Synopsis of Drama Mine Episode 7 Part 3 English Subtitles

Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 7 Part 3

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Synopsis of Drama Mine Episode 7 Part 3

Synopsis of Drama Mine Episode 7 Part 3 

Synopsis of Drama Mine Episode 7 Part 3 English Subtitles

Hiso was checking her womb accompanied by Hajun. He grabbed Hajun's hand. Hajun, that's your sister.

Is my sister a boy or a girl? He asked the examining doctor. Who knows. What's the gender? Ask the doctor to Hajun.

"I wish it was a girl."

The doctor smiled. She must be very pretty if she looks like your mother.

Hyejin was feeling restless in her room. He then sent a message to Hajun. Hajun, mom is… not going. Hajun, the teacher is in Cadenza. The teacher misses you.

Suddenly Ji Young called. Why are you still hanging in there? Ji Young asked sarcastically. We have to talk face to face. I'm going to your office. Hyejin said then hung up the phone.

Ji Young was silent after that. Remember the conversation he had with mom before Hyejin came. The woman who gave birth to Hajun will live in this house.

Who will be here? Ask the mother do not to understand. Ji Young continued. I'm going to do what Mom wants, so please help me. Hiso can't know about this.

What do you mean exactly? Ask the mother again, still doesn't understand. Are you crazy? Ji Young looks at mom. I'm sure he will grow well if raised by his biological mother. He missed Hajun too. If you keep your mouth shut, there will be no problem.

Ji Young turned around and walked a few steps. Mother called. Would you ask your biological mother the same thing? Ji Young turns around and looks back at Mom. If you were my biological mother, I wouldn't be like this.

Hyejin arrives at the company and meets Ji Young. You underestimate me? Ji Young asked. Hyejin denied. You give me goosebumps. Very scary.

Haven't I kicked you out of my house? Bring up, Ji Young. If you need money, I'll give you anything.

How many times has this? Challenge Hyejin. I'm not the Lee Hyejin from six years ago. Do you think you can kick me out with money? Ji Young confirmed. Yes, I'm sure I can. You traded your son for money. How dare you say that.

You don't remember how I was treated? Bring up Hyejin. Stop talking about what I don't remember. Ji Young snapped. Hyejin also snapped at him. That's where it all started!

Ji Young gets up. Do as you please. My kindness to you as the woman who gave birth to my child will disappear like smoke. You came to me because you missed Hajun. You asked me to fire the tutor and said you'd just keep taking care of him. I was wrong for not being able to refuse your request at that time.

Hyejin approached. So, I'm the only one at fault here? Are you free just like that? You want to fire the tutor.

Stop it right now. Ji Young asked. Hyejin refused. No. I can not. Never will. Ji Young approaches and gives him a warning. You can die. You could…really die this time. Hyejin came closer as if not afraid. I won't die alone. Ji Young warns again. This is my last warning. Don't make me mad anymore.

the scene of Hiso eating with Hajun outside

the scene of Hiso eating with Hajun outside

Hiso ate with Hajun outside. There were Hiso's customers near her table and complimenting her beauty. The chicken has arrived. Hiso told Hajun to enjoy it. Our family is too disciplined, huh? Hiso asked.

Why? Hajun asked while eating. Can't order jajangmyeon and chicken. Hajun confirmed. Though jajangmyeon and fried chicken are my favorite foods. You say like galbi-jjim? Hiso tease.

It's one of my mom's favorite dishes. Jajangmyeon and fried chicken taste good because it's not easy to get. That's why it feels better. Hiso pinched Hajun's cheek in exasperation. How can you have the same taste in food like your mother?

Hajun asked his mother to eat too. Don't let my sister just smell the chicken. Hiso agreed.

After eating the two went home holding hands. For a moment Hiso stopped and looked at Hajun. hajun. Mother really… didn't carry you in my mother's belly like your sister right now. However, from the moment you were in your grandmother's belly, I was destined to meet you. That's how I felt when I first saw you.

Nado. I felt the same way when I first saw Mom. I am very happy. Hajun said. Do you remember the first time you met your mother? Hiso asked unexpectedly. You were only three years old then. Hajun confirmed that he remembered.

Then… do you also remember the face of the mother… who gave birth to you? Hiso asked doubtfully. Hajun also hesitated to answer I just remember the smell. At first, I didn't recognize him. However… when I fell off the horse, he hugged me for a while. I was reminded… of the smell.

Hajun is crying. I'm sorry mother. Can you not hate Miss Kang Jakyung? Please…don't throw him out, Mother. Hiso immediately hugged his son. You must be feeling really sad all this time. You can't tell anyone. You can't do that. Didn't you promise not to keep anything from mom?

Hyejin's guards are not allowed to enter.

Hyejin's guards are not allowed to enter.

Hyejin's guards are not allowed to enter. She protested while crying outside. Why can't I come in? Why? Why can't I come in? I…Hajun…

Mr. Kim and Kyunghyee came to bring the goods. At that moment Hyejin became weak.

The guard was facing Seohyun with Joo's head. Mr. Ji Young remains firm about this, so, I have no choice, ma'am. Even though I said you had moved him, he said, as Hajun's father, he would never let him in. He was so emotional.

Seohyun couldn't stop thinking. You have no choice. The doorman confirmed and apologized.

Seohyun sighed. Thank you for your service. The HR team will contact you shortly. Starting today, you are fired. He then left after that. Head Joo is confused.

Hyejin was still waiting outside. Hiso came with Hajun. He got out of the car and approached the guard. Why is he out here? Hiso asked. Mr. Ji Young forbids him to enter. Answer the guard. Hiso ordered him to escort him in with honor.

