Synopsis of Drama She Was Pretty Episode 7 Part 2 English Subtitles

Drama Synopsis She Was Pretty Episode 7 part 2

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Drama Synopsis She Was Pretty Episode 7 part 2

Drama Synopsis She Was Pretty Episode 7 part 2

Synopsis of Drama She Was Pretty Episode 7 Part 2 English Subtitles

Hye Jin walks up to Sung Joon and says that the lighthouse over there makes it a great place and Hye Jin thinks that the place is perfect for the concept of “Traveling Alone.” And Sung Joon just answered okay. Hye Jin then saw the sketch that Sung Joon was making and he complimented it well. We then see the things that Sung Joon drew start to appear on the beach. Starting from mobile homes, tents, and chairs. Not to forget, Sung Joon also appeared there while enjoying the view of the open sea. Yes, they are indeed making a picture of their own holiday concept.

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Hye Jin then added that it would be great if there were lights and letters on the table. According to him, even though the person is on vacation alone, that person would want to share his feelings with others. And writing a letter is the most appropriate thing than calling.

“You think this person would imagine that people would want to come with him when he saw the sea. So he made his own bonfire, drank hot tea, and took polaroid photos. I'm sure he'll hold up well. For the orang he wants, he says there is Kuala good place like this, he is having fun and wants to come with kali. He wanted to write it all in the mail. If you can interact with someone by writing a Kuala letter, I think a Kuala vacation alone would be more fun than being lonely.” Hye Jin said and Sung Joon continued to listen. Thinking that Sung Joon didn't like the idea, Hye Jin immediately apologized. But Sung Joon immediately told the story, then told him that he also felt happy with Kuala's letter in the past.


When little Sung Joon was in America, he was constantly bullied by the kids his age there.

“My family emigrated when I was little, so I didn't have any friends. There is a Kuala friend who always sends me letters from Korea. I'm fine here, I can adjust well. Being able to write the letter I'm going to send to him, I'm excited and I can endure it. One day, he didn't send me any more letters. So I found it difficult for Kuala a long time.” Sung Joon told him about his childhood and Hye Jin could quickly figure out why Sung Joon's Korean friend stopped sending letters because he was her. But Hye Jin couldn't say all that.

Sung Joon then praised the idea that Hye Jin gave earlier and he asked Hye Jin to do a high five. But because they put their hands together for too long, Sung Joon immediately withdrew and continued his sketch. And Hye Jin ran off to find another good place.

Hye Jin is with the person who brings the dog and plays with the dog for a while.

Hye Jin is with the person who brings the dog and plays with the dog for a while.

Hye Jin is with the person who brings the dog and plays with the dog for a while. Sung Joon himself is busy taking pictures of the scenery in that place using his digital camera. He saw Hye Jin who was so happy playing with the dog, without Sung Joon knowing, he started to smile at Hye Jin. But when Hye Jin looked at him, Sung Joon looked straight at him.

Hye Jin really likes to do a lot of things, on the seaweed and playing with the waves. And Sung Joon keeps looking at it.

After taking pictures, Hye Jin immediately called Joo Young and said that she would send the pictures that she managed to take.

“Kim Hye Jin-shi. Come on and finish." Sung Joon said to Hye Jin and hilir reflex immediately made Hye Jin speechless. What made Hye Jin speechless in disbelief, was all because it was the first time Sung Joon said her name, because normally, Sung Joon always called her “Intern.”

Sung Joon then realized, "Isn't it better than "The Bastard Sung Joon"? What do you think?" asked Sung Joon and Hye Jin also remembered that she takat indeed called Sung Joon several times as “The bastard Sung Joon”.

"That's... not a pleasant call I made." Hye Jin and Sung Joon deny that they don't want to know, he invites Hye Jin to dinner. On the way to the restaurant, Sung Joon continues to discuss why Hye Jin is called the jerk, the crazy one, and Hye Jin keeps trying to explain that it was all hilir misunderstanding. res that she managed to take.

