Synopsis of Drama Mine Episode 8 Part 2 English Subtitle

Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 8 Part 2

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synopsis of Drama Mine Episode 7 Part 1 English Subtitle

 Synopsis of Drama Mine Episode 8 Part 2

Synopsis of Drama Mine Episode 8 Part 2 English Subtitle

Hiso was still awake. He took his cell phone. There were 7 missed calls from Ji Young. After that Hyejin came with a face full of regret. Hiso glared at him.

Mom goes to the Nodeok cage. Nook is not back yet. He then saw Ji Young take Hajun to school with Soyoung. Come on, say hello to Grandma. Send Ji Young to Hajun. He then asked Soyoung to take Hajun. He will pick her up later.

After Hajun left, Ji Young wanted to go over to mom but she left first.

Chief Joo helps mom get dressed. You look great with purple, ma'am. Praise head Joo. Ji Young comes in. Chief Joo then notices and leaves. But he didn't leave right away. Even eavesdropping

Mom looks nervous. Did Mom say nonsense to Hiso? Ji Young asked. Mother objected. I didn't say anything to him. It's different from what you promised. Bring up the mother with a smile. What promise do you mean? Ji Young asked not understanding.

Mother reminded. If I keep my mouth shut, you will make Jinho the leader. However, how can you do this and cheat on me?

Seohyun came. Head Joo who was caught immediately left.

Ji Young still dodged. I made a promise like that to Mother? I told you everything that day. I don't want to lead, so, I will support Jinho. Then you said that you thanked me. I want to make you happy as long as you are alive. However, I can't do much because of the director's wish.

Mother was very surprised to hear that. Ji Young. What did you just say? You can't treat me like this. Ji Young even blames the mother. Mother is the one who makes living people die like that. However, he came back to life and you must be uncomfortable with that fact. Because you are afraid that your crime will be found out. You asked me to keep it a secret from Hiso. Mother. The past has no power whatsoever. However, this time he showed a different side.

Mom is getting shocked. I don't think Ji Young would be like that to her. Why did you do that? Ji Young asked. You don't need to be like that to Hyejin. You are the one who makes the living die. Mother! Are you sick?

What? Ask the mother did not understand. Check to see if you have dementia. I'll call Doctor Kim. What did you just say? Why are you treating me like this? Ji Young! Demand mom. Seohyun then left from there.

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At the bottom of the stairs Seohyun met Suhyuk

the Scene At the bottom of the stairs Seohyun met Suhyuk

At the bottom of the stairs, Seohyun met Suhyuk. I'm getting engaged. Let's do it before I change my mind. We have to meet his family. Arrange a meeting of the two families.

Seohyun didn't say anything and Suhyuk left.

Mr. Kim entered Ji Young's study as Jinho told him to. Disassemble his desk too, and if you find anything, I'll pay you big.

And right. He found a 2G phone in the bottom drawer of the desk. He looked through the gallery on the phone and found photos of several men. Startled. Suddenly Ji Young came. Mr. Kim returns the phone to its original place but the drawer can't even be closed while Ji Young is getting closer.

Finally, he left her and hid. He even bit the washcloth so he wouldn't make a sound.

Ji Young takes out some documents and finds the drawer not closing. He tried to close it but couldn't. Finally, he took the phone and left. Hhhh Mr. Kim can finally breathe a sigh of relief.

Seohyun came to Sister Emma's place. How are you? Say hello to sister Emma friendly. I heard Hiso has an appointment with you today. So, I came because I thought you had time now.

Sister Emma agreed and asked if there was a problem? It's about Hi-soo. Can you go with me now? Seohyun asked.

The two of them came to Hiso but the place was already empty. Hiso doesn't exist. Seohyun wanted to call Hiso but Sister Emma forbade it. He won't pick it up. He must have wanted to be alone. Seohyun thought so too. Maybe we're better off not looking for it.

Ji Young feels uneasy at the office. Remember what Yuyeon said. He continued to have nausea. He couldn't stand it in this house. And what Seohyun said. Would you like to tell yourself? Don't you dare act before him? Silent as a corpse.

