Synopsis of Drama Mine Episode 5 Part 3 English Subtitle

Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 5 Part 3

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Synopsis of Drama Mine Episode 5 Part 3

Synopsis of Drama Mine Episode 5 Part 3

Synopsis of Drama Mine Episode 5 Part 3 English Subtitle

Finally, Ji Young comes home and finds Hiso not sleeping. Hiso waited for him because he wanted to ask something. He shows Hajun's horseshoe necklace which is exactly the same as the necklace Ji Young is wearing in her photo riding. Ji Young responded casually. It was like a lucky necklace for people who rode. Although it looks the same, the design is different.

Hiso got up. Feel like g#la. Is it true that Hajun's mother is dead? Ji Young feels that it is very cruel. To Hiso it was nothing compared to his suffering. Ji Young finally confirms that Hajun's mother has died. Hiso's hunch says that his biological mother is Hajun and the woman Ji Young once loved was Jakyung.

Ji Young feels that suspecting someone based on a hunch is unreasonable. Hiso confirmed. But he had never felt this uncomfortable. Ji Young catches Hiso thinking he tricked her and takes the woman. Hiso urged him to reveal the name of Hajun's birth mother. Finally Ji Young tells that Hajun's biological mother's name is Lee Hyejin. Ji Young then approached him and gave him a hug while asking Hiso to believe in him.

Jakyung swam and imagined Hajun swimming with his father.

Hiso opened his eyes in the morning and saw a plate of apples nearby. It's from Ji Young. He prepared it because he heard from Soyoung that Hiso wanted to eat a red apple.

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Yuyeon went to see Seohyun and thanked her for re-employing her and also meant to return the money she gave him the other day. Seohyun brought up the relationship between master and maid. He even accused Yuyeon of having a different paradigm and wanting to change the relationship. How dare he return the money and deny it. Do you think returning the money could change your current position? If you want to be in this house, you must know when to protect and throw away your pride. You have to balance the two. Take money from me and keep your distance from Suhyuk. That's the balance you need to keep here. If you can't take care of it, you will surely fall. You are protecting something that should be released. Be aware. Understand well what you have to protect.

Seohyun then left Yuyeon. Yuyeon put the money on the table and left.

Jinho returned home. Above is Seohyun who is watching her. I feel like crying.

Mother was annoyed with her peacock who didn't want to spread its tail or wings either. He even goes so far as to tell Chief Joo to call the vet to check No-deck's hip. Let it be injected.

Suhyuk was looking at something.

Suhyuk was looking at something.

Soyoung met Hiso and showed him the news about him being Hajun's biological mother. In her room, the mother is also angry with Seohyun because of the news about her granddaughter from her family. Not only Hajun but Suhyuk too. He scolded Seohyun for not being able to prevent the news from getting out. Moreover, Suhyuk wants to get engaged.

Seohyun tries to tell mom that the world has changed. They can't control the media. Companies are also subject to the media. Mom got even angrier and asked Suhyuk. He kept screaming until it made Seohyun's ears hurt.

Outside, Yuyeon who wanted to deliver food didn't happen. He saw that Suhyuk was also listening to everything. As requested he walked and passed Suhyuk just like that.

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Jinho also read the news. Very upset to say Suhyuk is a child out of wedlock. Even though they were married before Suhyuk was born and then divorced.

Jinhee came home from playing golf. Her husband told her that her family was really messed up with the news about them but that Jinhee could still play golf. Jinhee then saw the news and denied that it was his doing. He then calls reporter I'm and scolds him. Reporter I'm tells that it's not from him.

Jakyung also saw the news. And the statement that Hajun's biological mother had died made him angry. He is still alive and very healthy.

Hiso was deeply hurt by the news. In his place, Ji Young is also very angry about the news about her family.

Ji Young calls Jakyung downstairs and guesses that Jakyung did it. Jakyung thought that sooner or later Hajun would find out. He would soon take Hajun back. Ji Young gets angry and reminds her that her job is just to look after and accompany Hajun.

It's time for Hajun to come home from school. Hiso didn't dare to meet him and asked Soyoung to pick him up and comfort him. He didn't know what to do so Hajun wouldn't get hurt. Hiso cried. He blamed himself. Feel like g#la.

Jakyung ran into Soyoung who went to pick up Hajun. He saw Hiso crying and ignored him then went upstairs

Suhyuk crossed paths with Seohyun. He wanted to ignore it. Seohyun asked him not to care about all the news. Suhyuk also asked his mother not to care about his feelings.

After that, Seohyun called her secretary and asked her to find out the reporter who wrote the news and the source. He couldn't just let it go.

Jaekyung Still on the road.

Jaekyung is Still on the road.

It's raining tonight. Suhyuk looked at the tree then sighed. Yuyeon ran in the rain and they met. At first, Yuyeon wanted to avoid Suhyuk but Suhyuk held her back. Where are you going without an umbrella? He told Yuyeon to wait until the rain stopped.

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Yuyeon also saw the tree. He felt that Suhyuk's world was as bad as his. He told Suhyuk to cry if he wanted to. He will keep it a secret. Suhyuk doesn't want to. Yuyeon then invited him to play in the rain. The burden of the mind will definitely disappear.

Suhyuk admitted that he couldn't sleep well anymore. Because I think of you. He pulled Yuyeon and kissed her. Wow, the love story of the young master and his servant who was making games at that time.

Soyoung came home in a panic. The problem is he didn't find Hajun. Hajun disappeared after school. He's been looking for it but can't find it. Hiso became very worried. Soyoung wanted to call Ji Young but Hiso had already left first.

Ji Young is on the way. He called Jakyung but he didn't answer.

At Seohyun's house, she got a call from the equestrian trainer that the data about Lee Hyejin was gone. They kept coach data for 5 years before being destroyed. Recently Lee Hyejin came and asked for the data to be destroyed.

From there Seohyun concluded that Lee Hyejin was still alive.

Chief Joo reports to Seohyun that Hajun disappeared after school. Seohyun asked the whereabouts of Jakyung.

It turns out that it's also the way for Ja Kyung to be on the road.

Ji Young arrives home. Soyoung told what happened to Hiso. Even though he can't drive. As soon as he heard Ji Young immediately left again. She calls Hiso and asks about her pregnancy but Hiso doesn't want to answer.

The woman who fell was wearing a blue dress. His hair is short and he is Hiso.

Secrets that are not revealed become a catalyst for war. No one can distinguish between allies and enemies until it becomes an endless war. The war will not end if one of them still survives.

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