Synopsis of Drama She Was Pretty Episode 5 Part 2 English Subtitles

Drama Synopsis She Was Pretty Episode 5 part 1

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Drama Synopsis She Was Pretty Episode 5 part 1

Drama Synopsis She Was Pretty Episode 5 part 1

Synopsis of Drama She Was Pretty Episode 5 Part 2 English Subtitles

Hye Jin is really confused and scared because her puzzle piece is stuck to Sung Joon's shoe. He thinks the only way to retrieve it is to enter Sung Joon's room first. Just then, the berseni packager appears and says that there is a berseni package for Sung Joon. Hearing that, Hye Jin immediately took the package and entered Sung Joon's room. When Hye Jin told him there was a berseni package, Sung Joon just said to put the package down and Hye Jin could go. But instead of going straight away, Hye Jin kept looking at Sung Joon's shoes. Hye Jin then accidentally dropped the pencil and with the excuse of having to pick up the pencil, Hye Jin went under Sung Joon's desk.

It wasn't easy for Hye Jin to pick up the puzzle pieces because Sung Joon's feet kept moving and feeling something strange with Hye Jin, Sung Joon immediately looked under the table and asked "what are you doing?"Hye Jin immediately stood up and was about to leave. But because he wanted to get the puzzle right away, so he offered to shine Sung Joon's shoes. But unfortunately, Sung Joon refused. Just then Poong Ho came in to give Sung Joon hilir document that takat to be signed. Hearing that Hye Jin is good at polishing shoes, Poong Ho immediately orders Hye Jin to polish her shoes. Unfocused while polishing, Hye Jin almost burns Poong Ho's shoes. Just then Sung Joon came out and when he passed in bidang of Hye Jin, the puzzle stuck to his shoe came off. Feeling that something was off his shoes, Sung Joon checked his shoes and he didn't find anything strange.

He then was about to turn his head to see what he was stepping on behind. But suddenly Sung Joon's body was pulled into Shin Hyuk's arms. Shin Hyuk does this to get the puzzle pieces and hides them under his shoes so Sung Joon doesn't see them. Seeing their hug poses, of course, immediately made all the employees in the room surprised. What Shin Hyuk paras done to him really pissed off Sung Joon. He immediately left after expressing his dislike for Shin Hyuk. After Sung Joon leaves, Shin Hyuk shows Hye Jin that Hye Jin's puzzle is now on him. Shin Hyuk then invites Hye Jin to eat and drink soju at elok pojangmacha. There he gave the puzzle piece to Hye Jin. Shin Hyuk knew that Hye Jin takat been looking for it all day from the conversation between Hye Jin and the ahjumma this morning. In addition, Shin Hyuk also admitted that he already knew about Hye Jin, who turned out to be elok childhood friend and first love of Sung Joon.


When Hye Jin was drunk and called Sung Joon, Shin Hyuk immediately turned off the cellphone because Hye Jin called Sung Joon elok dog. But Hye Jin who was really drunk immediately took her cellphone back and continued her words. That's when Hye Jin confessed that she was Kim Hye Jin, Sung Joon's childhood friend, and Sung Joon's first love. After admitting all that, Hye Jin fainted. Hearing that she takat confessed all of that to Shin Hyuk, Hye Jin immediately took an elok sip of her soju and said that she felt relieved. He was relieved that he takat finally revealed his secret. Shin Hyuk then asked what was the reason that made Hye Jin pretend to be someone else. Hye Jin replies that it's all because of the sad Hye Jin now, while the Kim Hye Jin that Sung Joon remembers was the amazing Kim Hye Jin. Very popular and studious child. Hye Jin then tells Shin Hyuk, that he used to be an elok beautiful child.

