Synopsis of Drama Mine Episode 9 Part 1 English Subtitle

Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 9 Part 1

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Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 9 Part 1

Synopsis of Drama Mine Episode 9 Part 1 English Subtitle

Hajun was at a cemetery with a horseshoe necklace. She cries. Hiso who fell in shock saw the person in front of him covered in blood. And that person is Ji Young.

Death… is inevitable.

Ji Young cries in the car. Remember what mom told her when she was little. you should never exist in this world. But father objected. You are also my son. In the hospital father also dreamed of his past. Mr. Han. I'm pregnant with another man's baby. Ji Young's mother said. Raise the baby like my own. Nobody needs to know. Only we know. Break up, dad.

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Ji Young tried to grab Hyejin and asked her to talk outside but Hyejin refused. Hiso suddenly came. Looks like Hiso should know too. Seohyun said. Ji Young approached Hiso. I'm sorry, Hiso. You don't have to be here. You can't be stressed. I'll be skinny.

Hiso feels okay. I also need to know what happened. Why are you here? Hiso asked Hyejin. I came looking for Hajun. He is my son. Hyejin replied. Ji Young denies it. Are you crazy? How can he be your son?

Hyejin snapped at him. He is my son! A father likes you and a fake mother. Get off all of you. Ji Young approached Hyejin and tried to pull her out. Hiso suddenly shouted angrily. He approached the two and pulled Ji Young.

Don't mess with me. Anyone who tries to take mine will be killed. Hiso threatened while glaring angrily at Hyejin. Ji Young handed Hyejin's bag and took her outside. Hiso sat limp after that.

Ji Young released Hyejin at the entrance. I should have killed you then. Regret. Jinho came home and saw them. Hyejin left. Jinho smiled at Ji Young. Ji Young ignores him and leaves.

Jung Seohyun is reading a letter.

Jung Seohyun is reading a letter.

Hiso tried to calm down accompanied by Seohyun. Shouldn't there be a family meeting? Hiso asked. We have to protect Hajun. Seohyun then got a call from their father's lawyer. Father's will be read.

Mother reads father's will for him. I'm not a good husband. So that you can enjoy the rest of your life, I gave you waste in Seongbuk-song and land in my hometown."If you hold the company, your life will be miserable and suffering." Mother was angry and immediately tore it up. What a crazy old man!

To my eldest son, Han Jinho. All my life, I taught you how to run a company by handing you our hotel. However, I feel guilty for not being able to read your will. To know what you really want, I suggest you take a master's education. I will continue to pay for your tuition until you graduate.

To my eldest daughter-in-law, Jung Seohyun. As the eldest son-in-law in the family, you have been responsible and guarded your dignity. I will give you all my shares in Hyowon Electronics and appoint you as chairman of Hyowon E&M.

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For my only daughter, Han Jinhee. You've taken care of our bakery that no one wants to take care of because your sister got displaced. However, I see that you are very passionate about doing your job there. That's why I gave you all of my shares in Hyowon Confectionery Products. However, the condition is that you must receive regular psychiatric consultations.

To my second son-in-law, Seo Hiso. A kind daughter-in-law and gave me a lot of laughs after entering this house. I want you to be able to continue to care for Hajun to grow into a good man. To support your future, I am giving you my 30,000 shares of Hyowon Trading Company.

Ji Young is on the way. He called Hyejin. To my youngest son, Han Ji Young. I apologize for not being able to give you my affection fairly. I blame myself for lacking love and kindness. I hope you don't become like me and can be a light out there. I encourage you, Han Ji Young, to volunteer so that you can learn to love and be loved. That's why I gave you the position of director at Hyowon Academy so that you can grow together with the students there.

To my eldest grandson, Han Suhyuk. I chose you to be the heir to Hyowon Group after you turned 30. Of the 308,000 shares I own, I will give you 150,000 shares. While the remaining 158,000 shares will be donated to South Koreans in the hope of helping with education here.

Ji Young leaves the house. He looked angry. At Hiso's house, he gets a call from someone he doesn't know. Hello. Calm. I won't lose. He then ate the apple in front of him.

Soyoung came to tell her the schedule. At first, he asked if Hiso was okay? Hiso asked what he meant. Your husband…. Soyoung doesn't like to say it. But Hiso knew what he wanted to talk about. Because he wasn't chosen as Hyowon's heir? Soyoung. Humans must always be kind. That is the truth in life. Bad people… shouldn't be in power. What's my schedule? she asked.

Chief Joo hands out the servants' phones. After getting her cell phone, Yuyeon read her sister's message asking when she was coming home. Another servant sees the news and finds out that their young Tian has been chosen to be Hyowon's heir.

While she was working on mopping the floor, the other maids were talking about her already like Cinderella. They didn't know that Seohyun was behind them. Cinderella is long dead, why is it still called? Seohyun asked. The two maids then left.

Ji Young looks dignified.

Ji Young looks dignified.

After that Seohyun approached Yuyeon. Suhyuk has become Hyowon's heir. Do you know? Yuyeon agreed. Seohyun continued her sentence. I'm currently speaking not as Suhyuk's mother, but as someone who outlived you. You will continue to be compared to Cinderella from now on. People will expect your glass slipper to break soon. Do you dare to go against all worldviews? Try checking yourself. No one is more valuable than you. I hope you don't choose the one that hurt you. Yuyeon nodded in agreement.

