Synopsis of Drama Mine Episode 6 Part 3 English Subtitle

Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 6 Part 3

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Synopsis of Drama Mine Episode 6 Part 3

Synopsis of Drama Mine Episode 6 Part 

Synopsis of Drama Mine Episode 6 Part 3 English Subtitle

Ji Young sits at her desk at home. Jakyung sent a message. I will leave here as you wish. However, I want to say something one last time. Come to the parking lot. You can do that, right?

Oh, Ji Young is so dizzy. He drank then checked Hiso in his room. After confirming that he was asleep, he went to the parking lot. Unexpectedly Jakyung also sent a message to Hiso. Samim looks like I'd better get out of here. However, I would like to convey my greetings to you before leaving. Right now I'll be waiting for you in the parking lot.

Jakyung gets into Ji Young's car. I will obey you. I will go. Where are you going? Ji Young asked. Jakyung will return to Canada.

That woman… the real Kang Jakyung. Make sure he keeps his mouth shut. Jaehyun calms down. Do not worry. I'll be back as if nothing happened. He then approached Ji Young and wanted to kiss her but Ji Young refused. What do you want?

Hiso came. Ji Young immediately hides but Hiso is getting closer. Not wanting to be caught, Ji Young also pulls Jakyung into hiding. Finally, he came out with the excuse of missing something in the car. The air is cold. He hugged Hiso away from there but Jakyung instead blamed the horn. Hiso came back closer. Dih Ji Young is very tense.

Suddenly, Emma's sister called. And to convince Hiso, Ji Young starts the car using the automatic key. It's the car for my activities, so, I'm set.

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Hiso answered nurse Emma's call and left from there. I'm going to the show.

Jakyung stood behind Hiso. Hiso turned around after finishing the call. What do you want to do? Hiso asked. You're bothered by me, aren't you? Asked Jakyung back. So, I'd rather not be here. Therefore, I will resign. You're pregnant, right? Congratulations on your pregnancy. I hope you can give birth to a healthy child.

Sister Emma holding Seohyun's hand

Sister Emma holding Seohyun's hand

Hiso responded doubtfully. Are you sincere with your words? Jackson confirmed. Because I know the life of someone within us is a blessing. before leaving there's something I have to tell you because it's important to you. Hiso said he didn't want to hear it. Breaking trust is scary. We will continue to be suspicious of whatever that person says. I don't want to be overly suspicious of you anymore. Because my disturbed mind can reach my son later. Since such a precious life has come to me, I have to be careful. Good thinking and dialogue. As a mother, you must have the courage to choose it. What do you want me to say I need to hear now? Think of it as a fellow woman.

Jaehyun was silent. He felt like he couldn't say it. I'll tell you another time. I go.

Hiso turned around after a few steps of Jakyung. Thank you. Because I want to understand. Thank you also for loving Hajun all this time.

Jakyung just nodded and left.

Jakyung really wants to go. Pulling his suitcase he looked up into Hajun's room. Hajun, a mother is still alive. Wait a little longer.

At that time Hiso was sitting at his dressing table with his hand on his stomach.

Sister Emma held Seohyun's hand. Can we continue? Seohyun agreed. Sister Emma got up and stood with her back to him. If you could go back to that day, what would you like to do?

If I could go back to that day, I would make the same decision. Because I was born, educated, and live like that. Apart from him, I already have everything. I didn't come to you for answers or salvation. I just need someone to listen to the real me. Please just listen… my story.

Sister Emma smiled and sat down. A person can only be saved by himself.

Seohyun continued her story while remembering that day. Two years ago. That's when I last saw him.

Chief Joo comes with someone. He has come, ma'am. He then left after that. Seohyun turned around and saw him. That person is Choi Suzy. both of them looked angry and looked at each other.

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The two of them walk together. I miss you. Even though we were both at the time, no one suspected us. They thought that we were just friends. Suzy grabbed Seohyun's hand but Seohyun pulled away. Suzy then stroked her hair.

