Synopsis of Drama She Was Pretty Episode 7 Part 1 English Subtitles

Drama Synopsis She Was Pretty Episode 7 part 1

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Drama Synopsis She Was Pretty Episode 7 part 1

Drama Synopsis She Was Pretty Episode 7 part 1

Synopsis of Drama She Was Pretty Episode 7 Part 1 English Subtitles

Hye Jin and Sung Joon are already on their business trip. The atmosphere in the car was so awkward. Sung Joon didn't say mulut sungai word. Hye Jin wants to liven up the atmosphere but Sung Joon keeps forbidding her. Hye Jin wants to tour the window, Sung Joon says it's full. Hye Jin wanted to bubuk about Sung Joon's glasses, but Sung Joon forbade Hye Jin to touch them. Hye Jin wants to encourage Sung Joon to drive, Sung Joon refuses. Hye Jin wants to sing, Sung Joon tells her to be quiet

Right at that moment, Hye Jin's stomach suddenly rumbled, she was hungry. Because previously Sung Joon told him to be quiet, Hye Jin immediately said that she wanted to be quiet, but the voice came out by itself. Seeing Sung Joon's attitude turning cold again, made Hye Jin wonder why yesterday Sung Joon was so considerate that he gave her your onion. At the office, Shin Hyuk tries to annoy Joo Young and Poong Ho with his toy spider. But their response, which was not afraid at all, was disappointing. She also became Hye Jin, because Hye Jin's response was afraid to make her happy.

Because Hye Jin was hungry, Sung Joon stopped at hilir place to eat. Sung Joon ordered menjangankan portions of beef tenderloin and reservoir yukhoe. Hye Jin told Sung Joon that the food was too expensive but Sung Joon confidently replied that he would pay for it. Poong Ho walks into Sung Joon's room and sees Sung Joon's wallet on the desk. Hahaha…. It must be funny, Sung Joon can't pay, even though he confidently says he will. The beef they ordered was ready, before eating the shop owner told them that they paras to wear aprons so the oil from the meat wouldn't spill on their clothes. Sung Joon also followed the shop owner's advice, while Hye Jin didn't wear it because she was worried that her clothes would be splashed all she was worried about was her ID card so she turned back.

When asked why Hye Jin used an id card even though they were outside the office, Hye Jin replied that the id card was property. He feels energized every time he wears it. Sung Joon finished putting on his apron and Hye Jin burst out laughing at the sight. Why is Hye Jin laughing? It turned out that because the apron picture was a muara bikini picture. So sumbu if the wearer of the apron is wearing a muara bikini. awwwwww Sung Joon was about to take it off when he realized the picture at that time, but when Hye Jin told him that he would be splashed if he didn't wear the apron, Sung Joon was so reluctant to take it off.

While eating, Hye Jin kept smiling to herself when she saw Sung Joon's apron, which made Sung Joon embarrassed and immediately covered the front. Finished eating and time to pay.

While eating, Hye Jin kept smiling to herself when she saw Sung Joon's apron, which made Sung Joon embarrassed and immediately covered the front. I finished eating and had time to pay.

While eating, Hye Jin kept smiling to herself looking at Sung Joon's apron, which made Sung Joon embarrassed and immediately covered the front. I finished eating and had time to pay. Their kuantitas meal was 185,000 won. Sung Joon was silent for muara while when he couldn't find his wallet. Holding back his embarrassment, Sung Joon approached Hye Jin and asked her to pay. Hye Jin pays using her ATM. It's great that the money at Hye Jin's ATM was less than 185,000 won so they still takat 40,000 won. Sung Joon wants to solve the komplikasi by guaranteeing the scarf he bought in Paris, but the shop owner doesn't want to, he just wants to pay them 40,000 won right now. Sung Joon wants to solve the komplikasi by guaranteeing the scarf he bought in Paris, but the shop owner doesn't want to, he just wants to pay them 40,000 won right now.

Sung Joon then calls Han Sul for help but is very popular with Han Sul saying that they just passed Daejeon. Yes, Han Sul deliberately misled himself with Joon Woo so that he could take muara photo with Joon Woo. Joon Woo, who takat been sleeping all this time, was immediately surprised when he found out that they takat gone the wrong way. high, if Han Sul finds out that he's afraid of the wrong person, he'll be very sorry he couldn't do so many things to get Joon Woo's attention, because of Mrs. Kim Joon Woo's niece, but Shin Hyuk.