Mother came to the hospital. Oh, instead of visiting my father, I took the key to open the blue diamond door. He opens the safe and the password turns out to be Kim Mija's birthday, Ji Young's mother. although that sounds wrong.

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Jinho drank in his father's secret room in the basement accompanied by his young father's photo with Kim Mija. First glass. This is to celebrate your wise decision not to choose Ji Young as the heir. The second glass. And this is for the anger I feel because you have deceived me. And a full bottle. This one is for Suhyuk. For my son, Suhyuk. I'll drink it all. In conclusion, I feel annoyed, but also grateful. That's what I think.

Ji Young comes to the place again with a bag full of money and watches the fight. After he dropped the money, the fight began. Oh, I'm horrified to see it. Ji Young yells at them to kill each other. Oh God, I'm scared.

Ji Young herself remembers her childhood where her mother said that she should not have been born in this world. If you were of Han family blood, our lives would definitely be different. If this is the end, you better not have to be born into this world.

Seohyun thought of something in her room. Previously he got a call from his secretary. Have you found out? Seohyun asked. His secretary told him what he got. Mr. Ji Young asked for approval from the board of directors to be appointed as chairman. Seohyun responded casually. Since they've already raised their glasses, we have to raise ours too so we can toast.

What is your plan? asked the secretary. Just read my father-in-law's will at the board of directors meeting. let's see who wins. Break up Seohyun is optimistic.


Sister Emma got a call. Hello. Who is this? He asked another person who was not far from him. Hello, my name is Han Jinhee. I sent the text message earlier. Han Jin-ho…. My sister told me about you.

So it seems. Welcome, Sister Emma. Jinhee continued. I'm currently required to have a psychiatric consultation. This is because of my father's will.

Then? asked Sister Emma. Jinhee also told him what he meant. I just want to consult with you. I heard the consultation fee will be donated to the foundation there. I like that thing. When do you have time? I want to consult as soon as possible.

Sister Emma refused. My schedule is still tight. Should I introduce someone else? Suddenly Jinhee got angry. Are you rejecting me now? Ahh..he tried to hold it. So that you can meet me. Please take your time.

Sister Emma really can't. Hear. I'm a nun. I'm not a psychologist specifically for your family. You can't treat someone like this either. You really can't empathize with other people.

Jinhee confirmed. You're good at reading people. That's my problem, so hurry up and listen to my story! Sister Emma still couldn't and snapped back. I told you I don't have time!

So Jinhee fell in love with Sister Emma after being yelled at. Gosh, I like him. He's so cool. Praise to Sister Emma.

Mom opened the blue diamond door with the key she took from dad's hospital room. It turned out that the diamond was gone. Even more surprised when I found out that there was another secret room there.

Mom came downstairs and got even angrier when she saw that there were lots of pictures of Kim Mija there. He went crazy and threw all the photos. Even though Jinho was sleeping there.

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An ambulance came to Hyowon's house. Chief Joo meets Seohyun. The ambulance siren is turned off. He will be taken to the Director's ward at the hospital. I told the maids to shut up, don't worry.

Seohyun actually thought otherwise. without orders they can be quiet alone. If you cover it too much, it will leak later. They should be allowed to gossip. Later, there would be many scandals about this family. Seohyun turned and continued her words. You have to sort well. Chief Joo nodded in agreement.

Ji Young is driving.

Ji Young is driving.

Ji Young is driving. Someone called. He stepped aside to answer. That's the 2G phone that Mr. Kim met. And the caller is a man with curly hair who takes the bag containing the money Ji Young gave him.

He's in a coma, sir. They are both siblings. The man said. Ji Young doesn't seem to want to know. That's a problem you should solve! The man was confused. How do I solve it?

How many? Ji Young asked. Find out the amount they want. And don't ever call me until I call you. S1@lan! Hadith Ji Young was furious. And the man turned out to be the same man who fought at that time.

Mom was waiting for Jinho at the hospital. It turned out that Jinho was hit when his mother got angry in the basement. Mom is very confused. He was pacing incoherently and finally left. The half-conscious Jinho called out to him but his mother ignored him.

It turned out that my mother was in my father's room. He was furious there. My father was beaten with a bag and the flowers were thrown. The father who was hit in the chest by the mother made his heart rate increase. Seeing dad smile makes mom even angrier with dad. He bites dad's hand and leaves.

Hiso and Seohyun were both getting ready. The two of them went to Jinkyung's gallery. Are the brothers-in-law on a gallery tour today? Jinkyung asked. I'm glad to see it. Seohyun smiled. I want to gift a painting to Hiso. Not from my gallery, but from somewhere else.

So, I have to recommend the best. Welcome, Jinkyung. He then took the two of them to the painting he recommended. How about this? Jinkyung asked. All of them are by Suzy Choi, a Korean painter who is now famous in Western Europe. This is his latest series. The title is Five Revolutions. I recommend this one. Please have a look.

Jinkyung left. Seohyun and Hiso looked at the 5 paintings. Isn't it amazing? Seohyun asked. Hiso agreed and read the title of the painting. “Number One, Stop it: Take That Corset Off. Number Two, Free to Love.” Number Three, Get Your Desire. Number Four, Shout Out To The World. Number Five, Smash Till You Win.

Hiso reads about Suzy Choi, winner of the 2018 Martin Jones award. You must know her very well. Hiso thought. Seohyun intended to gift the painting to Hiso. Hiso agreed. There is something I want to destroy. What do you want to destroy? Seohyun asked. What are you doing alone? Hiso asked back.


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