Unable to remain silent, he got up and called Hiso. It turned out that Hiso came home with Hyejin. His phone rang but he ignored it. Ji Young then calls Hyejin but the number is not active.

Hiso opened the window curtain and looked at Hyejin. You can go now. I want to be alone. Hyejin was silent.

Seohyun climbed the stairs while on the phone. This is just an ordinary meeting, so, you don't need to prepare. The only close family came. Therefore, immediately find the right schedule. Okay.

It's in the gallery. His secretary approached him. Ma'am, they're here. Should I take you to your room? Seohyun nodded in agreement.

Seohyun sat in her room. Not long after, a woman came along with a boy. I think he's an autistic kid who painted an elephant against a door.

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The servants walked away grumbling

The servants walked away grumbling

The servants walked away grumbling. What is this really? Why did he have such a nice bathroom? Why did he use the public bathroom? Correct! This is even though the day we showered together. He has lived too long as a human However, why was Seongtae there? What are two men doing in the bathroom?

Oh, apparently they were grumbling about Jinho using their bathroom. Mr. Kim waited nearby. Have you got anything? Jinho asked. Poor her. Answer Mr. Kim.

If not, why did you let me get scolded for this kind of atmosphere? Jinho asked. This doesn't make sense. Mr. Kim thought. Jinho doesn't know. What's really going on? he asked curiously.

Mr. Kim confused the answer. Mr. Han Ji Young… turned out to be gay. Jinho was shocked. What? He's gay. He must have suffered a lot. What did you say? Jinho asked. He has a secret cell phone on his desk. In there I found many photos of burly and muscular men. Photos… It's hard to say. Jinho got up. Mr. Kim closed his eyes.

Seohyun sat with an autistic mother and child who painted elephants. He smiled at them. I saw the elephant painting he made at the Hawon Gallery. Out of touch, I bought it. The child's mother thanked Seohyun for liking her.

He has talent and a different perspective. Seohyun said. I want to support him as a painter. So that he can be creative well, we think to help financially, as well as special exhibitions.

My son is really very lucky. Said the mother as she patted her son's feet. Seohyun continued her opinion. He's got more talent than luck. Innocentness in art is a recent trend. However, he had a deep perspective. So it seems. Elephant trapped in a narrow door. How did the elephant get out of the narrow door?

The boy looked confused. I ask you to paint it not as a gallery director, but as an individual. I will buy it as expensive as possible. How much time can I give you, Young Painter?

Ji Young gets a message from Hiso. I'm at Mom's house. I'm too nauseous and can't help it. My son is fine, isn't he? Ji Young asked. Hiso agreed. She is fine. How long will you be there? Ji Young asked again.

The boy raised his index finger. One week. At the same time, Hiso also answered one week.

Hiso entered his old room. He approached several awards he had ever received. Underneath are scripts of plays and films that he has played in. He took one and sat down and read it.

Seo Hiso's first film. Her Dazzling Winter Days. There are some notes on it. Focus on Jeong Eun's emotions. This is the important part. Don't scream.

He spoke the dialogue. “I am not who I used to be. I know everything now. How can I be like I used to be?”

Hyejin prepared seaweed soup. Hiso out. Seeing that he wanted to come back again. Hyejin held him back. They say you have to eat seaweed soup.

Hiso was annoyed with him. Did I just give birth? I just lost my son. What right do I have to eat this and what right do you have to tell me to eat that?

Hyejin looks very sad to see him. There's no one you can call, right? You don't want to show this to anyone either, do you? The two women were equally sad. Hiso took his hand and went back inside.

Seohyun is at the exhibition

Seohyun is at the exhibition


Seohyun is at the exhibition. He smiled when he saw the chair that was damaged by the girl who was sitting at the time. His secretary approached him. Jung Daepyunim. Suzy Choi said she would love to meet you. He'd give me the painting if he could talk to you.

Unexpectedly Seohyun now rejects it. Say I can't. Try to find another painter. He doesn't seem right. The secretary agreed and said goodbye.

Hyejin was standing in the meadow wearing a wide black hat.

Hiso finally came home. Kyunghyee was watering the plants outside and greeted her. Soyoung and Yuyeon also greeted him. Ji Young smiles at him from above.