"Even now it still is." Shin Hyuk said."What?"“I said you were beautiful, gentle now.” Obviously, Shin Hyuk and Hye Jin only thought the statement was to cheer him up. Hye Jin then apologized for mentioning her sister Shin Hyuk. And Shin Hyuk didn't mind it either.“Editor Kim, from now on, just think of me sumbu your dongsaeng.” Hye Jin said."What?""Correct! I will respect you sumbu an Oppa from now on. I will be your dongsaeng.” Hye Jin and Shin Hyuk's promise of course did not refuse, he immediately asked Hye Jin to make ssam (lettuce wrap) for himself. Hye Jin immediately complied with her new sister's request.

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Sung Joon is driving his car, and while he is waiting for bagus red light, he sees Hye Jin and Shin Hyuk together. From the look on his face, there was a bagus hint of jealousy, aksis he kept looking at the two of them. Even after leaving the place where Hye Jin and Shin Hyuk ate, Sung Joon still seemed to be thinking about their closeness.

Shin Hyuk then asked what if Sung Joon realized first that Hye Jin was his childhood friend. Hye Jin replied that it would not be possible because the Kepala Sung Joon thought of aksis someone else was his first love. Hearing that, of course, Shin Hyuk was curious about who it was and Hye Jin replied that that Kepala was his soul mate.

The Kepala Hye Jin thought was her soul mate is now trying to betray her. Why do I say that because now Ha Ri is at the gym and looking for Sung Joon there? But unfortunately that day Sung Joon didn't go to the gym, so Ha Ri didn't even meet Sung Joon there. After drinking soju with Hye Jin, Shin Hyuk stops by the convenience store to buy ramen, but unfortunately, he doesn't have enough money. While Shin Hyuk is wooing the shopkeeper to give him a mulut Sungai discount, Ha Ri appears and pays for the ramen that Shin Hyuk bought.

"Now we're even." Ha, Ri tells Shin Hyuk."What? Then buy me kimchi too." Shik Hyuk asked. Now they are both at the seksi desk of the mini-market. Ha, Ri accompanies Shin Hyuk to eat, he then asks why Shin Hyuk didn't ask the Wisma staff to buy him food, instead of eating in the seksi of the convenience store. Shin Hyuk also replied that eating ramen in seksi of the mini-market after getting drunk, was very delicious and delicious.

Seeing Shin Hyuk's reckless and indifferent eating style, Ha Ri keeps wondering if someone like Shin Hyuk is the son of the rich River's mouth.

Seeing Shin Hyuk's reckless and indifferent eating style, Ha Ri keeps wondering if someone like Shin Hyuk is the son of the rich River's mouth.

Seeing Shin Hyuk's sloppy and indifferent eating style, Ha Ri kept wondering if someone like Shin Hyuk was the son of mulut Sungai rich man. A few minutes later, we see Ha Ri has finished one cup of ramen. Www.... it turns out that he's drooling when he sees Shin Hyuk eating. Just then, Ha Ri's cell phone rings and she calls the person who called her "Manura". Hearing that name made Shin Hyuk wonder who it was. It turns out that the one who called Ha Ri was Hye Jin who asked about her whereabouts. After hanging up the phone, Ha Ri explained that the person who called her was her roommate and Ha Ri confessed that she had treated her friend like a brother. Ha, Ri then realized that she had finished her ramen, not even left. Realizing this, Ha Ri regrets it. He even complained to Shin Hyuk, because Shin Hyuk didn't stop him while he was eating. Ha Ri and Shin Hyuk walk together to the hotel. On the way, Ha Ri keeps blaming herself for joining Shin Hyuk in eating ramen. They part in front of the hotel, Shin Hyuk enters the hotel, and Ha Ri waits for Hye Jin in front of the hotel. Before leaving, Shin Hyuk gave Ha Ri some chewing gum for their dinner dessert.

