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Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 7 Part 1

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Synopsis of Drama Mine Episode 7 Part 1

Synopsis of Drama Mine Episode 7 Part 2

Outside Ji Young meets Seohyun. What's going on here? Ji-Young asked. Seohyun immediately considered it. Ji Young smiled. Is that enough? he asked scan. Seohyun is annoyed. Of course not enough. I lent something to Hi-soo. You can't treat pregnant women like this.

Ji Young approaches. She is pregnant with my child. What's your business? Seohyun doesn't want to lose. Han Ji Young. If so, I will kill you. I will let that woman be by my side. The fake Kang Jakyung. I let him in. I have to take responsibility for my mistakes. I will protect Hyowon. Seohyun then left from there after. Ji Young's expression immediately turned sinister.

Ji Young revisits the previous place and witnesses two people fighting after dropping a bag full of money.

Sister Emma went to Hiso and immediately hugged him. Both sat together. Sister Emma took Hiso's hand and gave him advice. Eat even if you don't have an appetite. Laugh even if there is no reason to maxi.

Hiso sighed. I can't tell my mother. He would definitely be surprised. Sister Emma. can you be my mom today? Sister Emma agreed. Of course. I did come to do that.

What should I do? Hiso asked desperately. Everyone here is scary. I was horrified. I don't know what's right and wrong anymore. I don't know at all. I wanted to know everything, but I got scared. I'm afraid to fish myself. If I leave this house, this child will live without a father. Hajun will also be a child without a mother.

Hiso cried. Actually, that's not true. He had a mother who gave birth to him. What should I do now?

Sister Emma also gave her advice. Hiso. A child who lives without a father or mother can grow up well. God views all humans as equal, but not for this family. This is their own kingdom. In this house, your child is not completely yours. Hiso denied. No, my son is mine.

Sister Emma set an example. Lee Hyejin's son was also snatched away, and he was kicked out of there, right? I'm not asking you to give up, but to become stronger. Because you are a mother. You must become stronger. empowers women to protect their children.

Hiso reveals that he will also raise Hajun. I can, can't I? Hajun…is my son. Sister Emma grabbed Hiso's hand to strengthen it.

Chief Joo plays Seohyun's satire. You're also going to record our conversation and send it to Han Ji Young?

And at that time Joo's head caught Ji Young recording Seohyun with Choi Suzy and maybe Ji Young saw it too.

Seohyun saw the floor plan of the SH museum. Appreciated there is Joo's head. I did it because I needed money. Seohyun looked at him with a smile. You turned out to be more stupid than I thought. Do you know how I got to know this? done Ji Young is done wearing you to throw you away. You have to choose people better.

Joo's head went limp. He arrived sieve. Samonym. Just use me. When you really need help, I'm willing to be your dog. Use me then. Whatever… I'll do it.

Sister Emma went to Hiso

Sister Emma went to Hiso

Kyunghyee washes mom's hair. Your muscles are really really tight, Mom said Kyunghyee. Mother confirmed. I've been really stressed lately. Try calling people who are more stressed than me. There's no way someone like that could exist. They must have died instantly from that stress.

It turns out that Mr. Kim is also showing off his legs. Why are you so good at massaging your feet? Why didn't you say that from the start? You can massage long ago. Why do you keep your technique and your strengths? It's so comfortable.

Haha… apparently they made a joke on Joo's head with their video.

Mother protested to Mr. Kim. Don't press my thumb all the time. Massage everything. Do not massage in one place only. Oh my mother is so ticklish.

Chief Joo is looking at something. Suddenly someone called. Oh, he was surprised.

Jinho was still in dad's secret room. He calls out Joo's head. Please bring some iced coffee here. I also want to have dinner here. There was no answer from Joo's head. Even though Jinho wanted to go to the toilet.

Chief Joo himself is meeting Seohyun.

Chief Joo himself is meeting Seohyun.

Chief Joo himself is meeting Seohyun. Why are you so shocked? Seohyun asked. Chief Joo admitted that he didn't understand why Seohyun had to do that. Seohyun looked at him. Stagnant water must rot. Think of it as a change of staff. Send Kyeonghye, Seongtae, and Yuyeon to Rubato. Move all the helpers who work in Rubato, as well as Kang Jakyung, to this house.

