Synopsis of Drama Mine Episode 6 Part 1 English Subtitle

Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 6 Part 1

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Synopsis of Drama Mine Episode 6 Part 1

Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 6 Part 1

Synopsis of Drama Mine Episode 6 Part 1 English Subtitle

Ji Young calls Hiso and confirms her pregnancy. When Hiso cancels to do a DNA test, he checks it. Finally, he confirmed that she was pregnant. I want to tell you tonight. Jiyoung forbade him to drive. I'll be the one looking for Ha-Joon. You can't be stressed. So stop your car now. Hiso refused. I can find Hajun. We'll talk after Hajun is found. Ji Young calls Hiso but Hiso hangs up instead. Seohyun was silent thinking about everything. What Hiso said. Her name is Lee Hye Jin? The woman left Hajun here and had an accident not long after. But when he asked mom did you know Kang Jakyung before I recruited you? I don't even know who Kang Jakyung is.

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Hiso became even more curious. What really happened to Hajun's biological mother? Seohyun felt that only her mother had seen her. Hiso believes that this can only be answered by Hajun's biological mother who has died. And the report from the equestrian trainer, he recently came and asked for the data to be destroyed? Seohyun concluded that he was still alive. Also the report from his secretary, Mr. Han Ji Young asked the directors to vote for Mr. Han Jinho.

So, Hiso and I have been fooled by the pretense arranged by Mother and Han Ji Young?


Jakyung spent a lot of shopping. Returning to the car Ian checked his cell phone. There are many missed calls. He then calls Ji Young first and asks why she called him so many times.

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Ji Young snapped at him. Where's Hajun? Jungkook panicked. Has Hajun disappeared? Ji Young is cynical. Why are you so brave if you really care? It's because of your news!

Jungkook is also looking for it. He was very worried. Hajun, where are you? You do have to experience this. You're strong like mom, aren't you? He then ordered seseiyajh to check the location. He asked to be found out immediately. I have to find him. I have to.

Yuyeon with Suhyuk

Yuyeon with Suhyuk

At home, the mother was also angry because the peacock was missing. Chief Joo thinks that it looks like someone took the bird away. Mom scolded her for not making sure the cage door was closed after the Nodeok was injected.

Chief Joo in turn appoints Mr. Kim He as the manager. Mom asked Mr. Kim did you close the door? Mr. Kim agreed. I'm sure the bird ran away… I mean, the Nodeok seems to have run away from its cage.

Mother is getting angry. Escape? Good grief. No-deok is just a bird. An ignorant bird. How could he escape from the cage? I treat him very well! If he knows the customs, he will not run away at all.

Mr. Kim even mocked the mother's words. How can birds know customs? Mother immediately stepped on her feet. How dare you retort to me like that? Mr. Kim feels that the security of the house is very tight. Someone can't come and kidnap Nodeok, ma'am. Mother ordered all her servants to search everywhere including the trees.

Seohyun came down the stairs and went to mom and told her that Hajun was missing. The big problem isn't your lost peacock. Why don't you worry about Hajun? I'm sure that Hajun will go home alone because he's smart. My mother accidentally said that Hajun had a father and two mothers who would look for him. But when Seohyun asked what she meant by two mothers, she even said that Hajun's case teacher loved Hajun like his own child.

Hiso is still on the road. He saw a commercial for Woo's concert and immediately went there. At the same time, Jakyung also got a report on Hajun's last position based on his phone. He went there too.

Finally, Hiso actually found Hajun there. The staff is drying it. He confirmed to them that he was Hajun's guardian and immediately hugged him. Hajun himself just kept quiet about his mother's worries. Was the concert fun? Does the real Woo look cool? Aren't you hungry? Aren't you thirsty?

Jackson finally arrived. He ran to find Hajun and saw Hiso had found him first. Are you really not hungry? Should we eat?

The rain had stopped but Yuyeon and Suhyuk were still there. Aren't you cold? Suhyuk asked. Yuyeon shook her head. No. I am alright. How old are you? Suhyuk asked. I'm 27 years old. Yuyeon replied. You are one year older. Sorry, I don't use honorific language. However… I guess now I can't call you honorific.

Yuyeon smiled. It's up to you. If that's the case, I'll talk casually. What do you want to call me? Suhyuk asked.

"Han Suhyuk"

Suhyuk smiled hearing that. Yuyeon's alarm sounds. Someone called him. I have to go now. He then gave a small book to Suhyuk. Suhyuk opened it quickly and the character went from sad to smile. My sister gave it to me. When I'm sad, I feel better after seeing this. Sadness if left unchecked will become a habit. He then said goodbye.

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The servants are still looking for Nook. Suddenly there was a sound and they saw the Nodeok flying in the sky. Including Yuyeon and Suhyuk. They all smile.

Hiso and Hajun are on their way home. After arriving they met with Seohyun. Hiso told Hajun to greet his aunt. They then entered.

At home, Hiso changed Hajun's clothes. Since when did my prince grow up like he is now? Look at your arm. Your bones are already very strong. When Dad comes back, first apologize.

Ji Young comes home. He asked Hajun to the maid. On the second floor. Answer them. He went up and looked for them. After seeing Hajun he became very angry. He took a stick and wanted to hit Hajun. Show me your calves. Didn't you hear what dad said? Quick show! Where did you learn that from? Who taught you to go to concerts without our permission? Even to the point of turning off your cell phone!

