Synopsis of Drama She Was Pretty Episode 3 Part 1 English Subtitles

Drama Synopsis She Was Pretty Episode 3 part 1

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Drama Synopsis She Was Pretty Episode 3 part 1

Drama Synopsis She Was Pretty Episode 3 part 1

Synopsis of Drama She Was Pretty Episode 3 Part 1 English Subtitles

When Sung Joon drives his car and exits the Wisma, he accidentally sees Ha Ri who is close to his men. Without thinking, Sung Joon immediately steered his car and went out to meet Ha Ri. Of course, Ha Ri was shocked to see Sung Joon, she immediately hugged Sung Joon and took off his name tag. Because of the origin of throwing, the nametag also hit the head of the Wisma employee. Knowing who the owner of the nametag is, the employee immediately calls Ha Ri, but Ha Ri pretends not to hear and immediately invites Sung Joon out of the Wisma. Outside the Wisma Sung Joon is told that his car is blocking the way out of another car, so he is asked to move it. Just aksis Sung Joon was leaving, the employee carrying Ha Ri's nametag approached Ha Ri and gave him the nametag.

A feeling of shock is felt by Ha Ri, butir she moves the elements of the masa to sudah in a unit of Sung Joon. They are both currently Sudah living in the same restaurant. Ha Ri in advance narrates the story, she rolls that she really stopped bothering to go to London, but during that time she touched the phone that offered to process her at an inn and that is what civilized her return to Korea. Without the slightest postulate of suspicion, Sung Joon is not sure of the face of the quote, Sung Joon is simply lacking because Ha Ri / Hye Jin didn't tell him. Sung Joon also takes that he has Kuala skedul then Ha Ri / Hye Jin to London. Hearing that Ha Ri looked goosebumps.

Ha, Ri will speak quickly, if she understands, Sung Joon proceeds like a tajuk bureau before the fashion announcement. When Sung Joon asked Ha Ri where he came from, Ha Ri continued to welcome that the primeval masa of the sewers was trying to bump up. Sung Joon paras nothing to do with saying it. Even though he thought he was Kuala a little suspicious that he paras said it, Sung Joon didn't deny it. Despite having beautiful and elegant abilities, it is proven that Ha Ri also has unique laws. If he thinks he is afraid, worried, and is lying, he must shake things up.

Hye Rin's phone was pulled, but Hye Rim wasn't at her desk so Shin Hyuk picked it up

Hye Rin's phone was pulled, but Hye Rim wasn't at her desk so Shin Hyuk picked it up. Before Shin Hyuk could say hello, the Kepala on the other side was already shouting and telling him about what paras happened to him. The Kepala who called Hye Jin was Ha Ri. Ha, Ri immediately stopped talking when she heard Shin Hyuk's voice. Because Ha Ri asked who picked up Hye Jin's phone, Shin Hyuk introduced his name. Shin Hyuk then asked Ha Ri to tell the story he wanted to tell and Shin Hyuk would later tell Hye Jin. But Ha Ri can't do that, so she prefers to turn off the phone.

After hanging up the phone, Ha Ri immediately wonders whether Hye Jin has submitted her resignation letter or not. Ha, Ri really feels the need to meet Hye Jin and tell her everything. Ha, Ri waits for Hye Jin to come home anxiously. And when Hye Jin came home, Ha Ri intended to tell her about her meeting with Sung Joon but at that time Hye Jin's atmosphere was in chaos. She keeps nagging about Sung Joon. Hearing that Hye Jin now hates Sung Joon so much, Ha Ri forgot what she was going to tell him, she would rather let Hye Jin vent her heart out first. At the end of the story, Hye Jin asks Ha Ri not to tepung about Sung Joon anymore.

Receiving this statement, Ha Ri is undecided, whether to say what happened or not to Hye Jin. And finally decided not to tell Hye Jin. He did that so that Hye Jin could keep working and not worry about Sung Joon anymore. At exactly 6 am, Sung Joon gets ready to go to work after exercising. Wow... Sung Joon's lifestyle is healthy too. Now he was in the bagus cafe waiting for his coffee order. There was one unique incident that happened because he was so focused on the tengkel he was holding, Sung Joon drank the wrong coffee, instead of drinking the water in the flower vase. even though he takat drunk the wrong drink, Sung Joon still didn't realize it. The cafe keeper was confused by Sung Joon's behavior. Not only that, Sung Joon's strange behavior was due to being too focused. He hit the glass door poros he was about to leave the cafe.

As he was about to cross the bitch, he was still busy looking at his tablet until he heard a voice, “Oh? It's time to go."