At first, the guards refused. Hiso snapped at him. Didn't you hear? I'll be in charge. Quickly carry out my orders.

Hiso was sitting on the sofa at his house. Hyejin approached him. Han Ji Young. That man. He let me in. Hiso still couldn't believe it. Do not lie. He says you have cheated him. He can't just let you in.

Hyejin couldn't help but think of Hiso. Are you too innocent? Or read too many drama scripts? Did he say I operated on my face like in a drama? Or am I just love last night that he doesn't even remember his face? Samonym. Seo Hiso-SSI. You've… been completely deceived by him.

Hiso still couldn't believe it. You just want to screw me up, right?

You let me in today. Bring up Hyejin. That man has prevented me from entering this house. Han Ji Young must be afraid that I will tell you.

Hiso got up and stayed with his stance. Shut up! I don't believe everything you say. Hyejin told the truth. Grandma Hajun knows all. He knows my identity and everything that happened. Ji Young and I have seen each other for two years since 2019. You know how warm an old love can be? At first, I wanted to snatch him too. I thought he loved me. I should be afraid of the fire I'm playing with, but I'm too stupid. When he found out you were pregnant, he dumped me. Isn't that funny?

Hiso screamed, unable to hear it until he sat up. Stop it! Hyejin came closer and continued. That man…is scarier than you might think. Never believe it.

Not knowing what else was going on, Hyejin came out looking very panicked. He went and passed Yuyeon. Feeling suspicious, Yuyeon then went to Hiso. Hiso was short of breath while holding his stomach. Ms. Seo, are you okay? Should I call a doctor? Hiso shook his head. I'll bring you warm water. Calm down, ma'am. Yuyeon then left him.

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Jinhee came to Cadenza.

The Scene Jinhee came to Cadenza.

Jinhee came to Cadenza. Chief Joo greets him. You want dinner, Agassi? Jinhee refused. No, I'm not in the mood. Jinho! Send Jinho to Mom's room. Chief Joo agrees.

Jinho and mother sat down while Jinhee stood pacing back and forth. I heard it from Jung Hyeontaek. They have an emergency meeting. Jinho was surprised. The meeting was held on the third. Why is there an emergency meeting?

Jinhee continued. There are rumors that the higher-ups will support Ji Young as director. They turned to betray Dad. Shareholders meeting too. Our stock is down.

Jinho pointed out something else. Sales of the bakery rose rapidly after being held by Ji Young. So are semiconductor stocks. Jinhee confirmed. There he is! Ji Young also holds the semiconductor sector, right? The directors clearly saw Ji Yong's great management skills. Plus your dirty scandals all over the magazines.

Jinho didn't accept it. What do you mean? Ji Young is dirtier than me. He lives with two women. Mother spoke up. You don't have to worry. Ji Young will announce that she is not willing to become a director. He had promised to support Jinho.

Jinhee doesn't understand. What do you mean, Mother? This is a big picture made by Ji Young. He supports you as director only temporarily. He wants everyone to know that you don't have the talent to lead and you can't serve anymore. don't you know how ruthless he is?

Mom doesn't know. Temporary? What do you mean? Jinhee even wanted to laugh. Seriously. He told the board of directors that he wanted to take office and would follow their decision. His words did not seem ambitious. Will he follow the decision? Gosh, you hypocrite!

Mom got annoyed. Can't do that. Ji Young can't be like that. He can't do that. He had to keep his promise! Jinhee and Jinho were confused about what mother meant.

After that Jinho called Ji Young and asked her to meet. I want to talk. Let's meet at the hotel's wine bar. I'll wait there. Bring Ji Young.

After hanging up the phone, Jinho saw dad's blue diamond on the table, in front of him.

Ji Young is in the car. I don't know why he's smiling. I swear that smile is so evil. Han Jinho. hh

Hiso was still where he was. She tried to be strong and wiped her tears.

Mom is also not calm because of Ji Young. Hiso came. They sat together. I can only stop by now. I have to protect my baby, but I have no other choice. That's why…please tell the truth. Why do you have the heart to deceive me… even though you already know everything? Tell me everything you know. Sue Hiso.

Mom tries to calm down. Faking his death…wasn't my idea. Ji Young himself… who suggested it. He didn't want to make his son live in confusion like himself. That's why he faked the death of the child's birth mother. He already met you then. He wants you to think he's dead. He faked his death, not me. He asked me to keep it a secret from you. He gave me a condition. He promised to make Jinho the leader, so, I had to keep my mouth shut about that woman's identity.

Hiso was so shocked. Hyejin also felt uneasy in her room. He got up and left from there. Hiso came home unsteadily. Remember his argument with Ji Young. She gave birth to Hajun! There's no way you don't know his face! Ji Young still dodged. She's just a woman I dated briefly while riding. I was young and stupid. When he first came here, I didn't recognize him. Really.

Also what Hyejin said. Samonym. You've been completely deceived by him.

Are you still restless with me here? Hiso, Hajun's mother is you. He just wanted revenge. I'm not the culprit. I know everything from Mother.

But my mother said no. He asked me to… keep it a secret from you.

Hyejin walked behind Hiso and followed him to the house. Yuyeon came downstairs and found Hiso odd. Suddenly Hiso was bleeding. He was so shocked that he sat limply. She cries. Yuyeon panicked and called Seohyun.

Hiso sobbed pulling all the blood wishing he'd come back. Finally, Seohyun arrived. He grabbed Hiso's hand and hugged him. Hyejin also witnessed it. Shock. Sorry.

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