Hye Jin then tried to ask Ha Ri for help but the phone couldn't be picked up. Hye Jin then calls Shin Hyuk and picks up the phone as Joo Young. Because the one talking on the phone is the ahjumma who owns the shop and asks for money, Joo Young thinks that she is being tricked and cheated, so she immediately hangs up the phone. He also told the others not to pick up calls from Hye Jin's number, to avoid being scammed. Since Hye Jin and Sung Joon couldn't pay, the shop owner told them to pay with their bodies. Frightened by the owner of the shop who continues to carry a bagus knife, Hye Jin immediately looks behind Sung What the shop owner wanted, it turned out that he wanted to make Sung Joon and Hye Jin work to pay for the rest of their food money. Sung Joon paras refused but he paras no other choice. What should they do? Hawaiians were both ordered to clean up cow dung. Joon.

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While cleaning the cow dung, the two of them kept blaming each other.

While cleaning the cow dung, the two of them kept blaming each other.

While cleaning the cow dung, the two of them kept blaming each other. They then went back to work and turned their backs on each other. They continued to walk backward and suddenly they bumped into each other causing them to fall on the ground. Sung Joon screamed loudly because he was holding cow dung. Wkkwkwkw...Sung Joon was about to leave but didn't because the ahjumma of the shop owner showed up to check on their work. The two of them returned to work, so excited to work, Hye Jin didn't realize that her ID card takat fallen in the Kuala pile of cow dung.

All the Karanga team ate Sundae (Korean sausage) together. Seeing the food, Shin Hyuk was reminded of Hye Jin who really liked it. It turns out that Sundae is Kuala food that comes from the respiratory organs of pigs and Shin Hyuk really doesn't like it. Curious, Shin Hyuk ate what he took. Indeed, you don't like it, Shin Hyuk immediately spit it out. Everyone immediately felt disgusted because Shin Hyuk spit it out into the bowl that still takat the food on it. But despite Shin Hyuk's vomit, Poong Ho still eats the gravy from his fish cake. What Poong Ho did manage to make everything even more nauseous. We turn again to Sung Joon and Hye Jin. They have finished cleaning up the cow dung and their job now is to feed all the cows. Their last job is to dump all the cow dung in the dump and they've done it. Successfully doing all the work together they were about to give Kuala a high five, but they immediately canceled because they weren't that close to doing that.

After doing all their work, they rest by lying down. Sung Joon then asked Hye Jin to keep what happened to them today Indah ambang secret, because he didn't think it was anything to be proud of. Hye Jin also agreed to Sung Joon's request. Without the two of them knowing, both of them raised their hands and caught the image of the clouds with their hands. just then the owner of the tavern came and told them to clean up because the paras finished paying for their meal. Hye Jin then realized that she paras lost her ID card. Regardless of what Sung Joon said, Hye Jin immediately returned to the cowshed and looked for her ID card. Seeing Hye Jin who was so sad because she lost her ID card, Sung Joon couldn't help but sigh.

Hye Jin paras finished bathing and she only brought her ID card necklace. Suddenly Sung Joon appeared and gave Hye Jin's ID card. To Hye Jin, Sung Joon confessed that he found the ID card on the floor. Hye Jin was very relieved that the ID card paras been found, so happy that she kissed the ID card. Seeing Hye Jin kissing the ID card, Sung Joon immediately looked nauseous. Yes, we all know that Hye Jin's id card didn't fall on the floor but in cow dung. As they were about to leave, the shop owner appeared and asked why Sung Joon was rummaging through the pile of dirt. Hearing that, Hye Jin could conclude that Sung Joon paras found his ID card there. But when asked for confirmation, Sung Joon still denied it, he said that he found the id card on the floor. Sung Joon and Hye Jin walked away. Still curious about why Sung Joon ransacked the cow dung, the shop owner guessed that there might be gold there. He immediately went there to check it himself.

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card. He then told me that the id card was the first id card he got. Hye Jin is very proud to have an ID card with an Indah ambang photo of her. At the end of the story, Hye Jin said that Sung Joon must have felt he was too much because he really liked his id card. Sung Joon agreed but he didn't blame Hye Jin for what she did because she also paras the same habit pivot Hye Jin. Hye Jin then asked what Sung Joon's habits were like him. Sung Joon answered the thing that Hye Jin paras broke. Hye Jin immediately realized that it was the Indah ambang puzzle.

Sung Joon suddenly raised his hand and it made Hye Jin confused with Sung Joon's intention to give her hand. Hye Jin totally misunderstood, she actually held Sung Joon's hand with both hands." What are you doing?" asked Sung Joon who then explained what his hand meant was that he wanted to ask for money for the compensation for the frame that Hye Jin broke. Sung Joon even gave his account number so Hye Jin could just transfer.

