Synopsis of Drama Mine Episode 8 Part 3 English Subtitle

Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 8 Part 3

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Synopsis of Drama Mine Episode 8 Part 3

Synopsis of Drama Mine Episode 8 Part 3

Synopsis of Drama Mine Episode 8 Part 3 English Subtitle

Jungdo is eating. Jinhee walked over to him and sat across from him with a smile. Jungdo put down his chopsticks and looked at him. Let's get a divorce. Bring Jungdo. Do you think you are free after divorce? Jinhee asked. He refused. That won't happen. You can meet women who are worse than me. Do not say that. Ask Jungdo. You better hit me. Jinhee said that he really wanted to make up with her. Please give me another chance.

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Jungdo was confused. Jinhee... Are you… on medication? Hhh Jinhee can't help but think about it. Drug? He immediately got up. What medicine do you mean? That's right, I took gastric medicine because of you. What kind of bullshit is that? Hey. Don't eat by tasting like that. Disgusting! So gross! I don't want to hear it!

Hiso is having dinner with Ji Young and Hajun. It's finished? Do you want to go up? Hiso asked. Soyoung came down and picked up Hajun. Hajun hugged his mother. Have a good night's sleep. Hiso said.

Ji Young tells Hiso something. Tomorrow, an emergency leadership replacement meeting will be held. I will do as you wish. I will accept the position. That way, I can pass this on to Hajun. I came to my senses after you told me. Can it be to your liking?

Hiso just smiled and drank the water. I heard that Suhyuk is getting engaged to Ahrim. Hiso said. That is true. Why do we care about the child? By the way, Hajun's former tutor…. I don't mean Kang Jakyung. The tutor before him that you fired.

Ji Young agrees. I remember. Hiso told him that he called him earlier. Since we are looking for a new tutor,

I think he's the best. Ji Young objected. Try another search and search carefully.

Hiso continued to speak. But… I still can't figure it out. Why did you fire him so fast? Kang Ja-kyeong…No. You fired the tutor for wanting to include him, right?

Ji Young immediately looked at him. Hiso put down his chopsticks. I'm just asking. It's all gone. I will forget everything and start anew. For me, Hajun, also you. I'll just think about us.

Ji Young is relieved. That's good then. Let's forget all. Hiso agreed. Certain. We have to forget it all. Ji Young picks up her chopsticks again. By the way. How can you make Hyejin back off so easily? Yet he is a person who never gives up.

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Hiso also returned to eating. She is the woman who gave birth to Hajun. For the sake of Hajun. He decided it was because of it. She is still a mother.

Hyowon's family is eating together.

Hyowon's family is eating together.

Suhyuk walked into the dining room. There was already mother, Seohyun, and Jinho. When will Hiso give birth? Mom asked Seohyun. Seohyun was silent for a moment. I'll let you know after confirming. I haven't asked.

Watch him well. Take care of her from the start until she gives birth. Mother asked. Seohyun agreed. Of course, ma'am. Suhyuk came. He saluted grandma and sat next to Seohyun.

It wasn't long before Chief Joo came and informed him that the guests had arrived. Ahrim's family enters. His father greets his grandmother. Long time no see. We were surprised that you guys wanted to have a meeting so soon.

They also eat together. The food is so delicious. Praise Ahrim's mother. Maybe we can swap chefs someday. All the chefs in this house have received recognition from Hyowon Hotel. Grandma replied. Of course, all the food tasted good. Chris said he enjoyed it. Really. I'm relieved to hear that.

Suhyuk suddenly joined the conversation. When we're done, I'll tell you why we're here. I heard that marriage is not just a matter of two people, but two families. I know that everything can be solved if the whole family gets together. Act like you like it even if you don't. Pretend to hate it even if you don't. I won't do it. I don't want to do this. Ahrim, I'm sorry. He then got up after saying that.