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They were now at a restaurant for dinner. Before eating, Sung Joon beat all the peas in his food. When asked why Sung Joon did that, he replied that he didn't like peas. Hearing that, Hye Jin immediately remembered that little Sung Joon had also done the same thing. Throwing away all the peas, little Sung Joon looks on, “I don't understand why people like peas, even though they don't taste good.”

Sung Joon's words as a child made Hye Jin smile to herself. Hye Jin then saw the Rubik on their table, she immediately tried to play it and managed to arrange one side.

"Finished. I did it! I must be a genius!” Hye Jin said happily.

"he can finish one side." Sung Joon said and asked about Rubik. He then tries to put it together, but it turns out that he just messed up, Sung Joon can't play the Rubik either.

"What? It's a brain challenge, you're not very smart." Hye Jin said and Sung Joon immediately denied by saying that he was very good at everything as long as he was really concerned.

“A block game. he doesn't even remember his name." Sung Joon said intending if he was good at playing the game

."Is it ddo ti ri ti ri ri ri? Is that so?" Hey, Jane while she sings the game song. Sung Joon agreed and asked for the name of the game. The two thought together and said "TETRIS" together.

Sung Joon confessed that his crime lasted 0.1 seconds. Because his brain was so fast, no one could keep up with him. Sung Joon then corrected Hee Jin's Tetris music mentioned above, but Hee-Jin stayed where she was. Their conversation continues, they play stress/telepathy and it turns out that many answers match. They talked until late at night when the waiter walked up to them and informed them that the restaurant was closed. They just realized they knew and the time had come.

While walking, Hee-Jin almost hit a motorcycle, luckily Sung Joon Hee Hein caught up quickly. Then they continue their journey, Sung Joon admits that he hasn't thanked He Jin yet. Hey, Jin thanks for the help that night when Sung Joon couldn't control himself on the highway. Sung Joon then talked about his mother who died at the age of 12. His mother died in a car accident in the rain. Since then, Sang Joon has had a driving shock. "Why would I tell you such a thing at all?" Sing Joon when he realizes he has lost his words. Hahaha, if only Sung Joon knew, hey Jin knew everything.

Sung Joon then pointed to a star that He Jin could also see. Then he got up, "Oh... I wish I could sleep in Seoul again."

Hee-Jin believes Sung Joon's ex is still a mature Sung Joon and is confident that he will reveal everything.

Jun Wu and Han Seoul spent the night at the inn. Joon Woo calls Sung Joon to review their situation so they can contact Sung Joon and Hee-Jin. After turning off the phone, Joon Woo watched as Han Seoul fell and continued to say that he smelled the garbage on the farm, not when he defecated. He also supported Han Seoul when she was in his arms and asked him to go back to the bathroom. Joon Woo remembers all the situations of Han Souls and realizes that Han Soul is beautiful. Han Seoul herself was offended by her behavior towards Jun Wu.

Hee-Jin and Sung Joon are still driving to where they live together. After mustering up the courage, Hee-Jin intends to reveal her identity to Sung Joon. But before he could say it, Shin Hyuk appeared and joined them. Shin Hyuk appeared while listening to the kingdom of Hee Jans. Hee-Jin finds Shin Hyuk cute because he came just to take his gift.

Shin Hyuk immediately corrected the reason for his arrival. He said Jun Wu and Han Seoul couldn't attend, so he came to replace them. Sung Joon then takes her to the hotel to rest, but Shin Hyuk refuses, saying he and He Jin will get together after drinking. When she heard that Seung Joon decided to leave immediately, it seemed like He Jin wouldn't be going with Shin Hyuk.

The three of them were now gathered at one of the restaurant tables. Shin Hyuk reveals that he came in such a rush that he didn't have time to bring a change boxer, so he plans to borrow Sung Joon's boxer. Hearing this, Hye Jin who was about to drink almost drowned. Sung Joon himself, of course, is even angrier with Shin Hyuk, replying that he doesn't have any boxers to borrow.

With a sad tone, Shin Hyuk said if he was going to wash his clothes, he used to sleep in boxers, what should he wear if the boxers were washed. Hearing Shin Hyuk, Hye Jin who was drinking immediately spat out all the water into her mouth.

