Synopsis of Drama Mine Episode 6 Part 2 English Subtitle

Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 6 Part 2

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Synopsis of Drama Mine Episode 6 Part 2

 Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 6 Part 2

Synopsis of Drama Mine Episode 6 Part 2 English Subtitle

Jakyung went by car. Dih almost hit Mr. Kim who was with Kyunghyee. They themselves also looked suspicious.

With high speed, Jakyung hit people. That person is himself. she then headed towards him. Jakyung cried remembering what mom said. You're dead in an accident. Don't ever appear in front of this kid again. We will raise this child. He was frustrated. I'm not dead yet.

Mom also had a bad dream about Jakyung. You protect your child. I will protect my son. I will help Han Jinho become the director. Finally, mom woke up. Jakyung drove back his car with a feeling of anger. Hiso woke up. He leaned back and touched his stomach. He called Seohyun. I have something to tell you. Can I go there now? Seohyun forbids. Do not have to. I just went there. I want to talk too.

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The two of them sat together. Hiso thanked Seohyun for coming. Seohyun smiled. No need to thank me. I have to come. I haven't been to Rubato in a long time. Hiso confirmed. Seohyun put down her cup and was about to say something but hIso preceded her. Actually, I'm pregnant. You must be surprised. I'm more confident in my feelings now. I'm sure my feelings for Hajun won't change even if I give birth. Moreover, I believe in my relationship with Hajun. In addition, Hajun is also easily lonely.

Hearing all that made Seohyun hesitate to say. Alright then. You turned out to be pregnant. With a smile, Hiso continued his sentence. After I entered this family, I really depended on you. please help me later.

Seohyun nodded in agreement. Okay. I will continue to help you. Hiso took his cup. Do you want to tell me? Seohyun shook her head. Cancel. Take care of yourself.

Mr. Kim and Kyunghyee brought the diamond to sell. The salesman finished checking it. Good grief. It turned out to be a Lazare diamond. It can't be sold. Mr. Kim and Kyunghyee were shocked. What? Why can't you?

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Jinhee is sitting with Jinkyung

Jinhee is sitting with Jinkyung

The seller explained; This blue diamond is made by Lazare, so it must have a serial number. Mr. Kim still doesn't understand. Serial number? What does it mean? Kyunghyee thought to delete it. Can be deleted, right? You can be immediately arrested by the police if you sell this! The seller said.

Chief Joo already knows that Mr. Kim and Kyunghyee stole the jewelry. Suddenly my mother called. He immediately went there. Quick find No-deck! What were you doing all night? If someone else catches him, he can die from eating! nHurry and find No-deok! Quick search! Fast!

Head Joo doesn't feel like saying it. I'm sorry to have to tell you this…Nook… is already flying. Mom immediately kicked him out and told him to look for Nook.

Seohyun came and met their mother. Watch out for Hiso now. I don't understand. Why are you suddenly saying that? Seohyun told that Hiso was pregnant. She is pregnant…. Now we have to expel Miss Kang, right?

The original mother agreed. It wasn't until a second later that he realized he couldn't. Seohyun continued her sentence. I don't want your permission. I'll take care of it. everyone has to bear all the recompense for what he did. Seohyun then left after that. I'm confused about what to say.

Chief Joo leaves mom's room complaining. What a mess. Peacocks fly away, diamond necklaces are stolen, Mrs. Seo is pregnant.

Jinhee is at the doctor's. The nurses said he wanted an injection. Hang on, Miss Han. You will become more beautiful and become young. And as the needle pierced his cheek, he screamed in pain.

Jinhee sat down with Jinkyung after finishing. He ordered milk tea too. Jinkyung advised him; not good too much. You should know the limit. Jinhee relaxed. Besides my stem cell transplant, can they inject younger female stem cells?

Jinkyung pointed out that that was your problem since childhood. Your greed. Jinhee pointed out that auntie was more greedy than herself. Number called me that. Singer Jinkyung. So what should I call you? Jinhee asked.

"Just live with your husband."

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Jinhee admitted that he also wanted to be like that, but he asked for a divorce. So treat him well, Jinkyung suggested. He already knows that you had mental problems when he married you. You've been famous before. Famous as a crazy woman. He might think he can hold on, but sadly, you've crossed the line. By the way, Jinho hasn't had any news lately.

Suddenly there was a commotion there. So Jinho's girlfriend bumped into the servant girl who was teasing Jinho. Jinhee and Jinkyung felt that it was very embarrassing. The first affair is hitting the second one? But his wife didn't care. This is really a big problem.

Mr. Kim and Kyunghyee sat in front of the shop. Hopeless. Chief Joo calls. If you don't come back within 24 hours, I'll call the police. Get some soy sauce from Director Yoon's house in Palseong too. I said you two are out on duty.

Mr. Kim agreed. Kyunghyee is feeling pessimistic. We must be Chief Joo's slaves. I can't live like this anymore. Let's escape to Guatemala. Lots of good food there. Mr. Kim doesn't want to. We could get caught by Interpol.

We can get on the dark ship. Kyung Hye said. Mr. Kim still can't. I get nauseous easily when I get on the boat. No. Besides, I tried hard to escape legally. Kyunghye is so sorry. Legal way? Nausea while on a boat? Are you crazy? How about stealing diamonds? For now, we'd better go back, right?

Sister Emma was brewing tea. Seohyun came. Sorry, I came unannounced. Do you have time now? Sister Emma agreed and invited him to sit down.