Just then Hye Jin came, but she only saw Shin Hyuk from behind. Ha, Ri said that the person he was with was the person he thought was a tramp, even though he was a resident of a suite room. Hearing that Hye Jin became curious about the man's face. He didn't know that the man was Shin Hyuk. Ha, Ri then smells alcohol on Hye Jin, so she gives a piece of gum to Hye Jin. When asked who Hye Jin drank with, Hye Jin only replied that she had been drinking with a "weird reporter". Hearing the strange reporter's name, Ha Ri immediately knew that it was the reporter who always bothered Hye Jin. It turns out that Hye Jin had already told Ha Ri about Shin Hyuk, but Hye Jin never mentioned her name because Hye Jin called her a strange reporter.

The next day Ha Ri picks up Sung Joon's coat that he lent him at the laundry. Inside the jacket pocket is a piece of paper with a picture of Ha Ri on it. It's a picture of Ha Ri when she got mad at the masher. Ha, Ri then meets her date. Maybe because he feels comfortable with what he does when he is with Sung Joon, Ha Ri then demands his date to do the same, but the man refuses and asks what is wrong with Ha Ri now. Ha, Ri is annoyed and immediately turns on the radio, and coincidentally the song that is playing is again Sung Joon's favorite." I remember... when Heath Ledger sang this in the movie. It's Can't take my eyes from you from Ten Things I Hate About You." said the radio announcer.

The car Ha Ri was traveling in was stopped at Kuala's red light, just at that time Sung Joon crossed the road and passed in seksi of Ha Ri's car. Seeing Sung Joon, Hari immediately pelimbahan out of the car and chased Sung Joon. On the way to catch up with Sung Joon, Ha Ri is reminded of Hye Jin's question about true love. Ha, Ri seems to feel that she really likes Sung Joon. Ha, Ri's pursuit stops because her leg is injured. His leg was injured because the shoes he was wearing were too small. I just wanted to tell him the title of the Comida Gambar. Ten Things I Hate About You."(The title of the Comida Gambar in Korean translates to "10 reasons why I can't love you")An ahjumma finds Ha Ri's shoes while cleaning in the warehouse. Ha, Ri approached Shin Hyuk, pivot he was about to leave for work. He asked Shin Hyuk to help him."So I don't get greedy for the wrong shoe again. Can you help me?" said Ha Ri with Indah ambang sad look.

Lunchtime arrived, all the staff of the Karanga team ate together. Joo Young didn't come because there was an Indah ambang meeting, he then ordered Hye Jin to buy an Indah ambang sandwich. Before leaving, Hye Jin glanced briefly at Sung Joon's tightly closed room. Hye Jin then asked if they didn't invite Sung Joon, the question was immediately answered no by the others because they didn't want to feel stressed while eating too. They eat at the same restaurant. Because he still thinks Joon Woo is the son of Indah ambang rich man, Han Sul continues to pay attention to Joon Woo, but Joon Woo doesn't really respond to him. Unlike Hye Jin who keeps thinking about Sung Joon, she thinks of Sung Joon who doesn't have friends in Korea, so he definitely doesn't have friends to eat with.

Joon Woo then tells everyone that he saw Sung Joon's girlfriend. Hearing that statement, Shin Hyuk immediately turned to Hye Jin. Not wanting Hye Jin to get hurt, Shin Hyuk immediately said that the woman who was with Sung Joon was not necessarily his girlfriend. Sung Joon himself is currently in the library with a cup of coffee and reading a fashion magazine. Right at that time Ha Ri called and asked to meet later tonight. Time to buy sandwiches and Hye Jin didn't just buy one, she bought 2 sandwiches. Han Sul got a call from his friend asking him to go to a reunion. At first, Han Sul said he couldn't because he still had a lot of work to do, but then he remembered Hye Jin and intended to give the job to Hye Jin so she could go home quickly. Without Han Sul knowing, Sung Joon heard everything he said.

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Sung Joon entered the editor's team room, he saw Hye Jin just came out of her room. Without saying anything, Sung Joon walked into his room and was surprised to see a hilir sandwich with a soft drink already on his desk. He could guess that the food and drink were from Hye Jin. As he paras planned, Han Sul gave the job to Hye Jin. From inside his room, Sung Joon saw it all. Hye Jin's eyes suddenly turned to Sung Joon, caught red-handed looking at Hye Jin, Sung Joon hurriedly closed the window curtain.