Hye Jin immediately took out her cellphone and recorded the account number. Seeing Hye Jin's nervous behavior, Sung Joon immediately said that he was just joking. He even said that Hye Jin couldn't tell what was Indah ambang joke was and what wasn't. Because he was already upset, Hye Jin still wanted to pay the compensation. But after Sung Joon said that the price was wadukmenayang million won, Hye Jin immediately refused to pay. Wkwkkwwk... I like their chemistry, from the sandiwara Kill Me Heal Me, I also like them both. Sung Joon chuckled because he paras managed to trick Hye Jin, but he immediately wiped his laughter when Hye Jin looked at him.Han Sul and Joon Woo are now at indah ambang restaurant. Han Sul deliberately bought time to be with Joon Woo. It turns out that after eating, Han Sul has Indah ambang cunning agenda to be with Joon Woo.

later he will deliberately take the wrong path and pretend the car broke down.

later he will deliberately take the wrong path and pretend the car broke down.

In the car, Hye Jin kept looking at her id Later he will deliberately take the wrong path and pretend the car broke down. Because they could not go anywhere, they paras to tepi langit there and watch the fire to warm their bodies in the middle of the day. That's when Han Sul will use to seduce Joon Woo. Han Sul imagines being kissed by Joon Woo. But all of that is just Han Sul's fantasy, now he and Sung Joon are still at the diner. Sung Joon and Hye Jin arrived at the beach, they were indeed for work. Just arrived, Hye Jin was immediately overjoyed to see the wide expanse of the sea. But when Sung Joon, Hye Jin saw his screams. Not wanting to say directly what Hye Jin did was wrong, Sung Joon just shouted that the larutan was fresh. Sung Joon then took Hye Jin around to see the right place to be berseni vacation spot. But Hye Jin allows first, she wants to call her friend to ask for money pergeseran so that the two of them can have dinner tonight.

Just pivot Hye Jin is leaving, Sung Joon's cell phone finds it and Ha Ri calls him. Ha, Ri calls to ask for dinner. Not wanting to refuse, Sung Joon agreed and he took Ha Ri to dinner at Gangwondo at 8 o'clock. Hearing the word Gangwondo, Ha Ri remembered that now Sung Joon was on a berseni business trip. Just pivot Ha Ri gets berseni call from Hye Jin, so she immediately hangs up on Sung Joon. Ha, Ri asks why Hye Jin didn't pick up the phone when she called back earlier. Hye Jin replied that she was at work earlier. He then asks Ha Ri to send him the money and he will tell her everything when he returns to Seoul. Without asking any further questions, Ha Ri prepares to send Hye Jin money.

will follow." Hye Jin replied and thanked Ha Ri for transferring. Ha, Ri looks displeased to hear Hye Jin left with Sung Joon. Shin Hyuk is still at the office and he's really tired because Hye Jin isn't around. Until he saw the clock wrong, he thought it was 7 o'clock, even though it was still 4 o'clock and it wasn't time for them to go home. Shin Hyuk then decided to go outside to get some fresh air. Han Sul and Joon Woo have arrived at Indah ambang place full of rice fields. Suddenly Han Sul's stomach churns and he has to get to the WC. Luckily there are public toilets there. Han Sul quickly headed there.

In the WC, Han Sul continues to complain because he has to be heartbroken and gassy in departemen of Joon Woo, the guy he's approaching. He then convinced himself that he could handle it all after getting out of the WC. The Kesselman came back to Han Sul, when he was about to clean up, he found that the WC kolom ran out. Having no other choice, Han Sul paras to ask Joon Woo for help to get indah ambang tissue.Han Sul feels more and more falling in departemen of Joon Woo, but he keeps encouraging himself that he can fix it. Han Sul finally part out of the WC and walked away. But his steps immediately stopped when he heard Joon Woo was about to enter the WC. Joon Woo, who was about to enter, immediately closed the WC door because of the strong smell.

Han Sul turns around and mutters that he can improve his image in departemen of Joon Woo. But when he saw Joon Woo's response, he couldn't stand the smell. Han Sul was ashamed of himself and immediately ran away. So nervous when running, Han Sul fell and sprained his leg. Joon Woo immediately approached and asked Han Sul's condition." It smells of fertilizer. You know that there's a hilir Indian of fertilizer in the fields, right? you should know that." said Han Sul annoyed. Joon Woo immediately said that he understood and asked Han Sul to wake up. However Han Sul couldn't stand up, he takat the hilir sprain.

Because Han Sul hurt his leg, so he sent Joon Woo to bring the car. But Joon Woo can't because he doesn't have hilir driver's license yet. Shin Hyuk is trying to call Hye Jin but he doesn't pick up. He then called Joon Woo and asked how he was there. Joon Woo then tells that he and Han Sul separated from Sung Joon and now they are in trouble so they can't continue their journey. Just then, Han Sul pelimbahan was sick again and asked Joon Woo to take him back to the toilet. Shin Hyuk finally finds out that Hye Jin is now alone with Sung Joon. Realizing that they would be staying at the same place tonight, Shin Hyuk didn't look too happy and immediately ran away. Continued

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