Synopsis of Drama Mine Episode 7 Part 1 English Subtitle

Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 7 Part 1

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Synopsis of Drama Mine Episode 7 Part 1

Synopsis of Drama Mine Episode 7 Part 1

Synopsis of Drama Mine Episode 7 Part 1 English Subtitle

Chief Joo tries to piece together the torn photo with mom. Like playing a puzzle. And after everything came together he was even more shocked. It's a photo of Jakyung with Ji Young. Jakyung introduced himself as Lee Hyejin and immediately received a slap from Hiso. Even so, Hyejin still smiled. I was invited here today, but instead received a strange welcome like this. Is this your real identity? Hiso asked. You became a member here to follow me and my son? Jakyung was surprised to hear that. your son? No! This foundation was the first to accommodate Hajun and me. I'm just returning the favor.

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Why did you come to our house? Hiso asked. Jakyung answered by looking at Hiso sharply. To take mine. You just protect your child. I will also protect my son. Did you know that I'm trying to protect your child too?

Hiso started to choke. Seohyun took him away. And actually, Hyejin also felt very scared.
In the car, Hiso was still crying. Seohyun is on the phone. Call Doctor Hwang to Rubato in an hour. He then saw Hiso's hand trembled and grasped it.
Jinho saw dad's blue diamond and remembered what Chief Joo had told him. If you report to the police, it will be published in the newspaper. What if… it got your family involved in a tax audit? Then the police got a warrant, and the director's safe was searched?

He then called Joo's head to open the jewelry store there. Who would have thought that there was another room in it? Chief Joo forbids Jinho to enter but Jinho insists on entering.
It turned out to be very spacious inside. Jinho entered a room. There are many photos of Ji Young's mother in it. There are LPs. Jinho played it and looked at the photos of Ji Young's mother through the projector's reflection.


At the hospital, my father smiled as if he was also listening to the song.
Hiso was infused at home. Just think about Hajun and you. In exchange, I will obey you. Seohyun's suggestion. Hiso refused. This is my problem. I have to take care of it. Seohyun held Hiso's hand. Your current situation is not possible. You are two. I will meet him. You have to sort out which ones to protect and release. You can't be weak. Hiso cried.

Hiso is infused at home

Hiso is infused at home

Hyejin is on the way. Seohyun called him and asked him to meet. I'm on my way to your house. Hyejin said. Seohyun forbids. I need to confirm something first. I'll call you later. I will determine the place. Do not be presumptuous to set foot without my permission in my house.
Seohyun came to Mrs. Iyeon's place and met the head maid there. You know why I'm here, don't you? The original Kang Jakyung who five years ago became a tutor here. Where and what are you doing right now?

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On the street, Seohyun called Choi's lawyer. I summoned the real Head Maid Hyeon and Kang Jakyung as witnesses for document falsification and fraud.
Suddenly Seohyun saw someone on the street. He asked the driver to slow down the car. Turns out that person is Suzy. There was longing in Seohyun's eyes. Suzy stopped to call. The person he called was Seohyun.
Don't know why Seohyun ignored him and they went their separate ways.

Chief Joo came into the room. Seeing the things that were there, he thought they belonged to Han Ji Young's biological mother. Jinho asked Chief Joo to make it their secret. Chief Joo agrees. After that, he had to leave immediately because his mother called him.
Today, I practice singing in my room because Nodeok isn't there. Jinho saw it from the outside and felt that their mother was lonely.

Seohyun is in the gallery. The secretary came with the real Kang Jakyung. They then talk elsewhere. I often visit Canada because the kids live there. That's when I met Hyejin. She's a good girl. I was allowed to live free in his second home in Montreal for a year. That's when I found out about his past. He just wanted to help find his son. That's why I helped him. He only needed to change identities for one year. Jakyung told the story while crying.

Seohyun sighed and got up. His secretary approached Jakyung and asked him to leave.
The guard at the house is called Seohyun. Miss Kang arrived, ma'am. He wants to see you. However, Mr. Han Ji Young told us not to enter. What should I do? asked the confused guard. Let him in. Have him wait in the lobby. Seohyun's orders.

Hiso was still not calm. Remember the first time Hyejin came claiming to be Kang Jakyung. Hello, my name is Kang Ja-kyeong. Please take good care of my son. Hiso asked. I will do my best. Hyejin's promise at that time.

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And his argument with Ji Young. Don't worry too much. There's Miss Kang now. She is sincere to Ha-Joon. Seriously. What do you mean I tricked you and took the woman?
Seohyun is home.

In the office, Ji Young is looking at the chart. Hajun's tutor called. It turns out that the contact name has not been changed. Even though he was lazy he still picked it up. All is over. Your wife already knows who I really am. Hyejin said which instantly made Ji Young tense.

Seohyun arrived home. Yuyeon greeted him at the door. Miss Kang is waiting for you in the lobby. Yuyeon said. Head Joo also comes and gets a sharp look from Seohyun. You came back early, ma'am. Say hello to Chief Joo. Seohyun told Yuyeon to go.
Dih, Joo's head looks tense. Get Miss Kang to my study in 15 minutes. No one is allowed to enter. Tell Seohyun. Okay, ma'am. I understand. Chief Joo said and turned around.

You will also record our conversation and send it to Han Ji Young? Accused Seohyun. If you think so, you can come in for a while. He continued as he handed his bag to Joo's head.
On the stairs, Seohyun met Jinho. Jung Daepyo, is there a problem? she asked. Why do you and your wife call him Daepyo... Your face looks gloomy. Regarding Sister Emma…. Please make an appointment with him. I'll be there. I'll consult.

