Synopsis of Drama Mine Episode 9 Part 2 English Subtitle

 Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 9 Part 2

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Synopsis of Drama Mine Episode 9 Part 2

Synopsis of Drama Mine Episode 9 Part 2

Synopsis of Drama Mine Episode 9 Part 2 English Subtitle

Hyejin is riding. Remember what Seohyun said to him. It wasn't our family that faked your death, it was Han Ji Young. My mother-in-law is not the type to go into such detail.

Is he the culprit? Hyejin asked angrily. That's right, Han Ji Young. So, just take revenge on Han Ji Young, don't involve our family.

Hiso was reading a book on a pregnancy guide. Ji Young comes home and sits in front of him. Are you alright? Hiso asked then put down his book. What do you mean? Ji Young asked back.

Are you feeling okay after everything that happened? Hiso asked. I wonder why Father didn't choose you as heir. Could it be…there's another secret you're hiding from me?

Hiso got up."The older you get, the more mature people think. Because young people never grow old, they don't understand. Old people have forgotten their youth so they don't understand their feelings. When death approaches, all can see another life clearly.” These are my last words in retirement before I marry you. Want to know what's next? "That's why all the wills weren't from the old man's mind."

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Hiso sits next to Ji Young and looks at him. I will stop quoting… and here are my thoughts now. Maybe someone else thought, “How can a young Suhyuk be chosen to be the heir?”However, when we want to make a will from that person, we must pay attention to his life, not his age. Even though we live in this time, Dad is not like that. If I explain further, maybe your father knows you so he can read your future. Maybe he knows that you are not interested in being the heir. Which parts of you are true and false?

What do you mean? Ji Young asked. If you live fake for too long, everything will come true. How do you really feel? Why did you forgive me? Ji Young asked.

Hiso caresses Ji Young's face. Do you think I forgive you? No. How can I forgive? You expect me to forgive? The woman wanted Hajun. I can't allow that. Hajun must be protected. Let's just think about it. Hiso asked.

Ji Young agrees and thanks to him. You wear that perfume? she asked. Don't you like this scent? Hiso asked back. Ji Young was about to say something but Hiso cut her off. Do not worry. I will only think of good things for your son later. Help me too.

Ji Young hugs Hiso and admits he can't be without him. Fig. And when Ji Young wasn't looking, Hiso's expression changed.

Hyejin came home. His breath hitched. He even had to drink wine to calm himself.

Hiso comes out of the house and throws the perfume from Ji Young on the rock until it breaks. After that, he returned home with ease.

Seohyun was eating with some of her acquaintances. The woman in front of her congratulated her son for becoming Hyowon's heir. Seohyun responded casually. You're too quick to congratulate because it's still a long time.

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The woman next to him joined in the conversation. It must have been really nice having Director Han handing Hyowon E&M over to you. Again Seohyun responded calmly. He just wanted to find the best halfway point. That's because of my experience in the business.

Seohyun is eating with some of her acquaintances

Seohyun is eating with some of her acquaintances

Another woman shared her thoughts. Didn't everyone guess that Han Ji Young would be the next director? Right? Director Rho of Yeongwon Group and his family must be having a party. His future son-in-law will be the heir to the Hyowon Group.

Seohyun was lazy to talk about it and invited them to eat.

Jinkyung is eating with Miju. How much did you get? Jinkyung asked. Not much. This is just the beginning. Miju replied. Jasmin came and greeted them and sat next to Miju.

Why so late, Jasmine? Jinkyung asked. Jasmin apologized and admitted that she was busy every day. Why are you that busy? Are you dating? Miju asked. Good grief. Jasmin was so shocked that Jinkyung thought it was true. Do you want revenge on your husband? Jinkyung asked.

This is not revenge. I am in love. replied Jasmine. Your husband is also in love with that woman. Why does he count as cheating? Jinkyung asked. Jasmine smiled. Up to me.