As he was about to cross the bitch, he was still busy looking at his tablet until he heard a voice, “Oh? It's time to go."

all. Yes, the reason Sung Joon immediately activated Hye Ri when he heard that sentence was when he and little Hye Ri walked together, Hye Ri also said that sentence when they were about to cross the road. At that time Hye Ri said that the sentence was often said by her and her family when they saw the green light.

Yes, the one who said that was the berupa Hye Jin. Hye Jin who has frizzy hair is indeed among the pedestrians. Hye Jin continues to encourage herself to not be afraid of Sung Joon anymore, she motivates herself with the monthly salary she will receive. Just when he was surprised by Shin Hyuk who immediately offered him Indah ambang triangular kimbap. Of course, Hye Jin didn't want to and immediately walked away.

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Sung Joon, who was still in his position, immediately contacted Hye Jin/Ha Ri to inquire about his whereabouts. Ha, Ri honestly answered that he was still at his house. Since Sung Joon paras called him first, Ha Ri asked him to make an appointment, arguing that he paras something to say. In Han Sul's office, he's still looking for Madam Kim Ra Ra's nephew. Not wanting to guess wrong, finally, Han Sul became kind to all male employees whose first name was Kim. He bought coffee for Kim Poong Ho, Kim Joon Woo, and also Kim Shin Hyuk. Kim Shin Hyuk who was suspicious of Han Sul's mistake immediately thought that Han Sul paras put something in his coffee, Shin Hyuk immediately gave the coffee to Hye Jin. A Reum then complains that she thinks she saw Han Sul and wants to buy coffee too. However, Han Sul curtly told A Reum to run away so he wouldn't be angry anymore. Just then Sung Joon came and went straight to his office. Seeing Sung Joon, all the female employees started gossiping about him. He calls Sung Joon crazy Joon.

Sung Joon then told everyone that the meeting would start in 10 minutes. All employees were immediately confused to prepare meeting materials. And Hye Jin is just trying not to be afraid of Sung Joon anymore, she hopes the 3 months go by quickly. The meeting begins and Sung Joon gives each team 3 minutes to share their opinion. Hye Jin who served aksis as the note-taker was immediately confused because everyone inside was using terms in the fashion world that she didn't know at all. So nervous that she couldn't write anything, Hye Jin took the wrong remote for the LCD screen. The remote that Hye Jin took first was an infrared remote and the second was bagus spotlight. Of course, it made Sung Joon upset because the effects of Hye Jin's mistakes all led to him.

The meeting was over and before leaving Sung Joon told Hye Jin who served aksis the note taker to give him the results of the meeting. Still in bagus nervous state Hye Jin put all the remotes back in their place. Shin Hyuk's nosy bastard even made fun of him, he called Hye Jin with bagus voice that was similar to Sung Joon's voice. Hye Jin quickly and nervously answered yes. Seeing Hye Jin's nervousness, Shin Hyuk immediately burst out laughing. Shin Hyuk then guesses that Hye Jin has an elok phobia of Sung Joon. Of course, Hye Jin immediately denied it. However, Shin Hyuk remains confident in his vision because Hye Jin immediately turns nervous and strange when Sung Joon is around, even though without Sung Joon, Hye Jin can work quickly and speak fluently. Not wanting Shin Hyuk to know the secret he was hiding, Hye Jin immediately walked away while continuing to grumble that what Shin Hyuk said was just bullshit. Heh hehe... Hwang Jung Eum unnie really fits elok character like this. Can be natural not made.

It was time for Hye Jin to fix the contents of the meeting, but while writing Hye Jin came across terms she didn't understand. He wanted to ask other employees but no one could answer because they were busy with their own business inevitably Hye Jin also gave the results of the meeting with the results of the writing that she gave as best she could. Of course, it got reproach from Sung Joon because Hye Jin's writing was destroyed. Putting aside Sung Joon's annoyance, he threw Hye Jin's report and called Hye Jin an unemployed person. Sung Joon then ordered Hye Jin to work even harder because at any time Sung Joon could fire her. Of course, getting treatment like that really made Hye Jin's heart hurt. Out of Sung Joon's room, Hye Jin was immediately asked for help by A Reum to help Han Sul put the appropriate brand items into his bag. Once again, Hye Jin shared her ignorance about fashion and beauty. Let alone knowing what type of cosmetic it is, only the name of the brand, Hye Jin, is mentioned. Hye Jin doesn't know what cream, brush, blush, and so on are called. Just then Sung Joon passed by and it made Hye Jin feel even more falling in front of Sung Joon.