Sung Joon who doesn't like Shin Hyuk's jokes immediately suggests Shin Hyuk buy it at the supermarket. Shin Hyuk then helped Hye Jin open the snacks. Seeing Hye Jin and Shin Hyuk's closeness makes Sung Joon jealous. Shin Hyuk then tells Sung Joon that he and Hye Jin are like brothers. “Ah….. Oppa dongsaeng…” Sung Joon said and drank his drink. He doesn't listen when Hye Jin tells him that the drink Sung Joon is drinking contains alcohol. Shin Hyuk, who seemed to deliberately make Sung Joon jealous, immediately touched Hye Jin's face and said if there was anything. Seeing this, Sung Joon warmed up and subconsciously went back to drinking his drink. Shin Hyuk then said he had a present for Hye Jin. Then he took Hye Jin's hand and gave her a spider toy. Hye Jin's shadow immediately screamed in fear and Shin Hyuk immediately took the spider back and still held Hye Jin's hand. Seeing Shin Hyuk holding Hye Jin's hand, Sung Joon looks jealous.

Hye Jin gets angry at Shin Hyuk and hits him. Sung Joon was also very annoyed with Shin Hyuk, so annoyed that Sung Joon hit Shin Hyuk on the head. He reasoned because there was a mosquito on Shin Hyuk's head.

“You look slimy… ah, you are so slimy…” Sung Joon said and passed out. He fainted from drinking alcohol.

As before, Hye Jin and Shin Hyuk had to drop Sung Joon off, fainting from the alcohol.

As before, Hye Jin and Shin Hyuk had to drop Sung Joon off, fainting from the alcohol.

As before, Hye Jin and Shin Hyuk had to drop Sung Joon off, fainting from the alcohol. Shin Hyuk is tired and wants to drink, but Hye Jin doesn't want to because she is busy taking care of Sung Joon who faints.

Shin Hyuk then asks Hye Jin if she looks really slimy. Hye Jin said and immediately said she was going to get some water. LAUGHING LOUD... Hye Jin doesn't deny that Shin Hyuk looks slimy.

When alone, Shin Hyuk looks at the photos that Sung Joon took with his digital camera. Suddenly, Shin Hyuk's expression changed when he saw one of the photos. We weren't shown in the photo right away, because we were immediately shown a scene where Shin Hyuk was jogging.

Retrospective scene!

It turned out that the photo that changed Shin Hyuk's expression was a photo of Hye Jin. Inside the digital camera, there are many photos of Hye Jin that were taken secretly by Sung Joon. From there, Shin Hyuk can guess that Sung Joon is starting to like Hye Jin.

Morning comes, Ha Ri leaves the room still in her nightgown. Not long after, Hye Jin came out of her room and immediately hugged Ha Ri. He says he is very happy for Ha Ri. Then, Ha Ri asks how she feels comfortable when Hye Jin goes on a business trip with Sung Joon and Hye Jin replies that if Sung Joon doesn't do anything to you, it looks like she's with Sung Joon on a business trip.

Since it was late, Hye Jin immediately said goodbye, but before leaving she told her best friend that her team had a deadline this week, so she wasn't going home.

As she walks into the writing team's office, Sung Joon greets her warmly. And since yesterday Sung Joon no longer calls Hye Jin as "Apprentice", Sung Joon said her name. It turned out that Sung Joon was in a good mood that morning when he walked into the office, Sung Joon also greeted all the employees and encouraged them to meet deadlines. Seeing the sudden change in Sung Joon's behavior, all the employees wonder why.

It was Hye Jin's onion who had seen the roots and she called it "beard". All employees do their job. Everyone worked very hard. Poong Ho walks into Sung Joon's room to inquire about his writing, and Sung Joon gives a very friendly explanation.

After Poong Ho leaves, Sung Joon gets a call from Ha Ri asking him to run his business, but since Sung Joon is busy, he can't talk to Ha Ri for a long time and hangs up immediately.

It was night and the editorial staff was still busy doing their jobs. Sung Joon found coffee and food on his desk. He could also quickly guess it was from Hye Jin. While showing Hye Jin the food, Sung Joon said he would eat it. Hye Jin nodded with a smile. Unbeknownst to them, Shin Hyuk saw what they were doing. Shin Hyuk looks jealous.