Grandma was angry with Suhyuk. You… if you leave, there will be no forgiveness for you. Suhyuk turned around. It's up to Grandma. I'll do what I want. Grandma couldn't talk and let Suhyuk. I feel so ashamed.

Ahrim's family is gone. What was left were only Seohyun and their mother. Mother even drank cold water to calm her anger. Either way, we have to make the Ahrim family forgive us. Seohyun thought differently. The problem was not with the family, but with Suhyuk.

Try to do something to him. He had to get married so that Jinho could become a director. Mother asked. How? Seohyun. We have to make Jin-ho the director. I…. I can't see the child from Mija rising to that position. Before I die, I don't want to see that happen.

Try to do something to him. He had to get married so that Jinho could become a director. Mother asked. How? Seohyun. We have to make Jin-ho the director. I…. I can't see the child from Mija rising to that position. Before I die, I don't want to see that happen.

Ji Young will not be able to rise to that position. Seohyun said. Mother became curious. Why? Do you know anything? Can Jinho continue to be where he is now? Jin…. Where did Jinho go? Mom asked Joo's head. He should have come to discuss this matter with us. Where is he going? Chief Joo, where is Jinho now? Did he start playing the lottery again?

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Chief Joo objected. Or maybe he's hiding in the basement? Ask mom again. Chief Joo gets scared and denies it. I mean, Mr. Jinho now often goes to the maids' bathroom. The mother is even more surprised. Why did he go and use the maids' bathroom? He has his own bathroom. This is a very important issue. how could he do such a trivial thing here? Seohyun responded casually. That's better for me. At least he's causing trouble in the house.

Jinho bathed with Mr. Kim while complaining about Suhyuk. Soluhyuk is that bastard. I knew he was going to stab us in the back. Mr. Kim corrected. He stabbed in the front. Jinho cursed him again. Basic b#wk$ek. I can't even kill him with my hands.

You managed to hold yourself back. Praise Mr. Kim. The one who managed to restrain himself was the real winner. What do you think about me? Jinho asked. Mr. Kim doesn't know. He covered his body with his hands. What do you mean?

Hhh Jinho wants to pile up. Are you crazy? Do you think I deserve to be the director of the company? Mr. Kim's answer was not what Jinho expected. I don't think so, sir. The real director wouldn't be immersing himself here with me.

What do you mean? Jinho asked. Mr. Kim explained. I mean, you got the guy who stole inside your house to be a spy. You want people to change, but you can't. The two of them then both immersed themselves in the water.

Ji Young drives her car while crying.

Ji Young drives her car while crying.

Ji Young came down the stairs and approached Hiso who was sitting on the sofa eating an apple. How about tomorrow we go shopping for baby clothes? Ji Young asked while embracing Hiso. We can all choose the bed too.

I've bought a bed. Hiso said. I've decorated our nursery. To make a surprise, I decorated our nursery discreetly. Hiso even shows Ji Young a room key.

Have you chosen everything yourself? Ji Young asked disappointed. Invite me too when choosing. I will raise him well. I want our daughter to be. A father who cares for his daughter. I am very happy if I can continue like this.

Hiso smiled. Just trust me. Ji Young kissed Hiso's cheek then said goodbye. And after Ji Young left, Hiso stopped eating. The look in his eyes instantly turned hateful.

In the afternoon Hiso gets flowers and a basket of red apples from Ji Young. Inside the flower is the card. I love you more than yesterday. Hiso tore the card. Yuyeon who wanted to deliver something didn't happen and left.

Chief Joo sees Hiso jumping rope. He then called Mr. Kim. Well, Mr. Kim is trying to get into Ji Young's room. The two chatted with each other in the kitchen.

You don't want to tell me? Chief Joo asked. No. Answer Mr. Kim. Chief Joo agrees but keeps asking. Where did you go that night to take Mrs. Seo's car? Where do you go? What are you doing with Mr. Jinho lately in the bathroom? Mr. Kim shook his head. Should I tell Mrs. Yang about the necklace?

