung Joon to bring Hye Jin back, but Sung Joon doesn't want to. He didn't want to apologize to Hye Jin and ask her to come back. Reluctantly, Sung Joon chooses to change his mind to apologize to Hye Jin.

When he saw Sung Joon's behavior, Shin Hyuk immediately mocked him. He laughs at Sung Joon who can't think of Hye Jin. Shin Hyuk also said that the reason Sung Joon is like this must be because Sung Joon started to fall in love with Hye Jin. Sung Joon tried to deny it but it was Shin Hyuk."I'm asking one thing. If it was someone else. Would you be angry too? But fired him right away?"I don't want to answer, get out." Sung Joon answered that it was still mountainous, but Shin Hyuk still wanted Sung Joon to answer.“If you can O but you say X, or it can be X but you say O. That's doubtful. You're a skeptic." Shin Hyuk said that the case made Sung Joon immediately move.“What about you? You are always involved in life.” Sung Joon asked.“I agree,” answered Shin Hyuk correctly and clearly. “I like Kim Hye Jin. Enough? Shin Hyuk then goes to Sung Joon's room without Hye Jin's book.

Shin Hyuk meets Hye Jin, but he thinks he's near Hye Jin's house for cover. Hye Jin leaves the scene and Shin Hyuk follows her while she explains that Sung Joon misunderstood. He asked Hye Jin to return to the editor but Hye Jin refused, she was relieved after leaving the group. Hye Jin wanted to leave but Shin Hyuk stopped her. He asked Hye Jin to be his assistant today. Hye Jin wanted to ask but Shin Hyuk mentioned Hye Jin's promissory note. Despite hearing the recording, Hye Jin still refuses because she doesn't want to get involved with Chief. But his decision immediately changed when he realized his client's salary was too high. Shin Hyuk poses for a photo with Hye Jin who continues to carry Shin Hyuk. Yes, Hye Jin actually works as Shin Hyuk's assistant, and she carries Shin Hyuk's bag.

When they want to go down the stairs, Shin Hyuk tells Hye Jin that if they go down the stairs on one foot, their wish will come true. As it turned out, Hye Jin agreed with Shin Hyuk. When Hye Jin descends the stairs on one leg and says she needs a job, Shin Hyuk snaps her up right away. Hye Jin was furious when she found out he lied to her. Shin Hyuk then took Hye Jin's motorbike to the destination. Where did Hyuk take Hye Jin? He takes her to the flower garden. Staying at Hye Jin Park was really relaxing. Shin Hyuk took out his camera and took a selfie.

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Shin Hyuk bought what he was drinking, he stopped and saw Hye Jin laughing from a distance. Hye Jin laughed because she saw the results for herself. And they are standing on the bridge. Hye Jin reveals to Shin Hyuk that she sees Sung Joon as a boy, not a childhood friend.

' said the translator... he couldn't see it. But from the inside, you can see everything. Our relationship is like this mirror. I can see it clearly. But he can't. There were times when I thought I was alive. But next time, I hope Sung Joon will find me. As a result… I'm punished. Tell Hye Jin who greeted Shin Hyuk, because thanks to Shin Hyuk, the atmosphere in the editorial team became a joke. Hye Jin probably also thought that Shin Hyuk came to cheer her up, so Hye Jin Jin was grateful for that. “If you want to say hi to me, be my girlfriend.” Shin Hyuk and Hye Jin immediately refused because they weren't interested in Shin Hyuk. Only then, Hye Jin called someone.

We turn to Sung Joon who starts Hye Jin's book and reads its contents. In the book, Hye Jin writes the story from the point of view of the second character. Sung Joon saw Shin Hyuk's statement that Sung Joon didn't pay attention to Hye Jin logically. Remembering Hye Jin, Sung Joon found the onion that was still on Hye Jin's table

Hye Jin got off the bus as she passed Sung Joon's car, but she didn't know it was Sung Joon's car and Sung Joon was in it. Sung Joon quietly enters the park with Hye Jin.

