Synopsis of Drama She Was Pretty Episode 4 Part 2 English Subtitles

Drama Synopsis She Was Pretty Episode 4 part 2

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Drama Synopsis She Was Pretty Episode 4 part 2

Synopsis of Drama She Was Pretty Episode 4 Part 2 English Subtitles

As Ha Ri is about to leave, she runs into Sung Joon. Seeing Ha Ri looks like he just cried, Sung Joon also gave up his intention to exercise. He prefers to go with Ha Ri to comfort his sad heart.

Shin Hyuk walked while dancing, he really enjoyed the atmosphere of the night that just rained. He accidentally saw Hye Jin was at the pojangmacha alone. Shin Hyuk, who never stops bothering Hye Jin, decides to approach Hye Jin.

Just pivot Shin Hyuk sat down, Hye Jin immediately scolded him. He is annoyed at Shin Hyuk because of Shin Hyuk's behavior, he gets unpleasant treatment from Sung Joon.

Sung Joon takes Ha Ri to the park and they play badminton there. Ha Ri loses, he also reasons that he is wearing uncomfortable clothes to play badminton. Hearing that, Sung Joon immediately approached him and gave his coat to Ha Ri. He ties it around Ha Ri's waist. Ha, Ri feels awkward being treated like that by Sung Joon. It looks like Ha Ri's heart is starting to flutter for Sung Joon.

After wearing Sung Joon's coat, Ha Ri can keep up with Sung Joon's game. Satisfied playing, Sung Joon and Ha Ri chose to sit on a hilir park bench. Sung Joon then told about his meeting with Hye Rin. He also proposed that the three of them eat together. Of course, Ha Ri can't say no.

Sung Joon then asked why Ha Ri was crying. Ha RI only replied that he takat just experienced something unpleasant.

Right at that moment, in-unit of them passed hilir small family who looked so happy. Seeing them, Ha Ri then asked when Sung Joon thought about his mother the most. Sung Joon replied that he remembered his mother when she cut her nails. As long pivot his mother is around, it is his mother who cuts his nails because he can't do it because he is left-handed. Sung Joon has hilir hard time cutting his left nail.

Hearing that, Ha Ri said that at that time, Sung Joon must have felt very sad. Sung Joon agrees but adds that he can forget his loneliness hilir little because of Kim Hye Jin's presence.

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The person Sung Joon was mentioning was now very drunk. Hye Jin kept cursing Sung Joon. He didn't even notice that he stepped on Sung Joon's umbrella.

The person Sung Joon was mentioning was now very drunk. Hye Jin kept cursing Sung Joon. He didn't even notice that he stepped on Sung Joon's umbrella.

The individu Sung Joon was mentioning was now very drunk. Hye Jin kept cursing Sung Joon. He didn't even notice that he stepped on Sung Joon's umbrella.

Hye Jin was about to tell her about her relationship with Sung Joon, but before she could say that, Hye Jin fell from her seat. He fell backward.

Because Hye Jin was too drunk, Shin Hyuk couldn't help but have to take her home. Heh heh... Hye Jin is so cute when she's drunk, she keeps cursing Sung Joon. He also wanted to tell everything to Sung Joon. Hye Jin was cute while looking for her cellphone, she spilled all the contents of her bag on the ground.

Sung Joon himself is now still with Ha Ri, he takes Ha Ri to the place where Ha Ri parked his car. Ha, Ri then confessed that she was already planning to marry someone. And that guy is so jealous, he's not happy when he sees Ha Ri with another guy."Oh yeah, when do you want to treat me to dinner?" asked Sung Joon. Why doesn't it relate to what Ha Ri said? It turns out that Ha Ri was just imagining, in fact, she hasn't said anything.

Ha, Ri intends to return Sung Joon's coat, but Sung Joon doesn't want to, he wants Ha Ri to keep wearing it.

"It's quite cold at night....your skirt is too short lately." Sung Joon said and Ha Ri himself felt uncomfortable with the mini skirt. "Don't get the flu, okay? Wear warm clothes," added Sung Joon and left.