It turned out that the next incident was Hye Jin's incompetence at work, when Joo Young asked Hye Jin to get BK Corduroy Blouson, Hye Jin was immediately confused and confused when looking for what Joo Young meant. It was so important because there was also Sung Joon, Hye Jin didn't see Joo Young's instructions. Whereas if Hye Jin doesn't and can hear Joo Young properly then Hye Jin will find the clothes Joo Young is referring to. She was so desperate that she had done the wrong things in front of Sung Joon, Hye Jin banged her head on the table. Suddenly Shin Hyuk served instant noodles on the table so that Hye Jin hit the table instead of the table but Shin Hyuk's instant noodles. Of course, it made Hye Jin annoyed and annoyed. He didn't even answer Shin Hyuk's words, he just walked away. Seeing Hye Jin's attitude, Shin Hyuk could guess that Hye Jin must be feeling annoyed with someone.

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Where did Hye Jingo, it turns out she went to her old office. There he asked Jong Man to take it back. In order for Jong Man to take him back, Hye Jin even mops the office floor and plans to treat them all. Due to the reason that he couldn't fight Madam Kim, Jong Man couldn't grant Hye Jin's wish either. Jong Man himself was the one who brought Hye Jin back to The Most Editor's Team office. Having just entered the editor's team room, Hye Jin was immediately pulled over to help the teamwork. They all work all day and the one who works the most is Hye Jin because she has to help with all the employees' work. So tired, Hye Jin on the bus fell asleep. He slept until he was spinning his head. He then opened his eyes as the bus stopped. Right at that moment, an old woman came up and Hye Jin quickly helped the grandmother and gave her seat to the grandmother.

Ha, Ri's boyfriend was waiting for him in front of the house, but Ha Ri didn't want to talk to him, he went straight into the house. Just then, a little girl who looked like little Kim Hye Jin appeared. The little girl confesses to Ha Ri's boyfriend that she is Ha Ri's sister and that she will help the guy get along with Ha Ri if he treats her to a good meal. Just then Hye Jin came and grabbed the little girl. Yes, the little girl is Hye Jin's sister named Hye Rin. Hye Jin also tells Ha Ri's boyfriend to leave immediately because what Hye Rin said was all an elok lie. Hye Jin and Hye Rin are not brother and sister who get along, they like to fight. All because Hye Rin doesn't like her ugly sister and Hye Jin doesn't like her sister who likes to act like she wants. Hye Rin likes to come to see Ha Ri because she likes to pretend to be Ha Ri's sister and lie to all the men who want to approach Ha Ri.

Ha Ri is just at the end of the shower stand and she steps forward in surprise to scan for Hye Jin who is sprawled in front of her suddenly coming in. To Ha Ri, Hye Jin asks if Ha Ri knows anything about BK Corduroy Blouson. Ha, Ri still says yes because he just bought it last week. Hye Jin still went forward surprised because her friend proved to understand what the thought said. i. Hye Jin has changed clothes and while snacking on snacks she keeps nagging about what happened to her today. He also complained about why people call the black corduroy jacket the BK Corduroy blouson. Hye Jin even said the people were showing off because they could mention and know the foreign qualification. Hye Jin is annoyed that she doesn't know such terms so she can't work well, even though she's not a good stupid person.

"You're in the wrong, so why." Ha, Ri said while doing small movements to keep her body beautiful. “Why do you think they are just showing off? It's a good technical qualification used in that industry," explained Ha Ri, who added that every field has its own terms. Ha, Ri also said that the one who was actually showing off was Hye Jin herself because Hye Jin thought those terms were unimportant. Besides that what Hye Jin's superiors did was right, they were angry because Hye Jin couldn't work well. Hearing all that Hye Jin gets annoyed and angry that Ha Ri doesn't want to side with her. Ha, Ri then asked if Hye Jin didn't work hard to work on the editorial team of The Most. All Hye Jin takat has been doing was thinking about Sung Joon. Hye Jin has never even seen and The Most magazine herself.“Don't just call it showing off or anything. I don't think so," said Ha Ri while stretching. Hearing Ha Ri says that really annoyed Hye Jin, but she couldn't say anything. Hye Jin also chose to enter her room.

In the room, Hye Jin keeps cursing Ha Ri, but she can't sleep because she keeps thinking about Ha Ri's words. Yes, Hye Jin finally realized that what Ha Ri said was all true. Hye Jin then went to their small library and there, Hye Jin found a good fashion magazine that already takat nice small note from Ha Ri. Ha, Ri can already guess that her best friend will definitely go there to study. Ha, Ri tells Hye Jin to read the magazine that is now in Hye Jin's hands, and she also tells Hye Jin to mark all the parts that Hye Jin doesn't understand. Can Hye Jin learn and understand well about fashion? Don't go anywhere, Falak for the next part synopsis...

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