Everyone worked late into the night until someone at the desk nodded. Working for 24 hours really exhausted them, they were all exhausted and exhausted. Joon Woo and Han Sul accidentally looked at each other and looked embarrassed.

Sung Joon walks in and announces to everyone that they have to work harder because the model has changed hours. So on Thursday, they will be doing a photo shoot for the 20th-anniversary cover. And because the model they use is the flagship model, they have to adapt the program. Sung Joon enters his room and the whole team goes back to work.

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Hye Jin then meets Sung Joon in his room. She took Sung Joon out to dinner together after the cover shoot. Hye Jin was about to ask Sung Joon to eat in exchange for the frame he had broken. In addition, Hye Jin also said there was something she wanted to say to Sung Joon. Sung Joon accepts Hye Jin's offer. From the seat, Shin Hyuk looked at Hye Jin and Sung Joon who were standing. He looked jealous.

Shin Hyuk and Hye Jin eat together at their usual place. Since Shin Hyuk asked what Hye Jin had said to Sung Joon earlier, Hye Jin was telling the truth. He tells Shin Hyuk that he wants to tell Hye Jin everything. Shin Hyuk keeps staring at Hye Jin and makes Hye Jin think that Shin Hyuk is now worried about his sister. Shin Hyuk also agrees, also adding that Hye Jin is very similar to his sister. Because Shin Hyuk kept talking about his sister, Hye Jin gave most of her belongings to Shin Hyuk.

After eating, it's time to pay. When Shin Hyuk opened his wallet, Hye Jin saw a photo of a dog inside. Shin Hyuk said the dog was named Coco and she was Shin Hyuk's sister. Hearing this, of course, Hye Jin was immediately angry and upset because Shin Hyuk had likened himself to a dog.

Not wanting to be blamed by Shin, Hyuk once replied that he didn't tell Hye Jin that his sister was human. So the fault, in this case, is Hye Jin herself.

Hye Jin is getting angry and wants to hit Shin Hyuk, but Hye Jin's head holds Shin Hyuk so that Hye Jin's hand can't reach Shin Hyuk's body. Hye Jin continues to regret what she did to Shin Hyuk, who she considers an older sister. But it turns out that Shin Hyuk actually thinks of him like a dog.

Shin Hyuk was silent for a moment and thought. Shin Hyuk's face turned serious and he said, "Jackson... I think I like you."


He says you told the vice president everything and for some reason, I don't like what you are doing... I'm afraid you two like each other after telling it the way it is. Suddenly, I often imagine you. I wonder why that is. Now I think I know... Jackson, I like you. It turned out very well! "

“Ugh, editor Kim…” said Hye Jin in surprise and suddenly, “Woooow, I can't believe it anymore! Think you can fool me again? Hye Jin said and Shin Hyuk tried to ask Hye Jin if what she said was true. But Hye Jin still couldn't believe it and decided to leave.

On the other side, we see the Sung Joon and Ha Ri couple. Ha, Ri asks about the business trip again. And Sung Joon said his business trip this time was strange. He almost told me about cleaning up cow dung. Since Sung Joon only counted half, Ha Ri was getting more and more curious and kept asking questions. Lastly, Sung Joon talks about Hye Jin, his team's intern. Hearing Sung Joon talks about Hye Jin enthusiastically, Ha Ri looks uncomfortable. Ha, Ri then asks why Sung Joon wants to date her because she thinks Sung Joon is her childhood friend. Ha Ri asks this because she wants to know Sung Joon's true feelings

Not far from where they were, Hee-Jin and Sung Joon appeared. While Hee-Jin keeps begging Shin Hyuk not to tell you such things again, Shin Hyuk sees that Ray accepts Sung Joon.

Shin Hyuk finally knows what really happened between Ray, Hee Jin, and Sung Joon. He knew that Ray and Hee-Jin were friends. Sheen Hyuk doesn't want you to get hurt and betrayed, he also prevents you from looking back by hugging Hee-Jin from behind. Connect

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