Jinkyung told him to order food. Miju treated us today. I got a share of my husband's company. Miju said. Jasmine compliments him. Who is that man? she asked. A businessman. replied Jasmine.

Are you sure he's not a scammer? Jasmine asked doubtfully. Dating after you find out. We promise not to bother you with this superfluous question. Jasmine said. I don't know clearly. Jasmine, be honest with me. Jinkyung asked. It's been a long time, hasn't it? Taking our Bible class is just your way of crafting your alibi, right?

Jasmine denied it. I'm really not that kind of person. I love our Bible class. That means you can't curse your husband, Jasmin. You are no different from your husband. Jasmine denied it. I had an affair because my husband started it. I'm no different from you. My hormones are still exploding. Like crazy.

Jinkyung got a call I don't know from whom. After that, he was silent in shock.

Seohyun got a call from her secretary at the gallery. Suzy Choi has signed a contract with Hawon Gallery, Mom. Seohyun agreed. Good. From now on, you can stop reporting it.

His other secretary told him the sad news. Director Yang Chigon had just been announced dead from a serious illness. Seohyun was surprised. Uncle died?

Mother is also preparing to go to mourn with the help of Chief Joo. Life is really useless. If he ends up leaving like that, he should treat me well. My sister also only left money in this world. He had wasted his life. We can't be like that. I can't. Chief Joo agrees. Of course not.

Hiso was also changing Hajun's clothes. Ji Young herself is ready. are you sure you didn't invite me to you? Asked Hiso who was already wearing black clothes. Ji Young forbids. How can you go to a funeral while pregnant? Just rest. You can't be stressed or shocked.

Hiso tried to give understanding to Hajun. Hajun, your grandma's brother just died. Everyone must be sad. You can't play on your phone or joke around there, got it?

Hajun agreed and whispered something to his mother. Mom, tonight, please order me fried chicken. Hiso also whispered the answer to Hajun. If you can keep your manners there, mom just ordered for you.

Hajun agreed. Ji Young smiled seeing the closeness of the two and they left. Hiso's smile changed again after they left.

Jinkyung is at the funeral home. She washed her hands in the toilet and instead met her husband's old wife. Are you satisfied? Ask the old wife. Jinkyung is still relaxed. Even if you don't believe it, I feel very sad.

The old wife doubted it. You can't even appreciate death. At least cry there. Jinkyung doesn't want to. Everyone will say I'm fake when I cry. The old wife mentioned inheritance. He gave you more treasure than I, his own wife. Even though I was crying.

Jinkyung looked at the old wife. You hate me, don't you? Don't hold back and just slap me. The woman approached. Can I do that? she asked. Jinkyung agreed. The woman slapped Jinkyung hard and then left. Jinkyung saw his face and ruffled his hair. All done.

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My father was being examined by a team of doctors and then reported it to the family. There are Jinho, Seohyun, Jinhee, and mother. His heart rate and blood pressure have stabilized. He was awake for 12 seconds. That's something great. We'll be watching him tonight.

Jinho approached after the doctors left and looked at dad's face. mother. Doesn't Father's face look full of dissatisfaction? Jinho asked. Mom even scolded Dad. Bad shit.

Jinho confirmed. You have no right to be dissatisfied. No, right at all. He gave up the leadership position with a moment of emotion. He can't be like that. Mother kenbaki cursed dad. What a g#la parent. He got up and drew closer to his father. It feels like piling up. If he dares to wake up, I will beat him into a coma again. You'd better just die!

Seohyun is home. Is Suhyuk in his room? Seohyun asked Chief Joo who greeted him. Chief Joo agrees. Seohyun gave her bag then went to meet Suhyuk.

Jin Hee and her husband Jung Do come to Hyowon to visit mom.

Jin Hee and her husband Jung Do come to Hyowon to visit mom.