Seohyun stopped. Don't discuss me with him. Jinho was surprised. Then why did you introduce me if that's what you objected to? Seohyun advised Jinho: Take good care of your privacy to expand your business. Don't talk about personal matters anywhere. Religious figures seem to be the safest for us.
Seohyun wanted to go but Jinho held back again. Hey, Jung Daepyo. Should I tell you a very shocking fact? Seohyun sighed in annoyance. Huh, again in a hurry too. I don't know how shocking that is, but shouldn't you be quiet? Just keep it to yourself. This is really surprising. Seohyun didn't care and left him.

Seohyun arrived home and was greeted by Yuyeon

Seohyun arrived home and was greeted by Yuyeon

Hyejin entered Seohyun's room accompanied by Chief Joo. Seohyun turned around. Chief Joo then said goodbye and left. Oh, he's dizzy outside.
The two of them sat opposite. What do you want? Seohyun asked. hajun. Hyejin answered firmly. I want to take him away. As you can see, I'm not dead. I left my son when he was 18 months here. I think he'd be better off being raised as Prince Hyowon, rather than with a poor single mother like me.

Then why did you change your mind? Seohyun asked not understanding. Nothing has changed.
Hyejin with a sad face continued. Because then I was wrong…and now I'm right. I want to straighten that out. I will take my son back.
You know it's impossible. Seohyun said. Hyejin didn't lose her confidence. I'll make it possible. Seohyun assured me that it would not happen. do you have the right to say that here? Hyunjin asked. What right do you have to say that too? Seohyun asked back.

Hyejin's voice started to rise. He is the child I conceived and raised for 18 months. Do I have no rights? How dare you say that in front of me.
Do you want to take legal action? Seohyun challenged with a smile. Hyejin wasn't scared at all. I was like David against Goliath, but there was no choice. This should have been done six years ago.
Seohyun is not less sure. You used Kang Jakyung's identity and made your fake life with it. I have proof that you need to be exiled from society. Do you still have the guts to fight us? You…a criminal.
Hyejin started to get cornered. Can you side with me? Can you side with me as the child's biological mother? I have made your husband the leader of Hyowon Group. Seohyun doesn't care. Is that your deal…with Han Ji Young and my mother-in-law? I don't want to be on your side at all. I'm not in the deal.

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Should I expose the whole world…Hyowon's treatment of me? Hyejin threatened. Seohyun welcomes. I will expose to the whole world how you tricked us into getting into this house. Of course with Han Ji Young.

Hyejin brought up that Han Ji Young is Hyowon's family. Shouldn't he be protected? Seohyun thinks anyone should be held accountable for their actions. Hiso and I had been deceived by him. Hyejin tried to contain her anger. You can't treat me like this. I don't even know… what I can do later. I'm not here as Kang Jakyung or Lee Hyejin. I'm here as Hajun's mother.

Seohyun warns that Hiso is pregnant now. Don't you want to play fair? Do you really want to fight a pregnant woman? Hyejin thought differently. That's why I will bring Hajun. She already has her own child. We are responsible for each other's children. I am still a Hajun tutor based on my contract. Hajun will be home soon. I have to go back there.

Hyejin wanted to get up but Seohyun held her back. I told you that you couldn't be here without my permission, right? both of them are angry with each other because of it.
Ji Young is on her way home. The guard calls him. Listen, sir. I told you he can't come in again, didn't I? Who? Seohyun? He loosened his tie. 
Hiso who was still being infused felt uneasy. He got up and pulled out the IV in his hand. Oh, it's so easy. There's a needle. Just look at the pain.

Ji Young comes home and smiles at him. I came back early because you weren't well. Soyoung and I are always ready 24 hours for anything.
Hiso got up and turned his back on Ji Young. Wasn't Hajun's biological mother dead? You said that yourself. However, how did that woman get here? Even become Hajun's tutor?

Ji Young responded casually. I'm afraid you'll be surprised, so I'm keeping it a secret. I thought he was dead. What do you mean? Hiso asked not understanding. Ji Young explained; I'm studying abroad. I knew all from Mother that I had a child and his mother had died. I was very confused and crazy because of this.
Hiso was getting frustrated hearing this. She gave birth to Hajun! There's no way you don't know his face! Ji Young acts like she doesn't know. She's just a woman I dated briefly while riding. I was young and stupid. When he first came here, I didn't recognize him. Really.

Hiso still couldn't believe it. Do you think that makes sense? You used to love him. Ji Young denies. Not at all. Although I'm ashamed to admit it, my relationship with him is only temporary. I'm also looking into it because you keep getting suspicious. And that's when I knew what he really was.
Ji Young put her hand on Hiso's arm. I'm just this shocked, what else are you? That's why I asked him to leave. I have to protect you. Hiso was still annoyed. You separated Hajun from his mother and faked his death.

Ji Young still dodged. I don't know about that. I'm not the culprit. Hiso emphasized that the woman…Hajun's biological mother. Ji Young cut in, Hiso, Hajun's mother is you. We must be selfish to protect our children. He just wanted revenge. You can't believe anything he says. Be aware!
Hiso pushed Ji Young's hand away and sat on the edge of the bed. Let me alone. I have to clear my mind. Come out.
Ji Young doesn't insist anymore and leaves.

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