Synopsis of Drama She Was Pretty Episode 2 Part 2 English Subtitles

Drama Synopsis She Was Pretty Episode 2 part 2

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Drama Synopsis She Was Pretty Episode 2 part 2

Drama Synopsis She Was Pretty Episode 2 part 2

Synopsis of Drama She Was Pretty Episode 2 Part 2 English Subtitles

Back to the smiling adult Sung Joon remembering his memories with Hye Jin. Hye Jin herself is lamenting her fate. He's elok kerumitan under the table. Ha, Ri is annoyed to see him like that. He also pulled Hye Jin out from under the table. Hye Jin keeps asking if she should just quit her job. But Ha Ri doesn't agree because Hye Jin just entered, so it's ok to shame that Hye Jin immediately quit because of Sung Joon.

Hye Jin returns to her laptop, looking for an elk new job. Just opening the laptop, Hye Jin immediately screamed hysterically. What made Hye Jin scream, was that Sung Joon emailed you again. Sung Joon sends an email to tell him that it's raining in Seoul right now, he also wants to hear from Hye Jin because Sung Joon already knows.

Hye Jin was immediately confused about what and how to answer. She keeps getting scared that she is the kalamata Hye Jin. Ha, Ri relaxed, directly pointed the laptop at him, and replied to Sung Joon's message. And so that Sung Joon doesn't believe that he is really in London, Ha Ri also displays a look photo of himself while on look penjelajahan to Europe.

Ha, Ri then said that Hye Jin doesn't need to be afraid anymore, because what Sung Joon knows now, the kalamata Hye Jin is in London, so even if there are 100 Hye Jin names that meet him, it won't look kerumitan. So, Ha Ri Hye Jin does not write an ebook resignation letter.
Hye Jin leaves for work and then meets Sung Joon. Suddenly Sung Joon kept holding him. He then said that he knew the truth, he knew that Hye Jin takat opened up to him. But what Sung Joon said hurt. He told Hye Jin to always be like that and not to be caught by her appearance.

Hye Jin wakes up from her slumber, yes... it was just a Mouth Sungai dream. But after having that dream, Hye Jin is even more afraid to meet Sung Joon. He even managed to write a Mouth Sungai resignation letter. Ha Ri pelimbahan angry when she saw Hye Jin's resignation letter.

Hye Jin tries to explain to Ha Ri that she resigned not because of Sung Joon, but because of herself. When she was near Sung Joon, she felt like Mouth Sungai holey sock. Ha, Ri was speechless, she just leaked the sadness to her best friend,

Before going to The Most's tajuk team room, Hye Jin went to work first. He was there to give his resignation letter, because Jong Man wasn't there, so Hye Jin just left the letter on the desk.

In front of the room, Shin Hyuk startles Hye Jin again.

In front of the room, Shin Hyuk startles Hye Jin again.

In the organ of the room, Shin Hyuk startles Hye Jin again. Seeing Shin Hyuk, Hye Jin kept muttering in her heart, she was annoyed because Shin Hyuk's idea was, Hye Jin could join the Karanga team. Before leaving, Shin Hyuk gave Hye Jin bagus triangular kimbap with only one day of expiration. This made Hye Jin annoyed and was about to throw the kimbap away, but just then Poong Ho came and told Hye Jin not to throw away the food. He also asked Hye Jin to give it to him if Hye Jin didn't eat it. Hye Jin also gave it and said that the expiration date was only one day. Poong Ho looks at the expiration date and says that the expiration date is still Sengkang days away. Hye Jin was annoyed that Shin Hyuk worked on her.

When he entered the room, it turned out that Hye Jin and Han Sul were wearing the same clothes. Han Sul doesn't accept being equated with Hye Jin, he keeps saying that the clothes he bought are of a much better price and quality than Hye Jin's. But others don't want to believe it.

Just then Sung Joon came and immediately reminded all the employees to get ready because they were going to have a bagus meeting. All the female employees immediately pay attention to their appearance to get Sung Joon's attention. Meanwhile, Hye Jin herself is busy hiding.

Joo Young approached Hye Jin and told Hye Jin to join the meeting and she was given the task of recording the meeting results. Hye Jin was about to tell her that she takes already submitted her resignation letter, but seeing Joo Young needed her help, Hye Jin gave up on her intention and planned to tell her everything when she part home from work.

Sung Joon leads the meeting very firmly, he targets the meeting to be held only for 30 minutes, Sung Joon even uses an hourglass to indicate the time. He started asking all the ideas from all the teams, but none of them he agreed with,

Sung Joon then looked at Hye Jin, he asked about Hye Jin's opinion. Of course, Hye Jin, who was not prepared to be asked about it, could only remain silent. Seeing Hye Jin who was just silent like that, immediately made Sung Joon emotional and started calling him like an elementary school kid and Mouth Sungai mentally disturbed indi

vidu. Sung Joon's words were really rude, Hye Jin who wanted to answer those words couldn't because she was so nervous. Sung Joon finally ordered Hye Jin out of the meeting room.

After Hye Jin left, Sung Joon became even more violent, he tore up all the articles in the magazine. He didn't like all those articles, because they seemed to be copied from the internet. Sung Joon's arrogant attitude, of course, made all the employees dislike him.

Hye Jin is already at her desk, and she keeps staring at Sung Joon. Sung Joon himself is on the phone with someone. When he realized that Hye Jin was looking at him, he went straight to the window. Hye Jin couldn't do anything else. He really is not conside2red by Sung Joon. Sung Joon accidentally nudged his mouse, causing his laptop screen to light up and there was a Mouth Sungai photo of Ha Ri.