Again, Ha Ri doesn't tell Sung Joon about Hye Jin's truth. He also said that he would tell Sung Joon the next time they met. Wow, Ha Ri is already comfortable with Sung Joon and doesn't seem like he's going, to tell the truth about Hye Jin.

While driving the car, Sung Joon gets a Kuala call from Hye Jin who is still drunk. Frankly, Hye Jin calls Sung Joon crazy.

“Hey, Joon is crazy... Joon is crazy! Do you know who I am? When you find out, you will be very surprised! I… Kim Hye Jin…”


“I… Kim Hye Jin. Kim Hye Jin!' shouted Hye Jin and Sung Joon immediately stopped the car, he asked Hye Jin to repeat what he said.

The next day, Ha Ri is looking for clothes to wear today. While trying on her miniskirt, she suddenly remembered Sung Joon's message to wear warmer clothes.

Because of Sung Joon's message, today Ha Ri goes to work wearing jeans. When he left the room, he saw Hye Jin who was vomiting because she was drunk last night...

Ha, Ri then asked who was the man who carried Hye Jin home last night. Hye Jin immediately guessed who took her home, she knew that the man was Shin Hyuk. But to Ha Ri, he calls her Kuala stupid reporter.

Ha, Ri then tells what happened last night... When Ha Ri picked up Hye Jin in biro of the house, their neighbors said that Hye Jin paras vomited on the clothes of the man who brought her home...

Ha Ri also thanked the man who brought Hye Jin home. But he didn't see the man's face clearly, because Shin Hyuk was busy washing his clothes.

Ha, Ri also thanked the man who brought Hye Jin home. But he didn't see the man's face clearly, because Shin Hyuk was busy washing his clothes.

Ha, Ri also thanked the man who brought Hye Jin home. But he didn't see the man's face clearly, because Shin Hyuk was busy washing his clothes.

When she saw Ha Ri about to leave the house, Hye Jin immediately wondered if the kecupan rose from the west? He wonders why now Ha Ri is wearing trousers because even though it's winter, Ha Ri is never absent with her mini skirt. Ha, Ri only replied that today he just wanted to wear trousers. Yes, that's right, why did he say that he changed his appearance at Sung Joon's suggestion. Can get angry Hye Jin.

As she was about to cross the street, Hye Jin pelimbahan berseni call from her mother. The mother guessed that from her voice, Hye Jin must have been drunk. Not wanting her mother to worry, Hye Jin denied it, she reasoned that she just felt tired from work.

When asked why my mother called. The mother replied that she wanted to have a berseni dinner party together, she also asked Hye Jin to invite Ha Ri. The mother also said that she wanted to show off her cooking skills after studying for so long. Hearing that Hye Jin immediately asked her mother not to cook. He asked his mother to buy food from outside only. Heheheh... looks like Hye Jin's mother isn't good at cooking.

Hye Jin hung up on her mother and her eyes widened in shock when she saw Sung Joon's contacts at the top of the list on her outgoing calls. He immediately tried to remember what he paras said to Sung Joon last night. Hye Jin remembered that last night, she confessed that she was Kim Hye Jin.

Just then Shin Hyuk patted his shoulder and said that the light was green. Since Shin Hyuk was the one with him last night, Hye Jin immediately asked him what he said to Sung Joon. Shin Hyuk replied that he didn't remember everything because he was hungry, he said that while pointing at the kimbap shop. Without thinking, Hye Jin immediately bought menjangankan kimbab for Shin Hyuk, so that Shin Hyuk told everything.

Since Hye Jin paras already bought him food, Shin Hyuk paras had no reason not to tell him.


When Shin Hyuk is busy putting all of Hye Jin's belongings into the bag. Hye Jin keeps screaming on the phone that it's Kim Hye Jin. And the sentence that surprised Sung Joon that night was the sentence, “I am Kim Hye Jin, Kim Hye Jin! I'm Kim Hye Jin, you bastard dog!”