Joo's head came closer. The bathroom, or Mrs. Seo. Choose one and trade it for me. Which one? Mr. Kim is confused. Bathroom…. I mean Mrs. Seo. Chief Joo compliments his choice. Very good. He also gave his ear.

Mr. Kim, who couldn't dodge anymore, had to say it. Mrs. Seo…has lost her baby. Joo's head fell silent for a moment. He seemed to have guessed it.

Seohyun together with mother and daughter who made the work of the elephant clamped the door. There were two elephants there who went through the same thing. The boy took one of them and pulled it from the door and pushed it. Seohyun looks amazed to see it. There's only… that narrow door? she asked. Turns out he wasn't locked in there.

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The boy explained. There is no wall around the elephant. The elephant himself thought that there was a wall around him. Seohyun smiled approvingly. Right. I…. I…

Seohyun visited dad at the hospital. He smiled at his father who was still unconscious.

In the office held a meeting of the board of directors. Jinho, Jinhee, Ji Young, and Suhyuk were present along with the other directors. Someone came forward and spoke. Before the board of directors meeting begins, the Head of Hyowon Group's legal team as well as Director Han's special lawyer, Lawyer Choi Jinyeong, will read Director Han's will to all of you. Everyone was shocked as it was out of plan.

The man returns to his place to be replaced by lawyer Choi. Director Han has long been sentenced to a cerebral hemorrhage. If he is unconscious in the hospital for more than a month, he has asked our team to read his will in front of his family, as well as the board of directors. We will also provide a voice recording when the request is made. The lawyer opened the will prepared by the father. Strange, in the hospital, the father was seen smiling. Uh, dad is really sick isn't he?

Ji Young drives her car to the river bank. He looks very angry. he tried to calm himself and regain his breath. After that, he cried.

Seohyun stayed in her room. He then calls Ji Young. Ji Young wiped her tears then answered. You seem to have come here. Seohyun asked. What is the problem? Ji Young asked. Then it's not important. Kang Jakyung is here. Seohyun said which instantly changed Ji Young's mind. You have to solve this problem yourself. Ji Young agrees. I'll be there soon.

Hiso is sitting at home. Hyejin came. He entered and saw Seohyun standing above. The two then talked in the dining room. Ji Young came and went straight to Hyejin. How dare you come here. Get up. He tried to pull Hyejin but Hyejin didn't want to.

Give me back my son. Sue Hyejin. What? Ji Young asked. Quickly return my son. Hyejin repeated. Ji Young pulled him back. Come on. Let's talk outside. Hyejin pulled back her hand. Let me go!

Hiso came. Looks like Hiso should know too. Ji Young approached Hiso. I'm sorry, Hiso. You don't have to be here. You can't be stressed. I'll be skinny.

Nothing. I also need to know what happened. Hiso said. He then looked at Hyejin. Why are you here? Hiso asked. I came looking for Hajun. He is my son.

Ji Young is angry. Are you crazy? How can he be your son? Ji Young asked. He is my son! A father like you and a fake mother. Get off all of you. Ji Young came back to Hyejin and pulled her. Hyejin herself tried to fight back. Don't touch me!

Hiso shouted angrily and stopped them. He approached the two and pulled Ji Young. He leaned closer to Hyejin furiously. Don't mess with me. Whoever tries to take mine I will kill!!!

The Han family held a funeral. It looks like Hajun is crying. There was a horseshoe necklace around his neck. Sister Emma was there and felt sorry to see her.

Death cannot be avoided by those who live. However, many unjust deaths occurred in this world. What is an unjust death? When the person's death is unknown or even becomes a misunderstanding.

We are then brought into Sister Emma's eyes. The woman who fell was Hiso. He woke up and saw that there was a lot of blood in front of him. There are tubes too. And even more, shocked to see that person. His breath hitched for a moment.

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