Hye Jin got off the bus as she passed Sung Joon's car, but she didn't know it was Sung Joon's car and Sung Joon was in it. Sung Joon quietly enters the park with Hye Jin.

Hye Jin got off the bus as she passed Sung Joon's car, but she didn't know it was Sung Joon's car and Sung Joon was in it. Sung Joon quietly enters the park with Hye Jin. Arriving at the park, Sung Joon hides again when he hears Hye Jin's phone call. Hye Jin's caller was Boo's manager who told Hye Jin that her friend would call Hye Jin tomorrow morning. When the phone rings, Sung Joon doesn't want to see Hye Jin, Hye Jin leaves, Sung Joon goes down the slide. Sung Joon falls head over heels, escapes, and falls under Hye Jin. And they sat on chairs. Sung Joon reveals that he and the publisher want to use Hye Jin's idea. Sung Joon also apologized for his actions yesterday, admitting to being too emotional. However, they received an apology and a return request from Sung Joon. Hye Jin sticks to her decision. He didn't want to go back to The Most's editorial staff. But he asked the editorial team to use his ideas.

Hye Jin reveals that she is not comfortable working with Sung Joon, other than getting a new job. Not wanting to listen to Sung Joon anymore, Hye Jin speaks nicely, but first she thanks him that Sung Joon has come to see her in person. Sung Joon comes to the office and everyone greets him. In front of Hye Jin's office, he stopped to see Hye Jin's onion coming out. At home, Hye Jin is still waiting for a call from her friend Boo. Since manager Boo's friend didn't call her, Hye Jin immediately called Boo's manager to ask about it. Hye Jin must have told her the bad news, it turns out that Boo's manager friend doesn't want to accept Hye Jin. When the phone rings, Hye Jin cuts off Sung Joon's plea to return to the editorial staff. But Hye Jin quickly dismissed the idea, not wanting her pride to end. To boost her enthusiasm for her job review, Hye Jin decides to eat first.

Hye Jin wanted ahead of rice, but the rice ended up running out. Finding this, Hye Jin immediately shouted and called her mother. Hye Jin goes to her father's printing house. So how come his father is not here, only jjajangmyeon is not eating. Hye Jin now has an idea to surprise her father, so she goes into hiding. Her father meant that just as he was about to surprise her, suddenly someone came and Hye Jin decided to stay in his hiding place. The man asks Mr. Kim to finish reading the poster he ordered, but Mr. Kim can't do it because the engine has just started. The man was even angrier that Mr. Kim was still using the old printing press. He then orders Mr. Kim to ask Hye Jin for money because Hye Jin works for a famous newspaper company. Of course, Hye Jin was instantly annoyed.

After eating, Mr. Kim immediately acted on the person's orders. Only then, Hye Jin called. Hye Jin is logged in. Hye Jin menasihati ayahnya tidak hanya makan jjajangmyeon tetapi juga makan nasi. He also asked if his father was okay and his father said yes, Mr. Kim didn't want to tell the truth. Of course, he didn't want to worry about his daughter. Kim then asks if Hye Jin will still be working next month. Tears welled up in her eyes, and Hye Jin answered yes. He begged his father not to believe him. Hye Jin dropped the wapimred excuse she made. Hye Jin is currently at the camp and the phone shows her contact with Sung Joon. Hye Jin wants to invite Sung Joon to work with her, but she says she has stopped talking about refusing to come back and if she doesn't feel well working with Sung Joon. Remember in his own words, be afraid to call.

In his confusion, Boo's manager calls him and tells him that his friends have agreed to welcome Hye Jin. Hye Jin must be happy. After the call from Manager Boo, Hye Jin receives a photo message from Sung Joon. “He was crying because the owner had left. Are you going to leave it like that? Sung Joon's article contains ridicule about crying onions. Sung Joon entered the office and stopped again in front of Hye Jin's office. The editorial team works independently. Until then, no one will be able to pick up the developing phone. Suddenly, someone appeared and picked him up."Yes, many Korean editors and Kim Hye Jin." Upon hearing Hye Jin's voice, everyone immediately went to the source and their eyes immediately opened when they saw Hye Jin's appearance completely changed. Continued

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