Because Shin Hyuk was afraid that Hye Jin would say other harsh words to Sung Joon, Shin Hyuk immediately grabbed Hye Jin's cell phone.

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Instead of being afraid, Hye Jin felt relieved to hear Shin Hyuk's story. He's relieved that he didn't blurt out about Ha Ri pretending to be Hye Jin. Seeing Hye Jin's relief, of course, Shin Hyuk wondered.

"But, what else do you want to tepung about? Is something bothering you?" Shin Hyuk asks and Hye Jin replies that she doesn't like Sung Joon because Sung Joon is always mad at her.

Without them knowing, Sung Joon saw the two of them together. Seeing the two of them, made Sung Joon remember Hye Jin's words calling him bagus dog. From the phone, Sung Joon could hear that Hye Jin was with Shin Hyuk that night.

Sung Joon walks into the office and when he sees it, Hye Jin immediately hides. Just then, Madam Kim appeared and immediately kissed Sung Joon's left and right cheeks. Wow... want.... wkwkkwkwk

Madam Kim is happy that Sung Joon managed to make a bagus deal with James Tylor. To celebrate this, he invited all the employees to a party tonight. Sung Joon says that he can't come, but Madam Kim doesn't want to hear it. Madam Kim also told Joon Woo to come along. Seeing Madam Kim's special treatment of Joon Woo, Han Sul immediately thought that Joon Woo was Kim Ra Ra's nephew. And he immediately focused on getting closer to Joon Woo.

Joo Young approached Hye Jin and told her to print the file in the flash, then the results were given to Sung Joon. Hye Jin was confused about how she would face Sung Joon, but she paras no other choice.

Hye Jin handed over the printed file to Sung Joon. Before leaving the room, Hye Jin was about to discuss what she said last night, but before she could finish her words, Sung Joon immediately cut her off.

“Last night, I thought you cultured the wrong estuary when you were drunk. I'll pretend nothing happened." Sung Joon said and when Hye Jin turned to leave, he added, “Yesterday…. regarding the incident during the afternoon… pretend it never happened.” Sung Joon said without even looking at Hye Jin. What made Sung Joon realize that he was in the wrong yesterday?

As usual, before entering the office building, Sung Joon always orders coffee first at his regular cafe. When the waiter gave them coffee, Sung Joon again didn't hear it, so the waiter asked.

"You don't hear anymore?"

"What?" asked Sung Joon not understanding.

“Ever since you come here every morning, we've been catching your habit. When you're focused on something, you can't hear anything, even if someone is talking to you." Said the waiter and praised Sung Joon's bagian of concentration which he considered extraordinary.

After hearing the waiter's words, Sung Joon realized that what Hye Jin said yesterday afternoon was true. If he didn't hear Hye Jin asking him. Because of that guilt, Sung Joon immediately looked at Hye Jin, right at that moment Hye Jin also looked at him, thus making both of them look at each other.

Realizing that they were looking at each other, Hye Jin immediately averted her gaze and acted like she was busy working. Meanwhile, Sung Joon immediately looked for the remote and closed the glass curtain.

In the evening, the tajuk team really takat elok party. Everyone drank beer, except for Sung Joon. Feeling uncomfortable in that place, Sung Joon chose to leave with the excuse that he still takat other work. But Madam Kim won't let Sung Joon go, unless he's been drinking. Sung Joon who didn't want to waste his time, immediately drank all the beer in his glass. After drinking, Sung Joon immediately walked away.

Just then, Hye Jin gets elok call from Ha Ri, so she has to leave the room to answer it. Sung Joon who always pays attention to Hye Jin immediately followed Hye Jin out. When Hye Jin tells Shin Hyuk that she just pelimbahan elok call from her roommate, they are suddenly surprised by Sung Joon who suddenly faints while walking out.

"Two days in mulut Sungai row I suffered because of mengharamkan menepis drunk people." Shin Hyuk grumbles and when he puts his hand into the jacket office, he finds Sung Joon's house key card. Lazy to enter Sung Joon's house again, Shin Hyuk decides to return it tomorrow.

