Synopsis of Drama Mine Episode 8 Part 1 English Subtitle

Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 8 Part 1

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Synopsis of Drama Mine Episode 8 Part 1

Synopsis of Drama Mine Episode 8 Part 1

Synopsis of Drama Mine Episode 8 Part 1 English Subtitle

Hiso burst into tears watching his future child disappear. He tried to reach everything hoping to return. Seohyun grabbed his hand and hugged him. He even took off his coat and put it on Hiso. He told Yuyeon to call Seongtae.

Hyejin who was standing behind Hiso was also shocked. I didn't think it would turn out like this.

Hiso woke up and looked at the person in front of him. Blood everywhere.

Hiso may have lost the baby. He touched his stomach. I'm going out of Hyowon. Seohyun approached him and warned. It won't be easy. Hiso understands. I know it won't be easy. However, I will still go. For Hajun's sake, me too. I wanted to get out without falling in the slightest.

Seohyun looked at Hiso. I will be by your side so you can do that. Don't forget that I'm on your side. whatever you want to do, I am ready to help you anytime. Hiso held back his tears. I will hold Hajun and pass through that high Hyowon wall. Once again Seohyun assured them that she would tell him…how to get past it.


Jinho drinks with Ji Young. What is it? Don't you want to step down from that position? Ji Young asked sarcastically and made Jinho annoyed. Did you say, B#whin$ek? Are you using me to be the leader? What's your reason for making me sit in this position in the first place? Answer. Jinho urged.

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Ji Young smiled. You should be nice to him. Father has prepared you as heir well. It got tougher when I was born. He's afraid I'm bigger than you. I don't want that. That's why I finished college in Korea. My father also sent me to law school. Even though in the end I was the one who wanted to study abroad.

Jinho doesn't know. What do you mean? Father always distinguishes me from you. How could that be? Ji Young asked.

Have you ever been scolded by him? I always praise you. He always supports you. He always beats me and compares us. Jinho said.

Ji Young is approaching. Did you know? I'm so jealous of you being hit. What? Jinho asked confused. Ji Young continued. I just wanted to be hit by Dad. You may not understand, but living free to do whatever is a special right. Not everyone can fight their parents. Children who feel their parents are leaving, can't make trouble. Why? They are afraid of losing parental love.

Jinho complained about what Ji Young said. Good grief. If so, answer me. why did you give this post to me?

Ji Young answered calmly. I thought I should give you a chance. If I was appointed as the leader while he was in the hospital, it wasn't the situation he wanted. It's… disrespectful to the person who raised me.

What? Jinho asked not understanding. Ji Young continued. The directors told me that if they wanted to, they shouldn't be leaders. The back of the camel that had to carry the goods was too bent. When Father woke up, he had to accept this situation.

Jinho approached furiously. I'm giving you a chance, to tell the truth. Why are you lying? I heard you made me sit in this position in exchange for that woman to come into our house.

Ji Young complains about their mother's attitude. Mom really can't keep her promise. even though he had promised not to tell anyone, but he broke it.

Ji Young gets up and leaves. Jinho caught up with him and stopped him. If you lift me up, leave me there until the end. You can't pull it now. You are the one who broke the promise.

Ji Young relaxes. I have kept my promise to Mother. Keeping that position is your job and Mom. You can't take care of it.

Does your wife know about this? Jinho asked. Does he know that you allowed Hajun's biological mother in? If you lower my position, I will immediately notify your wife. Jinho threatened.

Jinho is arguing with Ji Young.

Jinho is arguing with Ji Young.

Ji Young doesn't seem to care. That's the reason you can't be in that position. If you tell him Will he believe your words? He must think that you are so angry that your position was taken that you say strange things. That's who you have always been.

Ji Young approaches. You can never be trusted by others. You even lost me. Brother shouldn't treat his sister like that. Ji Young pointed at Jinho then left.

Jinho held him back by saying; I… don't want to be taken down. Ji Young turns around and comes back again. Really? Want to defend your position? If so, just kill me.

Jinho was silent. Meanwhile, Ji Young turned around and left again.