Hajun came out and burst into his arms. Are you all right, honey? Hiso asked. Mom, I miss you. said Hajun. I miss you, too. Hiso replied. Hajun let go of his arms and looked at his mother. Is my sister…all right?

Hiso didn't answer. I will cook galbi jjim for you. Mom is great! Praise Hajun.

Ji Young comes down and hugs him. I really miss you. Hiso forced a smile without Ji Young knowing and confessed too. Soon he let go of her hand. Soyoung, please bring me a red apple. Didn't I ask to be bought?

Soyoung said yes and would take it. Ji Young looks worried for Hiso. Are you still nauseous? You keep wanting to eat red apples. Are our children girls? Hiso smiled. Maybe. Let's go in.

Hiso sat down. Soyoung approached him. Hiso, the fashion stylist has arrived. He says, your maternity clothes are done.

They moved to another room. The fashion stylist shows the clothes she is carrying. I brought the clothes we made of your size that day. Hiso agreed and would give it a try. The fashion stylist offers to help her but Hiso refuses and tells her to leave.

Hiso silently stared at all the clothes. Hajun came to him and gave him a red apple. He took it and ate it full of emotion. Hajun hugged him and he was crying.

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The woman is also an elephant trapped in a narrow door. The woman must destroy the door in front of her. However, the elephant calf should not be injured in the process.

The Scene Jinho gathered with Jinhee and mother.

The Scene of Jinho gathered with Jinhee and their mother.

Jinho gathered with Jinhee and their mother. The three of them think about Ji Young. The directors have a meeting tomorrow. Jinho said. The meeting was supposed to take place last week, but Ji Young pushed it back. Jinhee continued. Maybe she was waiting for Hiso to come back to party with her. Mother thought.

We have no way of turning the sky upside down, do we? Jinho asked. Suddenly Jinhee had an idea. Suhyuk's fiancé's family. If they can help us, Ji Young won't get the majority. Even though he's the leader, we can stop him from being the director.

Jinho was silent. Hhh Jinhee got annoyed with him. Can't you use your child at all? Suhyuk listened to Ji Young even more than his father. What abilities does Ji Young actually have?

They don't know the real Ji Young. I'm like raising a monster. He's not human. I didn't think he could do that to me. Mother complained. Jinhee didn't understand at all. What do you mean? Jinhee asked. Please tell me too. Jinhee asked Jinho too.

Finally, Jinho told him. Hajun's tutor…is his real mother. Jinhee was shocked. Who let him in? she asked. Ji Young allows. Jinho replied. Jinhee was even more shocked. What? Does Hiso know?

Jinho said no but mom said she knew. This time Jinho and Jinhee were both shocked. Hiso already knew everything.

Ji Young is in her room. He looked at his reflection in the mirror. Remembered Hiso's smile when he saw him when he came home. Ji Young's face looks worried.

Mr. Kim took Jinhee home. He just kept mumbling all the way. It doesn't make sense. How could that happen? Two women in one house?

Why didn't you bring your car today? Ask Mr. Kim. Don't you remember I was banned from Cadenza? Bring up Jinhee. My car was stopped at the gate. However, how did you get in? Ask Mr. Kim again. Jinhee looked at Mr. Kim sarcastically. What's your business? Mr. Kim confirmed.

Jinhee felt that it was scary. Humans are the scariest. Mr. Kim confirmed again.

Chief Joo comes to dad's secret place. I don't think so. He really sets the bar here. Good grief. Suddenly Jinho appeared behind the shelf. Head Joo is shocked. How do you get in from there? she asked confused. There is an entrance behind the shelf. Jinho replied. If you keep walking, you will come to a parking lot. Great, right?

Wow, Joo's head was really amazing. Seeing Dad's hidden place like this, Ji Young really is just like him. Praise Jinho. Can I get out of that door? Chief Joo asked. Jinho said no. The door can only be used by me. You can use a normal door.

You want me here again, sir? Chief Joo asked. Jinho agreed. You have to clean this place. Jinho then took a drink and enjoyed it like he was in a commercial scene.

Sister Emma came home. Arriving in his room he took off his hood and opened the cupboard under the book. He put something in there. It's like money. Wow, there are a lot of expensive bags in it.

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