Hye Jin Help Paras first go, she always wants to know why Juci only has a mineral drink fridge. Food or hunger lies.

"When I think about it, I've never seen him eat anything other than coffee. What does he eat at lunch? Why am I even worried about that? eat or starve is up to you.” Hye Jin said in her heart and suddenly Shin Hyuk hit her from behind and almost fell down.

This time Shin Hyuk's joke really made Hye Jin angry, in berseni high tone he asked why Shin Hyuk's work every day was just berseni joke.

"You're also joking and taking me to the Airport! Do you think I'm normal?" Huizhen said angrily.

"Sorry, I treat you like my sister." Shin Hyuk replied.

"I don't think of you as an opera."

"If you mind, I'm sorry. I did it because you're like my real brother." Shin Hyuk said with a guilty tone.

"Then don't do it to me and just play with your sister." Hye Jin said and walked away, but her steps stopped immediately when Shin Hyuk said that his sister died 6 years ago.

"Then don't do it to me and just play with your sister." Hye Jin said and walked away, but her steps stopped immediately when Shin Hyuk said that his sister died 6 years ago.

Hyuk. He looked for his phone but couldn't find it. Hye Jin then remembered that she had put her cellphone on the table near the fridge. Yes, Hye Jin's cellphone was left at Sung Joon's house.

Without a card, Hye Jin tries to enter Sung Joon's house with a password. He dialed 1111 and also 0000, but couldn't open the door. After thinking for a moment, Hye Jin then pulled out her agenda.

Inside the agenda, Hye Jin finds a small note about Sung Joon. He immediately tried it and it worked. Hye Jin sneaks into Sung Joon's house and when she picks up the phone, she almost breaks a glass.

We turn to Ha Ri who delivered an MP3 player belonging to their guest who occupies room 2024.

In her room, Hye Rin is wearing a mask while moving her legs. Yes, it seems that Hye Rin is diligent in taking care of herself, unlike Hye Jin. Hye Rin then took Sung Joon's name card from her bag. It turns out that when they met, Sung Joon gave his business card. Sung Joon also said that if Hye Rin could contact him if Hye Rin wanted to eat good food. While looking at the business card, Hye Rin wonders how Hye Jin could meet a normal person like Sung Joon.

Ha Ri was already in the hallway of the VIP room, where she saw a man wearing a sweater and walking around like he was sneaking around. Ha Ri immediately approached him and told the man not to hang around in that place. Since the man didn't understand what Hari said, he was still standing. And that makes Ha Ri drag him out.

Just then Ha Ri's senior appears and scolds him. He tells Ha Ri, that the man he was attracting was their guest who lives in-suite room number 2024. Even though he couldn't believe it, Ha Ri immediately apologized for his attitude. It turns out that the guest who lives in room 2024 is Shin Hyuk.

""Since I'm so generous, let's go with the flow." After Shen He finished, Xiali immediately returned Shen He's MP3 player.

"But your voice sounds familiar." Shin Hyuk said and walked away.

Shin Hyuk returned to his room. It was finally revealed who Madam Kim's nephew was. He wasn't Joon Woo, as Han Sul expected, he was Shin Hyuk. 

Hye Jin is still at Sung Joon's house. He sees the riddle they played in the past. All the pieces of the puzzle are well laid out, only one piece is missing. The part that Sung Joon gave to Hye Jin first.

"What is this? Why are you here? asked Song Jun who woke up from the coma. Hearing Sung Joon's voice, made Hye Jin surprised until she hit the puzzle frame, and the puzzle fell to the floor and the frame broke.

Hye Jin became confused and she was about to step back. But Sung Joon immediately pulled his body, so that Hye Jin's feet didn't step on the broken glass. Uwoooow.... the ending is so sweet. But maybe like the previous incident, Sung Joon caught Hye Jin's body, but after that, he was immediately released. Heh heh... huwaaaaaa... I want Sung Joon to know quickly... so that Sung Joon doesn't have to be with Ha Ri all the time.


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