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Seohyun is angry with mom. Do you think Jinho can continue to be in that position? What? Mother asked. Seohyun continued; You are really being toyed with. What do you mean? Ask the mother still do not understand.

Did you also say this to Hiso? Seohyun asked their mother. Mother answered fearfully. I told him. Ji Young has no proof that Mom told Hiso. Seohyun said. Mother objected. But he thinks Ji Young will definitely know. Hiso will definitely not stay silent.

Seohyun even snapped at mother. If you're worried about that, why do you have the heart to tell him? She is pregnant! Mother answered casually. What should I do when he wants to be notified?

Seohyun got up. Very happy with mother. Mother. Learn to hold your mouth. Also, you might be able to read a middle school book again about manners. If you don't have a job.

He then left his mother. Mother did not accept and called him. Hey! How can you say that?

Songhai panicked. He was in Hiso's car. There's blood on the backseat. He even checked the luggage. Lah even caught the same Chief Joo. He asked where he had been.

Mr. Kim confused the answer. Previously, Seohyun had warned that she didn't see or hear anything today. Mr. Kim said that he had business outside for a while. Oh, Joo's head is curious. What's wrong with using Bu Seo's car? Did you get permission from him? Mr. Kim agreed.

He then got a call and was forced to leave. After that, Joo's head checked the car and found there was blood on the back seat.

Jinho was on his way to the house. Want to defend your position? If so, just kill me.

Mr. Kim faced Seohyun. Did you read the employment contract properly when you first worked here? Mr. Kim was surprised to be asked that. What? Not really. I mean, I read it.

What happened inside this house shouldn't be spread out at all. You know it's in the contract, right? Mr. Kim agreed. Seohyun quoted him. "Whatever happens, you are forbidden to predict it." It is clearly stated in your employment contract. Try reading that chapter again before you go to sleep. Do you understand?

Mr. Kim looked confused but he agreed. I know you work hard among women. Seohyun continued while giving an envelope. Mr. Kim took it and thanked him. Seohyun then told him to get out.

Hiso had been examined by a doctor accompanied by Yuyeon. After the doctor left Yuyeon approached. Samonym. You have to eat something. Is there anything you want to eat? Hiso answered with a blank stare. My son is gone, but why do I still want to eat red apples? I think at that time it was my son who wanted to eat a red apple. Turns out it was just what I wanted. Yuyeon. Go back home and take care of Hajun.

Yuyeon agreed. I will take care of him. I'll bring your make-up and underwear here. Hiso thanks. Yuyeon goodbye.

Seohyun is on the phone with the coworkers who take care of Hiso. Hello. Please take good care of my sister-in-law. I must have had my reasons for bringing it to you, Doctor. Of course. Doctor. I'd like to increase my donation to the pediatric ward. Let's discuss it later. Okay.

Ji Young feels uneasy at home because Hiso isn't around. He called her but didn't answer. He then went to Hajun's room and saw him sleeping. Remember his childhood. And what her mother said was very painful. Ji Young. You should not have been born on this earth.

Hiso had been examined by a doctor accompanied by Yuyeon.

Hiso had been examined by a doctor accompanied by Yuyeon.

At the hospital, Hiso couldn't sleep either. Remembering what he talked to Seohyun before. I will hold Hajun and pass through that high Hyowon wall. Seohyun warned him. It won't be easy. Everyone will try to get in your way.

Yuyeon arrives home and meets Ji Young. Where's Hiso? I didn't see it. Ji Young asked. Yuyeon was forced to lie. Mrs. Seo went to her family's house. Ji Young is a little surprised. My mother-in-law was with my sister-in-law in San Francisco. He went to his house when my in-laws weren't there?

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Yuyeon lied again. He continued to have nausea. He couldn't stand it in this house. Ji Young wants to call him but Yuyeon holds back. How about you don't bother him now? Mrs. Seo is in the early stages of pregnancy. Her hormonal changes were drastic and she was very sensitive.

Thanks to that, Ji Young didn't make calls. Yuyeon also said goodbye.

That's when everyone started lying. Lies that are not for yourself, but for others. These lies began to grow.