How do you fix this problem? About your and Ahrim's broken engagement. Seohyun asked Suhyuk. I called and apologized. Suhyuk replied. You know how the situation has changed a lot, right? Seohyun asked. Ahrim's family has heard of your grandfather's will. They would easily forgive you.

Suhyuk admitted that he did not want to obey his will. Seohyun was surprised. You don't want the highest position in Hyowon Group? Seohyun asked. Suhyuk denied. Seohyun asked again. Were you disinterested from the start or has something changed your mind?

Suhyuk responded casually. I was chosen, but that doesn't mean I want to. Do you think that position is a joke because you can easily get it? Seohyun asked angrily. Suhyuk's voice rose. A joke? I refused because it was too heavy. I know what I have to give up if I accept it.

Seohyun couldn't stop thinking. You want Yuyeon, the maid? If I were your real mother, what do you think? I'll throw him somewhere you can't find him. Don't… make me even angrier, Suhyuk.

Suhyuk held back when Seohyun turned around and was about to leave. Just once…. Can you understand me just once? Can you… wish for my happiness? Suhyuk is crying. Seohyun too. But he didn't want to show it and left.

Ji Young approached Hiso who was reading in bed. Isn't that a script? Ji Young asked. Hiso confirmed. The head of the company who helped me debut is going to make a film.

Hadn't he lost long ago? Ji Young asked. Hiso repeated. Lost? What is the standard of defeat? Everyone has failed in this world. Everything that fails is considered a loser?

You promised to stop acting. Bring up, Ji Young. Did you keep all your promises when you married me? Don't you? You are pregnant with my child. Continue? Don't decide anything on your own. Do you want to play movies while pregnant? Are you crazy?

Hiso closed the script. Watch your words. she said it's not allowed for babies. He put down the script and turned off the light. I will refuse it because you forbid me. he then fell asleep behind Ji Young.

Hiso was walking alone outside. There is the sound of mother's peacock. He then ran and moved to the pool. Don't know what he's looking for.

Ji Young just returned from outside. Suddenly Hiso appeared and pointed a gun at him. Ji Young panics and calls Hiso. Hiso stabbed him and he fell to the ground. There was a sound of laughter. Hiso turns into Hyejin and laughs at her death.

Ji Young wakes up. It's just a dream. He saw Hiso still sleeping next to him. He then got up and walked out. At that moment Hiso opened his eyes.

Ji Young stands on the balcony and calms down.

Hyejin went to Kim Namtae's law firm. Seohyun is in her room and Hiso is getting ready to leave.

Inside the lawyer is eating Jajangmyeon. Hyejin dropped the file in front of her. I want to file a claim. About what? Ask the lawyer. Hyejin also told what happened. My son was snatched away when he was 18 months old. Now eight years old.

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The boy's father raised him? Ask a lawyer. The boy's father and new mother. Hyejin replied. Have you talked to them about this? Ask the lawyer again. His father is Hyowon Group's second son. The lawyer immediately stopped eating after hearing this.

Jinhee and her husband Jungdo came to Hyowon. They gathered with their mother, Seohyun, and Jinho. Please help me. I want to end my marriage with Han Jinhee. If I kept living with it, I could really die. Jungdo said desperately.

Just die. Jinhee curse. I'd rather be a widow left to die. Besides… you don't fulfill your obligations as a husband. I never cheated! Jungdo has his reasons. You are always physically and verbally abusive. Jinhee didn't want to lose. Because you provoked my anger, B#r#ng$ek! That's why divorce. Break up Jungdo.

Shut up! Shouted mother annoyed. Just live like this. Why divorce? Jungdo admitted that he had tried his best. Try living with it. Ask Jungdo. I've lived with him for 30 years. She's always been cute all this time.

Jinhee confirmed what his mother said. Very sweet. The mother continued what she was saying. If you don't think she's beautiful from the front, look at her from the side. If she's not beautiful from the side, live by looking at the back.