Seongtae and Kyeonghye can't live together. Seohyun immediately looked at him sharply so that Joo's head immediately agreed.

Chief Joo calls Hyejin and tells her what Seohyun said. Okay. I will follow his orders.

Hiso met him. Say it now. Or you can say after I'm done. As Hajun's mother, I will be responsible till the end. What makes Hajun happy? What keeps him from getting hurt? All my decisions are based on that.

Hyejin thanks. Thank you for thinking of my son. Hiso cut in. I only think about my son. Why are you thanking me? Hyejin emphasized that she gave birth to him.

I raised him. Hiso said. Do you want revenge? After your son is taken away, you want your corrupt youth to be redeemed equally, don't you? Please. Just do it.

Hyejin told the truth while crying. My son was sick at that time. I have no choice at all. If he grew up here, he would probably never get sick. That's why I gave it up. I kept thinking about my son as I closed and opened my eyes. My heart is torn. My heart hurts like all my nails are pulled out. My heart hurts until it bleeds.

Hiso wasn't interested in hearing that. What now do you want…is Hajun? Why do you want Hajun? You should take revenge!

Hyejin thanked her for raising Hajun. I will continue. Hiso didn't accept it. I am the child's mother. Hajun could be hurt because of this. Don't hurt him.

Why do you think Hajun will get hurt? He finally met his birth mother. Hajun must remember me. I can feel it. Hiso told Hyejin to leave if she really thought about Hajun. This family can fake DNA test results to make you considered dead!

Hyejin is getting angry. That's why I'm not afraid. The only thing that can scare me in this world is when I can't see Hajun. He wanted to go after that.

Better… you take Ji-yong instead. Hiso's suggestion.

scene All the maids in Cadenza are gathered near the entrance at the bottom of the stairs.

scene All the maids in Cadenza are gathered near the entrance at the bottom of the stairs.

All the maids in Cadenza were gathered near the entrance at the bottom of the stairs. They are curious. Why are you being asked to gather at night? At the same time Suhyuk also rocks home. Oh, he had a look at Yuyeon. Ignoring him he went up the stairs.
Chief Joo starts to announce. Starting today, ju-yeon and Sang-a will be working at Cadenza. Meanwhile, Yuyeon will move to Rubato. Seongtae and Kyeonghye also moved.

Suhyuk's steps immediately stopped. He approached Joo's head and conveyed the process. Why was he suddenly transferred? The question is not accepted. Head Joo confused the answer. That's because… Bu Jung said…

I can't. Yuyeon stays here. Suhyuk said. Yuyeon denied. I will follow Mrs. Jung's orders. Head Joo immediately saw Seohyun watching. So is Suhyuk.

Seohyun entered her study and Suhyuk followed. They talk there. What are you doing in front of the maids? Learn to cover your feelings, if you want to be a successful person. Seohyun's suggestion.

Suhyuk looked at his mother confidently. She is a woman I like. You can't have anything to do with that kid at all. Seohyun said.

Too late. Suhyuk said. You will suffer. Press Seohyun. Suhyuk doesn't care. This is my life. I don't care if I suffer. I've never been happy before. So, I'm not afraid to suffer.

Seohyun sighed. You don't know real suffering. Suhyuk belittled. You don't have to try so hard to be my mother. I'll take care of myself. Seohyun tried to change Suhyuk's mind. I can see the child's suffering very clearly now.

Suhyuk cut in, I won't let him be like my mother. I'm sure I can do that because I'm different from Dad. Seohyun herself doubted it. Are you sure you can be different from your father? The situation is the same. She won't be like your mother, but suffer even more! At least your mother doesn't love your father. Stop it, Suhyuk. I am not here for your own good, but for his sake. You have to pay attention to how much suffering… the woman you like. Seohyun then left after saying it.

Mom is upset about Seohyun's decision. Why did he change the maid for? Chief Joo conveys his opinion. Perhaps one of the biggest reasons was wanting to make Yuyeon separate from Young Master. If it wasn't for that, maybe he was harboring some other reason?