Yuyeon came out and met Soyoung. Are you just going home? Soyoung asked. Hiso continues to be unreachable. Do you know where he is? He was never like this at all. I was worried because she was pregnant.

Yuyeon was confused about what to answer. Moreover, Ji Young came back to him. So, he left without telling me and Soyoung, but telling you? Yuyeon is getting confused. Don't know what to do. Do you think that makes sense? Ji Young asked.

Seohyun suddenly came. Hiso already discussed this with me. If you knew, Hajun would know too. He wanted to leave quietly. I proposed this. Ji Young still can't believe it. Without telling me anything? she asked.

Seohyun is still with her stance. Put yourself in the shoes of Hiso. If you were Hiso, would you tell yourself? Let's stop because there's something else. Come in you guys. The lights will be turned off immediately. Tell Seohyun to Yuyeon and Soyoung. The two of them left.

Wait for Hiso to make a decision. Don't you dare act before him? Silent as a corpse. Seohyun's suggestion to Ji Young. Ji Young smiled instead. Apparently, you're not afraid of me. If you keep yelling at me, I don't know what I'm going to do.

Seohyun relax. I'm not afraid. Go ahead. He then turned and left.

Mr. Kim re-read the contract. "Everything that happens in this waste cannot be told to the outside. whatever happens in this waste cannot be interpreted as anything and you cannot interpret it yourself. "If that happens then the second vaccine will have to pay for the first vaccine for the sake of the deal."

Suddenly Mr. Kim felt someone behind him. He turned around and jumped in surprise to see Jinho. What? Why? Jinho asked not understanding.

Yuyeon went to Cadenza and saw Suhyuk where they met.

Mr. Kim accompanied Jinho to bathe. I know everything. Jinho said. Mr. Kim doesn't know. What do you mean? What you do. Jinho continued. You did a great thing. You stole the blue diamond? Mr. Kim panicked. Jinho calms down. There's no need to be afraid. I won't report you.

That troubles me. I'm so guilty. Complained Mr. Kim. Do you really think so? Jinho asked. Mr. Kim confirmed. You're in Rubato now, aren't you? Jinho asked. Mr. Kim confirmed. In that case, watch Ji Young's every move, and report it to me. Jinho's orders. Mr. Kim was shocked. Why are you so shocked? Jinho asked.

"Everything that happened in this waste should not be told outside. Whatever happens in this waste should not be interpreted as anything and you must not interpret it yourself.” It's all written in my employment contract. Are you asking me to break the article? Ask Mr. Kim. Am I an outsider? Jinho asked.

Mr. Kim thinks yes. In my understanding, you are indeed an outsider to Mr. Han Ji Young's family. You're so smart. Praise Jinho. Thieves can be smart too. Stealing diamonds is not allowed in your employment contract, is it? But you did. Don't use the contract as an excuse. Report all Ji Young's moves to me. Disassemble his desk too, and if you find anything, I'll pay you big. Do you understand? This is our only secret. Another secret? Jinho asked. Mr. Kim himself is still doubtful.

Jinho got up and put on his towel. This place is great. Jinho said. I will come here often. If I call you, let's meet at this place. Mr. Kim agreed. Jinho stretched out his hand. Mr. Kim gave me a box. Even though Jinho asked for his banju.

Seohyun was in her study. Jinho came over with a cup of tea and placed it in front of him. You think that you control everything in this house, don't you? That's why you believe you know everything here. Is that true?

Seohyun is lazy to hear it. Quickly tell me the point before my tea gets cold. Don't be too surprised. Jinho asked. The woman who gave birth to Hajun did not die and is still alive. You were surprised, weren't you? Do you know where he is now? Seohyun responded casually. I know.

Jinho was shocked. You already know? Why didn't you tell me? Demand it. Should I tell you, who don't even know, what you should understand? Seohyun asked. When compared to Ji Young, I am more innocent and open. Please rate me back, Jung Daepyo. How could he fool everyone for that long? You don't have any secrets I don't know, do you? Jinho asked. Is it possible that you… have another man? Seohyun immediately looked at him and changed his mind. What do I think? Of course not. He then left from there.

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