Jinho felt that they were really pathetic. When will you grow up? Seohyun immediately glanced at him. I'm not even an adult myself.

Mother complained. What woman can live with seeing her husband cheat on her? He should have taken all the bones and played catch and throw with them. Hadith, Jungdo, and Jinho immediately felt it.

Hiso comes with Ji Young. He found it strange seeing everyone in silence.

Lawyer Kim saw the DNA test results from Hyejin and Hajun. However, what is your real goal? Ask Kim's lawyer. Not money, right? Hyejin confirmed. Lawyer Kim had expected it. If your goal was money, Hyowon Group would have already paid you. If they don't allow you to see the child, you can seek legal approval to visit him. That way, you can see him two or three times a month.

Hyejin approached. I want to take my son from them and raise him myself. That's what I want. Hyejin said. Do you want to take your child? Ask Kim's lawyer. If so, you have to sue for child custody. You didn't raise him all this time, did you? Your son was taken about six years ago. What were you doing all that time to just come to pick up your son now? It can't be won.

Hyejin is optimistic. Make it work. We must win. I have to get my son back. Why did you come looking for me? Ask Lawyer Kim. It can't be won. Why choose me who can't shoot? Ask Kim's lawyer. Hyejin is completely clueless. Even if you can't shoot, you might end up throwing grenades later.

Hiso enjoyed his food. Chef Jung's pumpkin soup today was delicious. Praise Hiso. Dad is slowly getting better and will probably wake up soon. we tell that we are currently in good condition.

Everyone looked at him straight away. He smiled reassuringly. Do not worry. I'm fine. I can do anything so that my child can grow well. Because I'm a mother. He then took Ji Young's hand and continued. I'm sure he feels the same way too. For the sake of the peace of this family, I want to show Dad that we are happy and there are no problems. However, the woman will sue us. Hajun's birth mother wanted to take him. He even demands custody of us.

Jinho was surprised. With a war he can't win, why is he suing us? she asked. He disappeared for six years. Hiso continued to speak. He wanted to destroy the rock with an egg toss. He probably just wanted to dirty the rock.

Mother conveyed her thoughts. We can't let embarrassing stories about our family spread again. Seohyun also spoke. She is the woman who gave birth to Hajun. He couldn't possibly want to hurt Hajun. He couldn't possibly hold press conferences and play media.

Ji Young denies it. It was she who met the reporters and claimed to be Hajun's mother. She can't be trusted as a mother. Jinhee made fun of Ji Young. You don't love him anymore. Don't meet secretly anymore?

Ji Young snaps at him and tells him to stop. Hiso emphasized that she was Hajun's mother. I won't hurt Hajun. I will protect Hajun from that woman. Jinho felt Hiso's curiosity. After what Ji Young did, do you still feel the same for Hajun? The views of the two daughters-in-law here are very different for the child they did not give birth to. I've always been curious so I asked this.

Hiso conveyed his feelings. Hajun and Ji Young are in a different category to me. Hajun is… a child born with Ji Young and Kang Jakyung's DNA, but raised by me. I made his world, cut his fingernails until our bond was very strong. Because of this problem, Ji Young and I will be even stronger. We will raise Hajun well. That's why this case becomes even more important.

Seohyun smiled. So that the case does not grow bigger and can be dealt with, I will help you. Jinhee cut in. By the way, aren't you pregnant? You're not talking about the baby in your tummy. You keep talking about Hajun. Is it true that you can raise Hajun? How about your baby? Are you really pregnant?

Hiso felt a little uncomfortable. Likewise with Yuyeon and head Joo who also know the truth. Seohyun diverts by calling Koki Jung. Please take out the ones you prepared. Pure fruit is very good for pregnant women. We prepared the fruits that need to be eaten during early pregnancy, especially for Hiso.

Hiso thanks. Luckily you're not nauseous anymore. Eat a lot. Hiso scooped up his food. It feels good.

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