What is it? Please talk. Sister Emma said after serving her tea. Seohyun sighed before finally starting. I know the truth about someone. If that person knew the truth he would be in excruciating pain. But right now he couldn't experience that because of the situation he was in. If I close my mouth, the peace will certainly be maintained. However, when he found out the truth later, the pain would be doubled, even tenfold. The person Seohyun meant was Hiso, who is currently doing yoga. Should I…tell him?

Sister Emma took the tea filter. If you were in his position, bitter truth and false peace, which would you choose?

Seohyun who wants to go see Jakyung escort Hajun to the car.

Seohyun who wants to go sees Jakyung escort Hajun to the car.

Hiso rubbed his stomach.

Suhyuk approached Yuyeon who was cleaning the banister. Yuyeon got up. The two of them looked at each other with smiling expressions. Dih, so nice to see.

The father is home. He was surprised to see his son smiling at the maid. Until they finally realized it. Suhyuk left and Yuyeon resumed her work.

Mom saw Jinho. Did you just come back? Or are you just about to leave? Whatever it is, come here for a second. I want to talk.

The two of them were sitting in their mother's room. Mom complained about Hiso. Even though he said he would raise Hajun and would not give birth to another child from his stomach. Why is she suddenly pregnant?

Jinho felt that it was good. No wonder Ji Young today looks very happy. Mom told me that the problem was getting more complicated. Jinho didn't understand. What's complicated?

You know the woman who gave birth to Hajun, right? Jinho claimed to have never seen his face, but he knew. He's Ji-Yong's riding coach. The mother told me that the woman was still alive. Jinho was shocked. Didn't he die in an accident?

The mother denied he was still alive. Where is that woman now? Jinho asked.

In our house. He is Hajun's tutor. That's the condition Ji Young gave you to make you a director. I can't reveal the identity of Hajun's birth mother to Hiso.

Jinho felt that he couldn't understand his mother. Why did you announce the death of a living woman?

Jinho left his mother's room. Shock.

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Chief Joo greets Mr. Kim and Kyunghyee and asks for the soy sauce while showing the video of them stealing the diamond. Both of them immediately went limp.

Suhyuk came to Yuyeon's room again and typed the door. I came…just because I miss you. I can sleep well now. Yuyeon smiled. I also seem to be able to sleep now. Beautiful dream. He then closed the door again. They both leaned against the door with a smile on each other's lips.

Seohyun who wants to go-sees Jakyung escort Hajun to the car. When finished, Jaeyung walked past him just like that.

While on the way, Seohyun's driver intended to take her to the museum but Seohyun suddenly changed her destination.

Seohyun comes to Ji Young's office. I asked the secretary and made sure you were alone. Seohyun said. Ji Young walks over to him. Why did you come here unannounced? The two of them sat together. There's something I want to talk about. Kang Jakyung. No. I mean, Lee Hye Jin. Why did you let him in? What agreement did you make with Mother so that the problem could be covered properly? What do you plan to do after creating a problem that no one ever imagined?

Ji Young smiled and nodded. You already know it. I have to get him out. Hiso is pregnant. I have to protect the woman who is carrying my child.

Seohyun doubted it. Do you want to protect Hiso or yourself? If Hiso isn't pregnant, are you planning on continuing to cover up and lie to us? You have to tell Hiso about everything, then let him choose for himself. Before it's too late.

Seohyun got up and intended to leave. Ji Young suddenly holds him back. I thought you would understand my decision better than anyone else. There are various ways to fall in love in this world. There is also a form of love that other people cannot understand. You know, don't you? I want to let him be Hajun's tutor instead. However, all the plans I made kept changing based on the feelings and situations of the people involved. Good grief. I hate that so much. Problems occur. Because women are greedy.

Ji Young gets up and confirms. I dream of becoming the heir to the Hyowon Group. No one in this family is capable of leading a company. No one. However, who is it that keeps bothering me?

Is that why you used my weakness?

Ji Young denies. I didn't mean it like that. I just want to know what your family thinks about this. I want to know. We seem to have become closer because we have shared the same big secret.

Soyoung came to Hiso who was doing yoga. Representatives of the public relations team and legal team are waiting for you. Hiso agreed and said he would be there soon.

Hiso met the person in question. They provided reporter I'm Seongsu's information from Shinilgan entertainment news. He is a full-time journalist at Shinilgan and his performance is rated quite well in this area. He is being reviewed by the ethics committee at your request regarding issues with his methods.

Have you found the source? Hiso asked.

They remain hidden behind the protection of news sources. Let's file a lawsuit so we can pick it all up.

Hiso admitted that he had experienced a similar incident when he was still an actress. He didn't want the problem to get bigger. Not that I want to let it go. Since Hajun was involved, I wanted to really make sure that something like this wouldn't happen again. It's easy to get reporters to talk.

The PR team agreed and asked to be given more time.

Ji Young stands by her office window. Apparently, he had heard his father's conversation with Seohyun. I will pay attention to how you cultivate your own business culture. You too will definitely be one of my cards later. Cards for leading Hyowon.

And when Ji Young was about to leave she saw Joo's head taking pictures using her cellphone.

Seohyun is home. He feels uneasy about what Ji Young said to him. I know why you want to marry Jinho. I also know the reason you won't remarry even if you divorce later. I also know that you can remarry, but your partner is not a man. You are a minority with bad thoughts. What's wrong with that? I support you, but… the thing is you shamelessly deceived the whole world. That's why we both have almost the same error. Wouldn't it be better for us not to attack each other? What do you think? Seohyun?

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