What does that person mean in your life? asked Sister Emma. Seohyun answered while crying. mine. He is mine. Sister was the first to hear my confession about her. Since I've been able to tell you about him, maybe it's time for me… to let him go. Sister Emma nodded approvingly.

Jinho was on a video call with his girlfriend. Really? You did that? Jinho asked. Mr. Han, I really miss you. His girlfriend said. Yes. I miss you, too. how many more hours do I have to wait for you? Ask her boyfriend. Wait a little longer. Hurry up and show me your handsome face. Jinho picked up his cell phone. Like this enough? You are very handsome.

Suddenly Seohyun passed by and took a drink. Jinho immediately put his phone upside down. Mr. Han? So dark. I can't see you. Are you at the cinema? The phone is disconnected?

The blue diamond necklace is now in Joo's head. He tried but suddenly Jinho entered. I have something to ask. Chief Joo, do you know what's the matter… with Mrs. Jung? Jinho looked at the necklace. Chief Joo tells that it's not him.

Hiso entered Jakyung's room. The room is empty now.

Hajun is on a trip with his father. Did Miss Kang say anything to you while she was away? Ji Young asked. He didn't say anything. replied Hajun. Ji Young calms down. We will find another teacher. Miss Kang is going out of the house.

Hajun hugged Hiso while crying.

Hajun hugged Hiso while crying.

Who is my real mother? Asked Hajun. He was dead. He's in heaven. Hajun couldn't believe it. Do not lie. He's not dead, is he? Ji Young faces him calmly. The news was written arbitrarily. Han Hajun. Grandma isn't really my real mother either. My birth mother has died, just like your mother. God will take something from us who are born different from others. But in the end, you have what dad doesn't have, namely a mother who is like a real mother. Hajun, your mother is pregnant with your sister. You and dad have to protect your sister. Do you understand? Hajun nodded in agreement.

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Ji Young goes home with Hajun. Hiso got up to greet the two. Ji Young goes up first. Hiso also told Hajun to take a shower. Suddenly Hajun hugged Hiso while crying. Mother. Don't ever throw me away. Hiso didn't understand. What do you mean?

I only have a mother in my life. My mother in this universe, only mother. Mother also only has you in this universe. Hiso agreed. Mom is serious. Mother can promise 100 times. Hajun continued. You are the only woman I love. If I could turn back time, I would want to be born from your belly. From the first second, I wanted to be with you. Mother. When my sister is born, I will give her milk and play with her. I will teach him and do everything for him. I can't be sick. Yes? Hiso nodded in agreement and then hugged Hajun again.

Doom. welfare foundation Ilsin charity event

Hiso is playing with the children. The PR team called and reported the news source the other day. Lee Hye Jin. Hiso is shocked. He remembers that night Ji Young said that Hajun's biological mother had died. Her name is Lee Hye Jin.

Seohyun thought about what Ji Young said. We seem to have become closer because we have shared the same big secret. Also what Hiso said. After I entered this family, I really depended on you. please help me later.

He then asked his secretary to cancel all his schedules for today. Call Soyoung, find out where Hiso is now.

Seohyun came there alone and met Hiso. I… will tell you the bitter truth. Can you accept? Hiso agreed. Tell me. We cannot escape the truth forever. I want to move on. I also know something. Lee Hyejin, the woman who gave birth to Hajun, is still alive.

Seohyun continued, Lee Hyejin is Hajun's tutor, Kang Jakyung. Hiso was getting more and more shocked. Until it's tight. Sister Emma walked over to them and smiled at them both.

Not long after, Jakyung also came. Hiso approached him angrily. Jakyung himself even smiled arrogantly. Annyeong haseyo, Lee Hyejin imnida.

Hiso who was very angry immediately gave him a hard slap.

There was another person who fell with Hiso. Sister Emma witnessed it. When I first found them, they were both lying on the floor. However, when I returned…

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