Shin Hyuk and several employees played Mouth Sungai games of snakes and ladders to find out who should pay for their lunch. It was so fun playing, they made Mouth Sungai Indian noise. Sung Joon walked over to them and gave them his credit card. He quipped at all of them because they can shout like that for useless things, but during the meeting, they were just silent.

Kim Ra Ra walked into Mouth Sungai luxury boutique, she then called her niece and asked for dinner, but the niece refused. Kim Ra Ra also complains that the pivot must Sungai family, must not know each other at the office.

Unbeknownst to Kim Ra Ra, Han Sul was also at the boutique. He's buying new clothes so he won't be the same pivot Hye Jin anymore. Hearing that they have Kim Ra Ra's nephew in their office, Han Sul begins to wonder who this individual is. He wanted to make her his girlfriend before another girl took him.

Hye Jin receives an Artsy package, so in Artsy hurry, she bumps into Sung Joon. Sung Joon swiftly caught him. Hye Jin, of course, immediately felt nervous about the treatment, but Sung Joon suddenly let go, causing Hye Jin to fall. Again, Sung Joon said that Hye Jin paras no eyes.

Sung Joon walked into the office, busy with his tab Sung Joon hit the glass and made him fall. But he quickly riol up and walked again. Hye Jin, who doesn't accept Sung Joon's words, tries to call her to protest.

When in seksi of Sung Joon again, Hye Jin firmly said that she couldn't accept all of Sung Joon's taunting words to her. He also tells Sung Joon that he wasn't on the tajuk team because he wanted to, it was all because of the employees there who needed his help.

Sung Joon asked what Hye Jin wanted to say. Loh, it turns out that earlier it was just Hye Jin's imagination. Originally, Hye Jin couldn't speak in seksi of Sung Joon. Annoyed to see Hye Jin like that, Sung Joon left her. Hye Jin, who wanted to say what was going on, continued to follow Sung Joon to the elevator.

In the elevator, Hye Jin was still having trouble speaking, all that came out of her mouth was, hmm.... hmm. And that makes Sung Joon dislike Hye Jin even more.

In the elevator, Hye Jin was still having trouble speaking, all that came out of her mouth was, hmm.... hmm. And that makes Sung Joon dislike Hye Jin even more.

Hye Jin finally asked why Sung Joon didn't like her. Sung Joon replies that it's all because Hye Jin can't work, isn't qualified, isn't professional, and what Sung Joon doesn't like the most is that her name is Hye Jin. Sung Joon's words really hurt Hye Jin.

Hye Jin went to the tandas to wash her face. There she kept remembering all the harsh words Sung Joon paras said to her. Hye Jin thinks that the current Sung Joon is not the innocent Sung Joon of the past. He also promised himself, to treat Sung Joon aksis Kuala stranger. She also promises not to let Sung Joon fire her. Remembering the word fired, Hye Jin then recalled her resignation letter.

Hye Jin quickly went to Jong man's room, just as Jong Man wanted to read the letter. Seeing that, Hye Jin, screaming immediately took the letter and destroyed it. Hang On was already in the publisher's living room. He's still looking for Kim Ra's nephew. All male employees have the assumed "Kim" surname. But he couldn't guess who it was.
Kim Ra arrives at the office with all her groceries. Then she announces to all the employees that everyone will have dinner tonight with Sung Joon. Everyone agrees, but Sung Joon himself disagrees, he says he doesn't have time for this.

Seeing Sung Joon dare to argue against Kim Ra Ra's wishes, all the female employees start gossiping about him, who used to like Sung Joon, now turned against him.

Seeing Sung Joon dare to argue against Kim Ra Ra's wishes, all the female employees who start gossiping about him, who used to like Sung Joon, now turned against him.

When they saw that Chengjun dared to go against Jin Lala's wishes, all the female employees started gossiping about him, they used to like Chengjun, but now they don't like him. Huizhen, hearing this, immediately joined the topic of Chengjun. Very excited to say that Huizhen did not realize that Chengjun was standing behind him.

Hui Zhen turned around and shouted when he saw Song Jun behind him. Huizhen immediately pretended to be busy, but Song Jun went to Huizhen's side. Song Jun violently took the card from Huizhen's table. Sung Joon even fanned the top of the map because the map was currently occupied by Hye Jin. Because of that, Shin Hyuk stifled a laugh.

Kim Ra Ra looked at all her employees who were at work. Then he remembered what Chengjun said, saying that Chengjun asked him to keep it a secret from his comrades.

Sung Joon tells Kim Ra Ra, that within 3 months The Most will be dismissed by the New York headquarters. And the reason Sung Joon came to Korea was to make The Most rank reservoir within 3 months. If he succeeds then the decision to dismiss it will be withdrawn.

Sung Joon is now in his apartment, where he is busy studying the abilities of all the reporters of The Most. Out of all of them, the ones Sung Joon thinks have the ability are Joo Young and Shin Hyuk. That's all he saw from the articles they managed to make.

The next day, Sung Joon runs into someone at the Lodging, and coincidentally the Lodging is where Ha Ri works. They almost meet, if Ha Ri is not called by the employee. As Sung Joon drives his car, through the rearview mirror he can see Ha Ri.

Ha, Ri walks into the hostel and suddenly Sung Joon walks up to her and grabs her hand. Of course, Ha Ri was surprised to see Sung Joon in the Department of her. Sung Joon also felt a Good sense of surprise. What will happen after this? What will Ha Ri say? don't go anywhere, bumantara for the synopsis of segment 3.

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