Hiso stops when Ji Young raises her wand. What are you doing? Ji Young tells him to step aside but Hiso doesn't want to. You step aside. why do you want to beat the child of my family? Who says you have the right? You should find out why he left without permission. Is it only your feelings that matter? How about Hajun's feelings? Do you know? He's my son. I won't let anyone touch it. Including you.

Hajun himself could only cry behind his mother. Jakyung who had gone home saw him. He glared at Ji Young after Hiso left with Hajun. Ji Young throws her stick and leaves.

Hiso caught holding Rain in Hiso's place.

Hiso caught holding Rain in Hiso's place.

Hiso accompanied Hajun to sleep. He hugged her and patted her back. hajun. Let's just sleep now. Tomorrow will definitely be different. Let's sleep together like now tonight.

Jakyung stood at the door and saw the closeness of the two. He turned and left. He returned to his room. It feels angry. He threw away all his groceries.

That night, as he watched Seo Hiso he felt various feelings swirling in his heart. Jealousy, anger, sadness. Not only that but there is also the irony of being grateful for your love for your child. He also felt guilty for hurting his own son. However, the feeling that finally overtook the woman was the desire to take back all that belonged to her.

Mother reads the news about her family.“Where is Han Suhyuk's mother, Hyowon Group's young master? How is the condition? Hyowon Group's eldest grandson is also known as Han Jinho's illegitimate child." He left the family because he was tortured and his whereabouts were unknown.“Jung Seohyun, who was the director of Seohyun Gallery at the time, it was known that he didn't want to have Han Suhyuk's child. It is also rumored that actress Seo Hiso's son, Han Hajon, is not his biological child. This rumor has been confirmed. Is this some kind of curse for Hyowon Group?”

Oh, my mother is so upset. Gossipers suck. I can't believe it. Chief Joo comes. He reported that Hajun had come home and was sleeping now. I'm grateful to hear that. I know they can find it. How about Nook?

Head Joo confused the answer. Mother got up and came back angry. Not found yet? Why can't you find my bird? Where is the flying now? You can't find it?

Mr. Kim is on guard. That night Suhyuk couldn't sleep, remember the kiss with Yuyeon. Likewise with Yuyeon. Oh, their clothes are the same

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Ji Young sits down to calm herself. After that, he smiled. What a weird smile. Like the smile of an evil person.

Jakyung is also very stressed in his room.

Mr. Kim walked with a big bag in his hand. He entered my father's room keeping the blue diamond without anyone knowing. He opened his special door and saw the diamond in front of his eyes.

No one expected the door hidden in darkness… “Knock, and the door will be opened for you.” …can be opened with a cheap glass suction device. "Seek and you shall find." Similar to the nature of the universe, when the most difficult problems are solved by the easiest methods.

Jakyung came out of his room.

However, not everything is easy.

Hiso is no longer in Hajun's room. He took Hiso's place and hugged Hajun. Suddenly there was the sound of footsteps. And when he turned around Hiso was already behind him.

The two of them talk outside. What are you doing in Hajun's room? Hiso asked. Is there something wrong? Asked Jakyung back. Hiso couldn't help but think. Are you still asking? Jakyung instead blames Hiso. Hajun went to the concert venue himself without telling his mother. You're just that to Hajun.

Hiso was annoyed. What did you say? I've felt it from the start. Are you deliberately looking for trouble to annoy me, or…. Jakyung almost told him the truth.

Ji Young suddenly appears and stops him. He approached Hiso and asked softly. Have you slept? Hiso said. I'm sorry for what happened. Hajun is doing this for the first time so I'm getting emotional. Is Hajun okay? Hiso agreed, Hajun is okay. He then looked at Jakyung sarcastically. Why are you still here? Leave when your work is done. Oh, Jakyung is big to see it.

Holding Hiso in his arms, Ji Young takes him to his room and puts him to sleep. You're not too surprised by this matter, are you? He asked for sure. Hiso said he was okay.

Ji Young holds Hiso's hand. Thank you, and I love you. You trust me, right? Get rid of all doubts in your mind now. Just think of you, me, Hajun, and our baby.

Hiso seemed to doubt I…can trust you, right? Ji Young agrees. you are the only one I love. How can you not believe it? Besides, we just fired the tutor. I don't like him. He's made you nervous. Why leave him here until you suspect me?

Ji Young comes out of her room. Jakyung looked at him sharply. They then talk about Ji Young's study. I'll tell you everything tomorrow. From start to finish. To the woman. Ji Young doesn't understand. About what?

That I am Hajun's mother, not him. Hajun is my son. I didn't ask your permission. I'm just telling you. Jakyung turned and was about to leave after dropping him off but Ji Young stopped him with his words. Hiso is pregnant. Do not disturb him. She is pregnant with my child. She is pregnant with my child. Why don't you take care of Hajun here without acting up? Ji Young's voice rose. Why…. Why are you so greedy? I hate greedy women the most. Don't do anything to him. If you hurt him, my son will be hurt too.

Jakyung is shocked. So what about me? he asked desperately. Ji Young walked over to his desk. Come back home. You've been dead since six years ago. Don't try anything because you will be crushed. Then don't confuse Hajun anymore.

He took something from the drawer and dropped it on the table. This is an article from my PR team. Hajun's biological mother lives abroad after giving birth and gets into an accident. That's the fact.

Jackson was very upset. He turned and left.

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