What's with your eyes? Asked the mother responding to Joo's head. By the way, shouldn't we throw a party to celebrate Hiso l's pregnancy? Mother continued. Chief Joo feels that Seo Samonim is sad lately. Wow, my mother was immediately curious. Do you know something? Chief Joo objected.

They had to give birth to many children. That's the joy of inheriting something. If my husband wasn't lying there like he is now, he would be very happy. He loves Hiso very much. Damn Kim Mija.

Chief Joo remembers something and hastily said goodbye. Apparently he returned to his father's secret pillar and took Jinho out of there.

Yuyeon who moved to Rubato met Hyejin who also moved to Cadenza, just like when they first came.

Mr. Kim ordered the maid to pack their things and then went downstairs.

Hiso who slept with Hajun remembered the time when Hajun was little.

Hiso who slept with Hajun remembered the time when Hajun was little.

Hiso who slept with Hajun remembered the time when Hajun was little. They also sleep together. Hiso asks where is his mouth? Hajun pointed it out. Hiso then asked where are his ears? Hajun couldn't show it and Hiso showed it to him.

When Hajun is a little older and can read. Hiso asked him to take the banana writing and Hajun took it.

When Hajun had to have a tooth extracted, Hiso accompanied him. Hajun is crying. Hiso comforted him by saying that the Tooth fairy wouldn't come if Hajun was crying. And they went home hand in hand.

Hyejin arrived at Cadenza. Mother sees it and hides. Chief Joo calls out to him and surprises him instead. Mother said the creature was here. Chief Joo doesn't understand and tells him that it's Jakyung. Mother then asked Jinho. Chief Joo informs him that he is meeting with Sister Emma. I was surprised and didn't expect it. Jinho met the nurse?

Jinho sat in front of Sister Emma. He looks tense. My name is Han Jinho. I completed my military service well, even though I'm an American citizen. I'm not in the military world because I want to be in politics. My blood type is AB.

Sister Emma cut in. You don't need to explain yourself like that. Just relax. Think of me as a comfortable sofa for you.

Jinho was confused. You ask me to sit on you? Sister Emma objected. No. That's not what I mean. Don't we feel comfortable sitting on the sofa? I want you like that. Jinho nodded in understanding. Okay, I understand.

Sorry to confuse you. The director's position in Hyowon is certainly very heavy and tiring, isn't it? asked Sister Emma. Jinho denied. No, it's not heavy. I feel comfortable. Sister Emma was surprised. You shouldn't feel comfortable in such a big position.

Jinho smiled instead. Sister Emma. If I tried that hard in life, I would get sick like my father. I don't want to be like him.

You can answer me like before. This is the beginning. Sister Emma's suggestion. Jinho continued. Dad always compares me to Ji Young. I finally found out the reason today. Dad really… loves Kim Mija, Ji Young's biological mother. Ji Young is very similar to my father. There are two women in his life. Dad at least knew himself to keep everything underground. Why is Ji Young shameless?

Sister Emma cut in. Talk about yourself. Don't talk about other people. Jinho looked down sadly. I feel lonely. I hope at least someone understands how I feel. One is enough for me. Jinho is crying.

the scene of Seohyun visiting dad after he was examined. Remember their previous conversation.

the scene of Seohyun visiting dad after he was examined. Remember their previous conversation.

Seohyun visited dad after he was checked. Remember their previous conversation.

Why did you marry Jinho? Asked the father at the time. Marrying anyone is the same for me. My partner means nothing at all. Seohyun replied. Do you want the position of queen in this Hyowon family? Ask dad again.

Seohyun looked at dad. I can clearly see how Dad trusts Ji Young with all his heart.

Ji Young can never be my heir, ever. Just wait. Whatever your purpose of marrying her, it is certainly better than divorce. Broke sure dad.

Ji Young is talking to someone in her office. The board of directors meeting will be held again on the third of next month. Are you going to back up Jinho as director? Ask the person.

Ji Young patted the guy's shoulder. I now have two children. I can't keep giving up. Let's have an emergency board meeting. The third day of next month? It's so long. The person then left.

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