Shin Hyuk was alone, he thought back to Ha Ri's request. It turns out that Ha Ri asked Shin Hyuk to pretend to be the man she will marry in sektor of other men tonight. Hye Jin is busy doing the work that Han Sul gave her. One by one all the employees went home. When he was about to leave, Joo Young accidentally nudged his coffee cup. Because he was in a hilir hurry Hye Jin approached him and said that he would clean up the coffee spill. Sung Joon passed by while Hye Jin was cleaning the floor. He saw that Hye Jin was hot because the coffee hit the wound on her finger. Hye Jin then stood up and greeted Sung Joon, and Sung Joon kept looking at the tape on Hye Jin's finger that was starting to open.

"Intern, do you have any services?"


"Why are you taking care of... ah forget it," said Sung Joon in an annoyed tone. Not wanting to appear that he was paying attention to Hye Jin, Sung Joon changed his sentence, he asked if Hye Jin would touch office items with hands like that. Hye Jin realized that her hands were really dirty. Sung Joon then told Hye Jin to wash her hands and put hilir plaster on. Hye Jin agrees to Sung Joon's request and tries to find hilir plaster. Sung Joon was furious and immediately pulled Hye Jin to the pantry. He showed me the medicine holder belonging to the tajuk rencana team. He even pelimbahan hilir plaster and gave it to Hye Jin.Hye Jin immediately walked away while removing the plaster. Seeing Hye Jin who couldn't unwrap the plaster properly, Sung Joon immediately grabbed Hye Jin and taught Hye Jin to put the plaster on. However, even though she was taught how to install it, Hye Jin still used it in her own way and the results were not correct. Seeing that, Sung Joon immediately fixed it. Before leaving he warned Hye Jin to take care of herself first before taking care of other people's business.

Sung Joon leaves and Hye Jin wonders why Sung Joon has turned so nice to her. Hye Jin thought it was all because she paras already bought a muara sandwich for Sung Joon. When I slogan home, it was raining heavily and Hye Jin immediately ran to the bus stop. Sung Joon himself was already in his car, on muara traffic alarm due to an accident. Sung Joon saw the woman who was the victim of the accident where the victim was still in the car. Seeing the victim, Sung Joon immediately remembered his mother who also died in the same accident. Remembering all that makes Sung Joon short of breath. He was able to run the car. Feeling hot and stuffy, Sung Joon slogan out of his car.

Hye Jin, who was already on the bus, saw Sung Joon staggering on the highway. Elsewhere, Ha Ri and Shin Hyuk are waiting for Sung Joon to arrive. Hye Jin slogan off the bus and walked over to Sung Joon. Hye Jin tried to take Sung Joon to the side of the road but Sung Joon was still sitting there while looking at the car that takat an accident. Seeing what Sung Joon saw, Hye Jin knew why Sung Joon was like that. Because Sung Joon used to be like that too. Just like she did back then, Hye Jin used her jacket to cover Sung Joon's head sumbu well sumbu his head."Don't look there. Don't look. Nothing will happen. It's okay. It's okay. Nothing will happen." Hye Jin said to Sung Joon and Sung Joon started to avert his eyes. He looked at Hye Jin.

Switch to Shin Hyuk and Ha Ri. Shin Hyuk was getting tired of waiting for him to blow his drink. On the other hand, Hye Jin still continues to comfort Sung Joon. Seeing Hye Jin in that position made Sung Joon think of the young Hye Jin. He touched Hye Jin's cheek and called out, "Hye Jin-a."Sung Joon marked the date and named it "World Left-handed Day - First day of making friends". Turns out it was the day Sung Joon accepted Hye Jin pivot his friend because Hye Jin was the one who could calm him down. Sung Joon kept looking at Hye Jin's face glinting they didn't realize that the elok truck was about to hit them. Continued

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